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  1. Hi! I'm on the same itinerary on the Jade's 8/8 sailing. I've spent a LOT of time researching ports, distances, DIY options, etc, and this is what I landed on, if it helps at all. Crete/Heraklion- ship excursion (Knossos & Heraklion City) did this due to time/concerns about it being our first day after flying in the day of boarding so we wanted something easy and stress-free. Plus, its relatively low cost. Rhodes- DIY Old Town Rhodes. Every trip report/review I have read states its super easy to get off of the ship and have a fun, fulfilling day in Old Town. Supposedly there are lots of ruins to see, shops to peruse, and good food. We aren't booking anything beforehand, just walking off the ship to see what the day brings. Mykonos- DIY Old Town Mykonos area. Our goal here is to get beautiful photos on the streets of Mykonos and hopefully see some of the churches in the area. Also shopping, so we are planning on taking the Sea Bus from the New Port (where the ship docks) to the Old Port (walking distance of Mykonos Town) Olympia/Katakolon- ship excursion (Olympia & Archeological Museum). Chose this again, due to time concerns and wanting an easy day where we can just really get lost in the history. After two DIY days, it will be nice to have someone else in charge. Corfu- ship excursion (Corfu Beach Break). Same reasoning as above. Figuring we might want a break from all the walking and sightseeing, a nice day at the beach with someone else handling the transportation sounds perfect and allows us to rest before Santorini. Santorini- the day I have way too much stress about, but we are going to DIY it. We want as much time in Oia as possible. At first, I was concerned about crowds so we were going to do the black sand beach. Then I saw that we are the only cruise ship currently scheduled in port that day, and this is a golden opportunity for good photos and to see Santorini without the streets packed shoulder-to-shoulder. Planning on paying for the boat transfer to Oia at the Fira port.
  2. Any updates from anyone? I haven’t seen or heard anything new since they disappeared. I really don’t want to call again and be told what I’m seeing isn’t what I’m seeing. I’m hoping they don’t drag their feet on this because I’d like to make other plans for that time off and jump on cheaper airline tickets to other land vacations if they’re going to cancel.
  3. I hope this is the case! I was all excited to be part of the return to sea experiment, so I hope we sail one way or another.
  4. I had been booked on the Jade (or still am, I guess) since the beginning of the "return to sea" marketing/promo/attempt. It would appear as though the Jade is about to get cancelled at least for the beginning and middle of August since all of the cruises including my 8/8 sailing are showing as completely sold out. I called NCL to ask them if they are frozen, but then was told I was wrong and that they were bookable for my date still. I asked the representative to try and complete a booking, and then she acquiesced and said she wasn't sure what is going on but they are showing as completely sold out for my date (and 7/25 and 8/1). Time will tell if this is just a reduced capacity cruise, or if even those of us willing to fly to Greece are unfortunately cancelled as well. I fully acknowledge that NCL moving the staff from the Joy to the Bliss was not right, and they should not have done it from a customer relations standpoint, but from a business standpoint, I guess it makes sense. I cannot think of the reasoning behind this one, with Greece being fully open to US citizens.
  5. Thank you! This is an awesome resource I didn't even know existed. I really appreciate it.
  6. Hi everyone! I figured we could all use a break from the typical covid/vaccine post. However, I will start by saying that both my traveling companion and I have been vaccinated, so there are no issues there. I recently booked an 11-day Greek Isles (and Italy and Turkey) sailing on the Norwegian Jade for March 2022. We have our air booked thru NCL (yikes, I know) but despite being a repeat cruiser of NCL, I still have some questions I would rather ask the community than a Guest Services Agent. Plus maybe this will take minds off vaccinations and COVID regulations for a minute. I have sailed NCL multiple times, but this will be my boyfriend's first cruise. It will also be the first time doing major international travel for both of us outside of Mexico and Canada. I will take any advice you have for me! 1. If anyone has any tips for the following ports: Kusadasi, Turkey Istanbul, Turkey Thessaloniki, Greece Volos, Greece (Iraklion) Crete, Greece Corfu, Greece Dubrovnik, Croatia Messina (Sicily), Italy Napes (Pompeii), Italy Livorno (Florence/Pisa) Italy Please let me know what experiences or excursions you did that you would recommended! While I am 99.9% sure this ship will sail, I am not sure if shorex will still need to be booked entirely through NCL (likely but not guaranteed that will be the outcome). My boyfriend and I are both college students, and it would cripple our budget to do 100/per 3 hour activities in each port, but we do not want to stay on the ship either. I've searched the boards already (to avoid asking the same question a million times) and there are a bunch of resources for other Greek ports, and Naples/Livorno, but not the others on my itinerary. We are both avid lovers of history, and are not at all afraid of physically demanding activities, if anything we prefer them. Otherwise we would not have chosen an itinerary with no sea days! :) 2. Our schedules are a little limited (college students, this is our spring break) so we can only do a pre- or post-cruise stay. We are most interested in staying in Rome for 2 days post-cruise rather than flying out a day or two early to Athens, but we are a little nervous about arranging our transportation to/from the Hotel in Rome since we typically go for packages with transfers included. Given the choice, would you spend a day in Athens pre-cruise for peace of mind or two days in Rome post-cruise. These post-cruise days would be to primarily to explore the Vatican and the Colosseum- we know the Sistine Chapel is not likely to happen for us. 3. This is our first cruise with both of us being 21+, so are there any drinks we must try? This is also our longest cruise yet, does MDR food get repetitive after 7 days? 4. More for me rather than my boyfriend- how should I dress to visit religious sites (the Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, etc.) because I do not feel comfortable wearing blue jeans in such places. It just feels entirely out of place, but so do slacks or dress pants, but it's going to be March weather, so a dress won't exactly work either. Thanks in advance for all your help :)
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