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  1. Well clearly we will be docked alongside Hamilton itself instead of at the Royal Navy Dockyard. I think that this is a POSITIVE thing. The shops in the R N Dockyard didn't interest me 6 years ago. We used the ferry to go elsewhere. Now the location is better! Correct?
  2. I found it also.....so I wrote it out on an index card....then I came back to the thread to type it in...wanted to show everyone I answered my own question....but....you beat me to it!
  3. That would be great! I'm not able to find the location on Royal Caribbean's website where is lays out for our cruise the day by day specifics ///for example I wish to see.... Day 1 At Sea Day 2 blah blah Day 3 blah blah etc...showing every day's location for all 7 days. * So again, our future cruise is Empress of the Seas out of Cape Liberty / Bayonne NJ Sailing 7/13/20 If anyone has the ability to provide the day by day itinerary for that cruise I'd be grateful. Thanks! Steve
  4. The itinerary for my July 13th Empress of the Seas 7 day cruise mentions "Hamilton Bermuda". 6 years ago we took Royal C's cruise to Bermuda and docked at the Royal Navy Dockyard. Bermuda is kind of small. Is Royal Caribbean just listing the very same dock and calling it or labeling it "Hamilton" instead of Royal Navy Dockyard?
  5. That's simple but brilliant. I never heard that before so I'm so glad you mentioned it! :)
  6. @marci22 Do you mean 9164 or do you really mean what you posted...that being 9664?
  7. Even after I posted all my thank yous, the help did not stop. @Jimbo pointed out that the stateroom ABOVE my 7164 was available for me to switch to. If I had ignored his advice I would have seemingly had the ARCADE below my Stateroom # 7164 ..........yet..... since I followed his advice.....and I changed to Stateroom 8164 ..........well now I have a stateroom below me and a stateroom above me. Stateroom 8164 rules! LOL Between Midnight and 8am I should sleep well!
  8. Already done @Jimbo Talking to you here and making the call just took 10 minutes. That WAS ten minutes that I really am glad I invested. Now....because you taught me......now I have a stateroom BELOW me as well as a stateroom above me. Naturally you gave the great advice and it did not cost me a single penny to change to deck 8 What a great day this has been!
  9. When I look on the Deck Plan of my ship provided by Cruise Critic it looks like the ARCADE is below my room. I'm gonna call them and switch to 8164 if your no additional cost is correct
  10. Oh....I read your post again.....The room you suggest IS the room above mine! So.....what is BELOW #7164 that I have? @Jimbo ....and.... What is ABOVE #8164 that you suggest?
  11. My wife would call ME crazy if I did that. She is glad to talk about and focus on something else. She's happy with what we chose. So if it's not broken....don't fix it LOL. A happy wife means a happy life. Stateroom 7164 has another stateroom just like it....above it. Since guests just like me are above me I already consider my new and current 7164 to be a quiet room. I'm done and ready to do something else than Cruise preparation as well 😉😊
  12. Here are the Forum Folks who helped me: @Host Clarea @Sianli @Jimbo @marci22 @traveling1969 @ONECRUISER @DrDani226 Thanks for making it possible for me to decide to upgrade and even a couple of you chose the specific room for me to consider. So helpful! 😄
  13. I have a lengthy thread on this forum related to my disappointment with the square footage of the inner stateroom I booked regarding a July 13th sailing of Empress of the Seas. Our former room was 117 square feet.....far short of the inner stateroom we enjoyed on the Radiance of the Seas. Yet thanks to the super super great people who took the time to hash out my options with me on the other thread of mine.....I have now upgraded to Stateroom 7164....an Oceanview Room. It only costed me $284 more. The window makes the interior of the room look bright and crisp. The extra 9 square feet in this room will help. * * I can't emphasize enough how lucky we all are to have posters who volunteer to take time out of their day to help people such as myself!
  14. I took the advice given. Oceanview Stateroom 7164 It's mine! I'll start a new thread to say thank you in a proper way :)
  15. Collapsible laundry hamper. Never heard of that but it sounds like a great suggestion.Bed Bath and Beyond probably sells that? I might bring the extra hangers rather than trust that the stateroom attendant will have them. Budget cruisers in the cheapest room on the ship might be a low prioirity LOL
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