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  1. No. It was originally built as a non-smoking ship and sailed on Caribbean itineraries. We were on the Paradise when it was pretty new and loved the experience. It was so pleasant to be on a ship and not have to worry about any clouds of smoke wafting one's way. No holes in the carpet from cigarette burns. Everyone on board was so pleasant. On the comment card, we put down to PLEASE send this ship to the west coast as so many there would appreciate a healthy type of cruise. Unfortunately, Carnival never did this but abandoned the experiment pretty quickly. I remember telling a TA about this ship and she didn't have a clue that there was a non-smoking ship. After our cruise, when we were staying in the Keys for a few days, we told some parents at the hotel pool about the cruise. So maybe part of the problem was lack of marketing as I would imagine many parents would have booked the Paradise.
  2. Just be prepared to be flexible. Our girl was 23 months of age on her first cruise...and we just did day trips via car before then. But some friends did fly with their son at 6 months of age (LA to NYC). That one post early on had a good list, but you won't need to worry about vaccinations as you're basically just going to US and Canadian ports (and unless things have changed in 21 years, you can't get your child vaccinated at 7 months of age). Bring everything you might need: including extra diapers just in case baby goes through a lot (you can't be assured of finding a specific size that easily in the small ports, and the ship's store probably won't carry diapers), any medications (again, you can't be guaranteed in finding baby Tylenol, etc.), toys and books, a portable bath, etc. Your baby will not be allowed in the swimming pools even if with swim diapers.
  3. I hope your flight isn't until late in the morning. January is in the middle of our so-called wet season, and traffic to LAX can be bad if it is raining...even on a Sunday. (hopefully not as we're going in the other direction on the 405 to get our girl back to her campus after winter break) Even if you get the earlier walk off time, if your ship gets the whole CBP treatment, you may not disembark as early as you want.
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