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  1. Cruise_More_Often

    Are you irritated by the non stop Viking ads

    I usually don't notice ads either, but while I was scrolling through this thread, a Viking Cruise ad came up. Perfect timing.
  2. Cruise_More_Often

    Sitka - Alaska... Must Sees at this port

    The only reason I knew is that we're going there in June on the Amsterdam. We've been be on five Alaska cruises (I think five), and I've always wanted to see Sitka. We're doing an excursion called Sea Otter and Wildlife Quest, and it will leave enough time afterwards to see some of the places everyone on this thread has recommended.
  3. Cruise_More_Often

    Sitka - Alaska... Must Sees at this port

    This year four HAL ships will dock in Sitka: Eurodam, Oosterdam, Amsterdam and Maasdam.
  4. Cruise_More_Often

    skagway glacier point wilderness safari

    I also loved our Glacier Point Wilderness Safari last summer. I thought the whole excursion was handled well, and I never for one moment felt unsafe.
  5. Cruise_More_Often

    Alaska cruise: Glacier Bay or Hubbard Glacier

    What a hard choice! I prefer Hubbard. It's so huge and just gorgeous. We saw her back in May 2012. But, I love the Eurodam, which is a little more modern and has the Tamarind restaurant. Either choice will be great.
  6. Cruise_More_Often

    Hotels in Vancouver

    I think you've made a good decision. It's not that close, and some of the trip is uphill.
  7. Cruise_More_Often

    Hotels in Vancouver

    Neither my husband nor I remember what we paid, but I bet if you asked on the West Coast or Canada (Alaska/Pacific Coastal) boards, someone from Vancouver will be able to help you. They will also be able to help with your airport timing question.
  8. Cruise_More_Often

    Hotels in Vancouver

    Yes to both.
  9. Cruise_More_Often

    Skagway Excursions Opinions Please

    We've used Chilkoot Charters and Dyea Dave. The first year, with Chilkoot, we did the van up and train back. Honestly, I enjoyed the van more than the rail part, so the following year we booked a round-trip van excursion with Dyea Dave. Both guides were wonderful. In the van out of Skagway the right side is best. You might even see the train across the valley. OP, we did the Glacier Wilderness Safari last summer, but we took it from Haines instead of Skagway (it's a little farther from Skagway). I really enjoyed it. You get to walk right up to the Davidson Glacier.
  10. Cruise_More_Often

    First Time Alaska Cruiser - early May

    Like Crew News, May has been my favorite time to cruise to Alaska. We started out cruising in May because of the lower fares, but we have found the weather to be really nice. We're from northern California and have never felt too cold in May. And with the snow on the hills, it looks like Alaska. I think you'll have a wonderful time.
  11. I'd rather watch the little white truck.
  12. This is the perfect explanation of why we, who live only 40 miles from San Francisco, have never cruised to Alaska from San Francisco (and never will). I would much rather spend my time cruising in Alaska rather than cruising to and from Alaska.
  13. Still having problems this morning. It sure would be nice if someone from CC would post an announcement about it.
  14. Cruise_More_Often

    First HAL cruise questions

    This is good to hear. We have given up on HAL's Pacific Coastals because we don't like guarantees, either.
  15. Cruise_More_Often

    First HAL cruise questions

    Cathy, most of HAL's Pacific Coastal cruises are a part of longer cruises, and HAL will only let you book guarantee cabins.