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  1. Yes. Refund posted to our credit card on 7/7/20 for an NCL Sun 5/21/20 Alaska cruise. Refund requested on 3/28/20.
  2. But it only goes as far as the 14th. How about for those canceled Alaska sailings on the Sun, beginning with May 21, 2020?
  3. 5/21/20, the Sun's first Alaska cruise. Others on that cruise did receive the correct offer.
  4. We haven't received any survey from the big box store, but we did get the email from NCL mentioning only that we would be receiving a future cruise credit for our 5/21/20 cruise cancelation. Thank goodness for Cruise Critic, I was pretty sure we should have been able to request a refund, even though the NCL email led me to believe we were only entitled to the FCC. I finally spoke with a big box TA yesterday. After going around and around with her about the erroneous NCL email and being put on hold while she supposedly spoke with someone at NCL, the TA assured me we were definitely
  5. Maybe NCL was hoping we'd be excited about the FCC option and do nothing. I did call our TA (over an hour on hold). Unfortunately, by the time I explained the email, NCL was closed. I was asked to call back tomorrow to have a TA contact NCL and get it straightened out. A few minutes ago, one of the members of my roll call group told me the email we received is just an automated one and that we should ignore it and file for a refund on April 20. I'll call our TA again tomorrow, but definitely not as early as you.
  6. We were booked on a May 21 cruise. The email we received late this afternoon didn't offer us a chance to choose a refund, nor were we offered a 125% credit. The email simply said we would be given a Future Cruise Credit, followed by this statement: "Pursuant to your request, we have canceled your current reservation and will be issuing a future cruise credit in the next seven days." WHAT? Where did they get that? We've been quietly waiting until they canceled so we could request a credit. Guess I'll be spending some time on hold with the big box store.
  7. Thank you for posting this, Canuker. It is interesting to see just how many ships will be sidelined until the Canadian ports open up.
  8. This year's Sun Alaska cruises are for 11 days, and she will sail through Hubbard Glacier, Glacier Bay and Endicott Arm. The ship is the perfect size. In May we will sail on her for the fourth time, third time to Alaska.
  9. We booked through the Misty Bay website, but we were directed to another company that handles their bookings (https://www.mistybaylodge.com/bear-wilderness-tour). We went with Misty Bay because we had done a whale watch with them in 2012. AK Stafford (Post #2) provided a link to another provider that sounds good as well.
  10. I'll keep my fingers crossed that it's better in May.
  11. Anita Latte, you have done the best review of Icy Strait Point I have ever read. I agree with you--it's one of my favorite port visits in Alaska, too. We did a bear excursion there last year in early June (with Misty Bay Bear and Wilderness Tour). We knew that was probably too early to see any bears, but we did see one's backside as he ran across the road in front of us. We enjoyed the excursion anyway. We were with a small group in a van. Our driver took us around much of the island, and we got out of the van in a few places to take photos and in one location to hike down to the w
  12. Loved it! And we would definitely book another. Last summer we had cabin 3335 for our Alaska cruise. It was a perfect cabin location for us. The cabins were recently refurbished, and the bathrooms are beautiful (glass shower doors). The sliding glass door to the promenade deck is quite heavy, and you do need to carry a special key card with you to get back in your door. I can't think of anything negative about our lanai cabin. You won't regret booking one.
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