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  1. One suggestion that might assist: although it is not really a salad as such, one thing I have done regularly in The Restaurant is order a selection of the various vegetables on offer from the waiter for my entree. On the waiter's tablet, there is a screen which lists all the vegetables which can be ordered as "sides" in addition to what is provided on the plate for whatever the menu item is. I just take a look at what's on the tablet and ask for a side of this, a side of that, a side of something else, etc. They arrive on separate plates and then I just put them all together on my plate with perhaps a splash of balsamic or the like. I don't do it every night for sure, but it makes for a nice change and is reasonably healthy.
  2. I met a married woman on a cruise in 2015 who told me that she traveled on her own because the ONLY thing her husband was interested in doing was scuba diving. Over the years, she had been on a number of trips with her husband, and had to choose either to spend the day(s) on her own while her husband went out scuba diving, or to accompany him and other scuba divers on the boat and sit on the boat while they went diving, and listen to diving stores both there and back to the dive site. Needless to say, she got quite fed up with either choice. So, she traveled on her own to the places she wanted to visit, cruising and otherwise. And he went on his own scuba diving. Both were happy.
  3. I would love to go on a cruise, having had to cancel the one I had scheduled, literally days before my departure back in February 2020. However, as a solo traveler, one of the things I enjoy most about cruising is the opportunity to meet, mix and mingle with other passengers. Whether at a bar, sharing a Hosted Table at dinner, lounging around the pool, on an excursion, or whatever. If I were required to keep only to myself, i.e. social distanced from everyone else on board, that would make the cruise a real downer for me. I can keep myself to myself at home for free. I won't spend a lot of money on a cruise to do what I have been doing at home for a year for nothing.
  4. Your points are well taken, rl787. Lots of opportunities for the virus to be caught even before boarding the vessel, and the cruise lines will be understandably extremely cautious about locking everything down if there is even a hint of someone sick with COVID. It would make for a cruise fraught with anxiety and uncertainty, wondering if the next day would bring a lockdown. Does not sound fun at all! Or indeed something that anyone would want to spend a bunch of their hard-earned money on. <sigh> Perhaps the more realistic notion would be sometime into 2022.m Time will tell...
  5. I've been reading this thread with a great deal of interest, as I have been looking at a Caribbean cruise on Sojourn from November 29-December 10, 2021; round-trip Miami. My last cruise with SB (Sydney to Bali in Feb/Mar 2020) was cancelled and like everyone else I have been staying home ever since. Due to my (ahem!) relatively "young" age (61), and lack of any pre-existing conditions, it looks like I may get vaccinated here in Canada by the summer, or perhaps September. It is looking like everyone in Canada and the U.S. will be vaccinated by the end of November, but I wonder about the vaccination levels in the Caribbean ports by that point. I would expect SB to push to get the skeleton crews vaccinated who are currently staffing the ships floating around the world, by the country the ship is closest and who is making the greatest progress in vaccinating citizens of their country. I wonder however about vaccinations for crew members who were sent home (many to under-developed countries) and whether enough of them will be vaccinated by the end of November to allow the SB Caribbean cruise season to get underway. On a personal note, because I travel solo, if I were required to keep to myself for dining, having a drink in a lounge, a coffee in SB Square, etc. it would ruin much of my cruising pleasure which is to socialize with other passengers on board. I'd be interested to hear other people's thoughts specifically surrounding the likelihood of the SB Caribbean season getting underway in November/December of 2021, and any other thoughts that arise. Cheers! Margaret
  6. I have sailed on several larger ships in the past: Princess, Royal Caribbean and NCL, but have sailed exclusively on Seabourn ships since 2017 and I would never go back to the larger ships, even with booking a more expensive category that provides more exclusivity regarding dining, service, etc. For me, the atmosphere on SB is just much more conducive to a pleasurable cruise experience than is provided on the larger ships (think 1,500 or more (many more) passengers). If I were to book a concierge-type class cabin, let's say on Royal Caribbean for example, once I left the areas exclusive to that category, I would feel just generally swamped by the huge numbers of passengers. Long line-ups, waiting for service, feeling like part of a massive crowd, etc. would really negatively impact my enjoyment. I also don't want to feel "captive" to those exclusive areas while on the ship either. With SB, once I have paid my fare, I am free to enjoy every area of the ship at my whim and at no extra cost (with the obvious exceptions of the beauty salon & spa; and the unfortunate exception of The Retreat on Ovation & Encore which I find a useless annoyance). I am almost never forced to queue for anything, I never feel like I am part of a massive crowd, and I can just relax and enjoy all aspects of the cruise at my leisure. So for me, COVID or not, the huge ships are just a no-go.
  7. Yes, plan7C, I too appreciate that the couples seated at the Hosted Tables are deliberately separated by the staff. It really fosters the conversation and puts everyone at the table on a similar footing. I would imagine that the spouses also appreciate an opportunity to chat with people besides their better half!
  8. I could not agree more, CabinBoy2020! I too am completely comfortable doing my own thing, on my own during the day, including have breakfast and lunch on my own. In fact, it's kind of nice to be able to do what I want, for as long as I want, when I want, without having to consult with anyone else. And SB really does seem to welcome soloists (as I refer to myself!). I also appreciate and always attend the first solo gathering for cocktails to meet the other soloists on board. It's a great chance to meet other people traveling on their own. In fact, I met two people at that gathering for my Norway SB cruise in 2018 with whom I still keep in touch. Indeed, I took a SB cruise from Montreal to Miami in Oct/Nov 2019 with one of the folks I met on the Norway cruise. It was great fun.
  9. Sure! It's sticking out like a sore thumb. The only one who is not paired up, or with a group, or family. Kinda, "Gee what must be wrong with her, that's she's on her own?" I realize that most people are not thinking that at all, but the world often seems to be a Noah's Ark kind of place, and if one is on one's own, it can feel uncomfortable.
  10. I have read this thread right from the beginning and I find the comparisons provided by various posters between Crystal and Seabourn to be fascinating. I have very much appreciated reading them. I have never cruised with Crystal, and based on the consensus that seem to exist among the reviews posted regarding the standoffishness/rudeness of fellow passengers, I never shall. I am a solo traveler and have cruised now with SB five times, with the sixth booked cruise canceled due to COVID. One of the most enjoyable aspects for me as a soloist is the friendliness of my fellow cruisers. I have found, with very few exceptions, that everyone whom I engaged with at the bar, at a meal, around the pool, or during a tour, to be cordial and friendly. That's very important to me, and the lack of those interactions would completely spoil the cruise, no matter the quality of the food, or drink, etc. I also really like the notion of the Hosted Tables and have frequently taken advantage of them. The only time I feel slightly uncomfortable traveling on my own is when going into dinner, and having a lovely printed invitation with my name on it to dine with a member of the entertainment staff or an officer is wonderful. I have heard some wonderful tales from these folk and had a good many laughs with other passengers seated at these tables as well. Of course, one does not have to accept the Hosted Table invitation - I always call and either accept or decline the invite before the deadline given on the card. The most important thing is to have the choice! I have not yet booked a future cruise with SB; just waiting to see how everything pans out before taking the plunge. But based on my own experiences as a SB passenger, I just cannot imagine cruising with anyone else. And I would never, ever cruise on a mass-market ship again. Too many people, too much nickel-and-diming to death.
  11. I really like your idea for the day between sailings, although I also agree that it is unlikely to happen due to the effect it would have on the cruise line's bottom line. And the crew would absolutely love it as well.
  12. Thank you KKMIAUSA for the information re docking location, that is good to know. And your experience re the Hallowe'en celebration. Still pondering, "To dress up, or Not to dress up". That is the question. LOL. However, from Isklaar, I take it that the sail-in (and out?) was still wonderful, which to be honest, is what I am most looking forward to. I appreciate the heads-up on the weather as well. I am preparing for some rough seas with Gravol+ginger and the wrist bands. Crossing my fingers for smooth sailing, but at that time of year and that area, definitely should expect some pitching and rolling.
  13. Yes, you are quite right Isklaar. It's the Montreal to Miami cruise on the Quest. Leaving Montreal on October 25th, arriving in Miami on November 6th. The highlight for me will be NYC, sailing in and out of Manhattan harbour, where the ship will overnight giving us 2 days to see something of The Big Apple. I'm also looking forward to Charleston which I've visited once before and found it absolutely charming. So a return visit will be enjoyable for sure.
  14. Wow! The 10% single supplement is very rare. The lowest I have received is 25%. Worth checking into for those of use like me, who sail solo. I call myself a "soloist" by the way. LOL!!!
  15. Thanks everyone! This is good to know, and great to see a pic of some of those in costume. I'm still debating with myself as to whether or not to dress up. October 31st will be a sea day, but the very next day, we sail into Manhattan harbour. So, I'm thinking maybe The Statue of Liberty???
  16. Hello everyone! I have cruised with SB now three times, and have three more upcoming cruises. Needless to say, I love Seabourn! For the first time, I will be on a SB cruise on Hallowe'en, and was wondering if anyone who has happened to be onboard on Hallowe'en night, can tell me whether or not there is any sort of costume party. Or, if staff members are dressed up, and encourage passengers to dress up. Thanks for the feedback, in advance.
  17. Just copied the text below from an Associated Press piece today (June 4): “Cruise ships as well as recreational and pleasure vessels are prohibited from departing the U.S. on temporary sojourn to Cuba effective tomorrow,” the Commerce Department said in a statement to The Associated Press.
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