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  1. Ye, we will miss seeing you in London, Hanoverian!
  2. Well, cheers anyway. Is it glorious and sunny where you are, like it is here in Yorkshire?
  3. Thank you, westmount. I have really enjoyed your blog. Safe onward journey and hope all Seabourn staff, crew and passengers keep healthy and safe.
  4. Your blog has been the highlight of my day for the many days that you have been sailing. Thank you so much for the descriptive, funny account of your trip to Antarctica. We can only hope that we enjoy ours next January. Hope you are home safe and sound!
  5. I totally agree with you, Markham, but my husband really likes it. I am looking forward to the Chef’s Special in the Restaurant now that they have done away with the TK special of the day. Seabourn chefs are talented people - they should be allowed to show off their skills.
  6. We have used the marina in the Med about four times in our seven cruises in that area. Nothing that exciting, really.
  7. What a nightmare. Hope you get help to get sorted and get home. All the best.
  8. Your travel agent should help you with this but obviously they will be closed now. Did you contact them for help?
  9. Have you contacted your insurers to see if they can help? I know it’s unlikely but worth asking the question. Did you use a travel agent, or did you book direct with Seabourn?
  10. So sorry this has happened to you but glad your Mum is fit enough to travel home now. Do you have travel insurance? If so, contact your insurer to see if they can help. That would be my first port of call. Good luck. I am sure other people will add ideas.
  11. I am really enjoying this too. We have just booked this trip for next January. Excited already.
  12. Welcome Pickups are 59 euros so not much difference. As we get older we like to see a man with our name on a card waiting for us!!
  13. I also booked once for each week, one in my name and one in my husband's. You will definitely be able to book more once on board. My husband likes TK but it doesn't do it for me - I prefer the main restaurant.
  14. Totally agree! We stayed in Vouliagmeni on the coast and didn’t venture near the city as we had visited previously.
  15. Cool Cruiser - if you are thinking of renting a car we had one delivered to our rental apartment then picked back up from us on the morning of embarkation so we did not have to drive into Piraeus. We used Morphis and they were excellent and cheap. The coastline is fabulous - worth seeing!
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