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  1. I eat way more than that.....but I totally get your main point that supported my previous post. Thanks 😊
  2. That's true...but in the meantime it is enjoyable for many of us to kill time speculating. It's a rainy Saturday here in NJ. Can't go for a walk. Can't go to a closed mall....or a closed movie theater, etc. etc. * My two cents is that like may previous posters, I wouldn't go on a cruise 'til any potential mask requirements were lifted. I wear one locally to get things at the supermarket. After 45 minutes of wearing a mask in there I am so grateful to take it off. I wouldn't enjoy a show in the ship's theater if I had to wear a mask for over an hour. Yet I wouldn't book a cruise for this August or September and sit next to someone without a mask either. This is the dilemma for many people. # 1 If I get on a cruise that requires masks....I won't like that! #2 If I get on a cruise that doesn't require masks...i won't like THAT either! 😄 * * Many will just opt to wait to cruise until 2021. Certainly I am among those who will do that.
  3. Right. Go ahead and eat as much as you want.... yet after you take what you want... eat it. No matter if it was a mom and pop buffet in my area or the Windjammer. It's just proper to not to take a mountain of food and then have half of it thrown away. Whether on land or on sea, that's how I was raised.
  4. Correct. If the powers that be deem cruising to be safe.....then you can sit next to someone in the theater and you can enter the Windjammer if there is a seat.
  5. For sure others will feel like you. Therefore that will make breakfast in the Main Dining Rooms more crowded.....and possibly make breakfast in the Windjammer LESS crowded. Hypothetically speaking 😉
  6. It's been said that plates with preset portions might be displayed for the cruise guests to grab. Maybe. Yet if there is a plate with eggs that I can grab....I don't just want eggs. Do I come back for a plate of just pancakes? Do I come back for a plate of just bacon? That's a lot of plates on my table! There's no easy answer to this situation. I still say that the best would be if I can hold my empty plate and then ask for eggs, pancakes and bacon to be placed on my plate by the RCI staff members. You....you might want sausage....or hash browns....etc....everybody is gonna be different. Staff members serving guests is the best!
  7. If and when the social distancing is done...... If and when people can sit next to each other at a football stadium.....well then the amount of people in the Windjammer shouldn't have to alter. If allowed in one venue...why not in another? I hope the world can return to SOMEwhat normal.
  8. Ok. Thanks for pointing that out.😉 If people wish to revisit the topic here that's fine. If they feel: "been there...said that"...that's fine also. Have a good day everyone! 😊
  9. Wow! Will I ever see a bottle of Purell on the shelf of my local stores again??
  10. Well my thought was that if many people touch the serving spoon for the scrambled eggs prior to me touching it....that is not ideal. Yet if only one crew member who is wearing a glove touches that serving spoon, that would be preferable. Long before Covid 19 there have been many "All You Can Eat" buffets on dry land that have gone out a business. Setting aside Covid 19...just in general there are people who don't want to handle something that many others have touched.
  11. Whenever cruising is allowed to resume, do you think The Windjammer Cafe will be run as per usual? .............or do you think that crew members will be positioned all over the place....asking you what you would like....then they'll serve it onto your plate for you? * * * BTW....If this topic has already been covered, kindly let me know.
  12. Very Good. "Majesty" might not stick with me when I finally book....maybe selecting something in the Fall (2020) for Summer 2021 .....but New Orleans WILL stick with me. Thanks again! 😄
  13. Thank you. To help me to follow that advice, what port will the Majesty sail out of in July of 2021?
  14. That is the very cruise I canceled earlier today. I booked it spontaneously a year ago when RCI hit my email inbox with a great offer. I'd previously been on Explorer....Enchantment...and Radiance. My 3 RCI experiences had been great...In My Thinking: "All RCI ships must be at or above a certain standard....all Inner Staterooms must be about the same dimensions." Hmmm.....nope! I naively fell into a booking before I researched the ship....before reading reviews. So I'm actually not disappointed that without any penalty my deposit for the Empress can be applied as a FCC to a different ship.
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