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  1. Wow! Yours is much more complicated than mine. I just have three $250 deposits....so I'm just seeking a $750 refund. Good luck to YOU! 😉
  2. Thank you. I might try this approach on the phone w/ RCC:" I've been your customer multiple times before. I'll potentially be your customer multiple times in the future ( once the variant stuff is finally ever a memory and done) Just give me my deposit back and I will indeed stay loyal to you. Keep my deposit and I'll hold a grudge and give my future business to other cruise lines." That has a small chance of working. It does! 😉
  3. How about canceling and getting the deposit back? I had a cruise scheduled for July 2020....Covid nixed that. Now a year ago I optimistically applied that FCC to a sailing this coming 12/24 (final payment due Sept. 25th) I don't want to obey all the protocols and cruise with a mask on. Not fun. Can I get back my deposit from the original 2020 booking which was converted into a FCC?
  4. Hi! Read the thread and see that the discussion really evolved. Thank you!
  5. NOW my wife and daughter are both considering getting the vaccine. Full payment for us is not due until the end of September. My wife requested right now that I DO NOTHING until much closer to the point of deciding if we should pay the balance...again that is in late September. So, probably forget about me and focus attention elsewhere 🙂
  6. It will happen. I could have done it earlier with that CSR. It'll be fine.
  7. To review what I've posted in this thread: myself, I'm fully vaccinated....my wife and 19 yr old daughter are not. We have a RCL cruise scheduled on Dec. 24th out of Cape Liberty NJ. Balance due the end of next month. Ok....everyone is caught up. I want to just cancel and get our deposit back. Now that my wife has been filled in she feels the same way. Our daughter is at her retail job but she was never really excited to begin with so it is highly likely I'll call and get us cancelled....just get out deposit back. A month ago when I learned I'd have to wear a mask in all public places on the ship even though I'm fully vaccinated....well when I heard that I lost interest in going on the cruise anyway. Maybe we'll go in 2027 or 2028. This Covid thing is beyond annoying! 🙄 * (At least we are 3 healthy people with jobs. Feeling thankful for that 😊 )
  8. I am off the phone with Royal Caribbean. My wife and daughter DO need to be fully vaccinated in order to sail. Cut and dry. They'll either have to join me in my fully vaccinated status or they can't sail. I also learned that my options if they choose to avoid the vaccine are: 1) Get a full refund of the $750 Deposit 2) Get another FCC...not for 125%...I only qualify for 100%' I'm going out...gotta log off.
  9. I am on hold w/ RCCL for the purposes of asking questions....no rash decisions...I just want to educate myself on hypothetical stuff
  10. Wow! We have final payment due on Sept. 25th. If we want to NOT go on this cruise due to all the regulations, hopefully RCCL would give us a Future Cruise Credit rather than us losing our deposit. Hopefully???
  11. I opened the link and desired to select Cape Liberty....or Bayonne NJ in the drop down menu related to "Where are you sailing from?"....but our departure location an option on the drop down menu 😞 I think I will CALL RCCL on the phone.
  12. I appreciate this link. I will open it and read it soon. Thanks!
  13. This is to everyone and not just the nice individual I am quoting: Not all folks are tuned in like those on Cruise Critic. Somehow I got the impression that RCL WOULD let passengers on if they had a negative Covid test 72 hours or less prior to departure. It is harsh to say that people are ignorant...maybe they are busy and not as attentive as they should be. I'm trying to pop in here once a month so I am up to date. I'm sure glad I chose to do so today!
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