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  1. What are the rules for you travelling to Barbados, Fudge? Do you have to have Covid tests?
  2. We are also booked for the Antarctica trip in January. Final payment due in November. There is no way we will be going but because we are UK based we cannot just cancel as our deposit is non refundable. Our only choice is to transfer our deposit onto another sailing sometime before the end of January 2022. However, next year's prices are prohibitive at the moment! We are hoping that Seabourn cancels this season's Antarctica schedule so we can have our deposit back!
  3. Is it supply and demand, though? In just two suite categories we had a choice of 14 suites and that was dismissing any with interconnecting doors or no bath.
  4. We took the sad decision yesterday to move our deposit from Quest's Antarctica cruise next January onto a September 2021 cruise in the Med. We doubt that we would get travel insurance for Antarctica due to its geographical position and we decided that south America travel will probably still be a no-no come January. So we looked at cruises for next year, decided which we wanted to go with and got a quote from our UK travel agent. This morning we asked them to go ahead and transfer our deposit, only to be told that overnight the price has increased by £800pp. I know cruise companies
  5. That saddens us as we are booked this coming January on the Quest to Antarctica but can't see us going - we are over 60 and will not put ourselves at risk flying with hundreds of other people in close proximity and to South America which is having a terrible time with Covid19. Add the fact that we are unsure that we will be able to purchase insurance for a trip to a region where the nearest land with decent medical services is days away and the whole idea of a cruise to Antarctica becomes a no-no. It breaks my heart as it was my dream cruise! We don't want to transfer our booking onto one of t
  6. Ye, we will miss seeing you in London, Hanoverian!
  7. Well, cheers anyway. Is it glorious and sunny where you are, like it is here in Yorkshire?
  8. Thank you, westmount. I have really enjoyed your blog. Safe onward journey and hope all Seabourn staff, crew and passengers keep healthy and safe.
  9. Your blog has been the highlight of my day for the many days that you have been sailing. Thank you so much for the descriptive, funny account of your trip to Antarctica. We can only hope that we enjoy ours next January. Hope you are home safe and sound!
  10. I totally agree with you, Markham, but my husband really likes it. I am looking forward to the Chef’s Special in the Restaurant now that they have done away with the TK special of the day. Seabourn chefs are talented people - they should be allowed to show off their skills.
  11. We have used the marina in the Med about four times in our seven cruises in that area. Nothing that exciting, really.
  12. What a nightmare. Hope you get help to get sorted and get home. All the best.
  13. Your travel agent should help you with this but obviously they will be closed now. Did you contact them for help?
  14. Have you contacted your insurers to see if they can help? I know it’s unlikely but worth asking the question. Did you use a travel agent, or did you book direct with Seabourn?
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