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  1. Why wouldn't you be on an outside deck for those amazing views?
  2. And if you really want to see Alaska, you will be spending most of you time off the ship. We're doing one of the Sun's 11-day cruises next summer. We've been on the Sun four times and absolutely love the size of that little ship.
  3. We were in a lanai cabin, starboard side, one door away from the atrium outside door that was used often for disembarkation in ports. It was a perfect location!
  4. We never noticed this on the Sun, either in the suite on 9 or a mini-suite on 10.
  5. I believe what Indiana Joe said is that both the Jewel and the Bliss depart Vancouver on September 30. The only reason he mentioned the date October 6 is because the Bliss ends its Pacific Coastal cruise on that date in Los Angeles.
  6. The ships mentioned in the article are part of Norwegian Cruise Lines Holding Co.
  7. I'm pretty sure it can't unless the layout of the room has been changed since we were in 9076 in 2013. As you face the bed, the closet is on the left wall, and the entrance to the bathroom is on the right wall. Suite 9276 will probably be the opposite layout. Best cabin ever!
  8. I sure hope they do. Copper, I really appreciate your input on this Board. Thank you!
  9. We really enjoyed Jeannette on the Amsterdam in June. She was the Lead EXC Guide and is from Alaska. She gave two hour-long presentations on Alasks (not shopping talks either) and narrated when the ship was in Tracy Arm and Hubbard Glacier. We saw her on the dock in every port as we exited the ship; she was there to answer questions. If, as Copper said, that position is being eliminated, what is left?
  10. We're Platinum NCL cruisers who have cruised exclusively with HAL since 2014. I don't recall having paid deposits for anything on NCL, but then I never cruised on the Norway. However, anyone bringing a CPAP machine on HAL is charged a $25 deposit to use one of their extension cords and $5 for a gallon of distilled water. We're returning to NCL next summer because of an outstanding 11-day Alaska itinerary. It will be fun to see what we notice. One thing I have missed is the abundant dining choices on NCL, even on their smallest ships.
  11. Maybe I'm misunderstanding you. You are going to Denali but don't have sufficient time to do a bus excursion into the Park? The Park is HUGE, and other than flying over it, which you don't want to do, a bus excursion is really the only way to see Denali. You could book one of the Park's green bus trips for the afternoon you arrive, because they have numerous trips that start in the afternoon. Remember, it gets dark later in Alaska, so the bus trips can begin and end later in the evening. However, with that daunting 10-hour bus ride to the ship the following day, I don't think you'll want to do that. If I were you, I"d be re-thinking the flight tour. Denali National Park is stunning.
  12. What a great review! And your pictures are wonderful. Before your review, I had never been interested in the Deadliest Catch excursion, but I think you have changed my mind.
  13. What a great review! And your pictures are wonderful. Before your review, I had never been interested in the Deadliest Catch excursion, but I think you have changed my mind.
  14. I loved Kodiak. I wish I had realized how much there was to do in town. We had a 10:00 a.m. walking tour through the city harbor, and by the time we were finished with the tour, there wasn't enough time to check out everything else. The town of Kodiak is a little beauty. I, too, was not happy to see that Kodiak and my other favorite port, Sitka, wasn't on next year's 14-day itinerary. We booked it anyway while on the ship, but a couple of weeks ago we found an 11-day cruise on the NCL Sun that did include Sitka and three glacier days. That did it -- we jumped over to NCL for 2020.
  15. We took the bus between Quebec City and Montreal (Orleans Express) one year, because flights to the West Coast were much less expensive from Montreal. That year we left NYC on October 10 and ended in Quebec City on October 20. We were about a week too late to see the beautiful colors.
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