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  1. Did you even read? She's looking for a studio cabin that CONNECTS to her room. She doesn't know that the studio cabins are all separate and don't connect to standard cabins. You'd have to be an NCL insider to know the studio cabins are in a separate area. In no way is she stating she wants her 11 year old in a separate area of the ship (night after night) and this is understood with comprehension skills. You need comprehension skills and common sense.
  2. I can't imagine booking a cruise so far out like that. Why would you do it? Cruises won't sell out. You don't get the best deals booking ridiculously early. Now you don't know if they will even be going. Why do people book any cruise so far out?
  3. Do you understand the issue though? The issue isn't about choosing 3 straight days at GSC over a variety of ports. We're discussing if NCL gets the approval to start up but the islands aren't allowing cruise ships............ If none of the islands open to cruise ships, but NCL gets the all clear to cruise would you go to GSC just to get back out there on any cruise? Or would you wait another year, two years, etc to cruise again as normal. Of course we want to go to other islands, really you think someone would prefer to be at GSC for 3 days???? but if we can't, would you cruise if you could only go to GSC? Do you think there's a bunch of people who would just choose to go to GSC for 3 straight days? Im voting no. As much as I want to get on a cruise ship once vaccinated, I don't like GSC. I don't find it an enjoyable beach day at all and I'd wait for a better cruise even if it was another year away.
  4. Im going with the assumption that cruise lines will require proof of vaccination to board. This would be several months away. By then the death rate will have plummeted because elderly will be vaccinated. I would think then, with the death rate flattened, and with 100% of passages and crew vaccinated things like 6 ft distance and masks could be forgone. I don't think there's any chance of sailing before that happened. The cruise lines aren't going to have crew onboard unvaccinated. They aren't going to be able to allow for social distancing in gangways, on tenders, in the atriums. Vaccinating and proof of vaccination will be how it goes.
  5. Cruisers aren't going to be outdoors wearing masks. They won't tolerate that. People don't wear masks outside in New Hampshire, in Indiana, in Florida, in Maine. These are the states Ive been too. Tell me........Where besides NYC or sporting events are people wearing masks outdoors? The only way cruising will return is if passengers are fully vaccinated and show proof of vaccination. I would think by the fall this would be very possible. Then the issue will be where can the ship go because I can't see the islands or europe even Mexico allowing tourism when their own population is largely unvaccinated. The ships will have to go to the Caye's to begin.
  6. Pure opinion? WTH? Did you NOT read where he said....."Would not be surprised"............Anyone, literally anyone would take this as opinion.
  7. At one time, the haven restaurant was more flexible and you could get items from other restaurants. But then that stopped. They are much less flexible and you will get push back trying to order something from a different restaurant. As far as vegetarian, there will be one option Im sure on the Haven menu that's vegetarian. You won't be dining in the Haven restaurant every night. The menu doesn't change. It will be the same menu all week and it is pretty limited, delicious but it is a small menu. You're going to want to dine around the ship for variety.
  8. Well......Im guessing you would be thinking it is a really big issue if you are the one denied boarding and left in port!
  9. Im guessing the only cruises that these mainstream lines will run in all of 2021 will be more local, Caribbean, Mexico perhaps Bermuda. Nothing TA, Europe, etc.
  10. This information is not correct. Yes, 120-130 days out reservations will open up for dining but NCL only puts a very few reservations out there online to book that early. Even when you go in 130 days out you'll see that most of the reservations they put out online are for like 8:30pm. They hold most of the dining reservations until passengers actually get on the ship. This reply will cause unnessary stress if you aren't the lucky few to get those early, few online reservations. For Haven guests you will have no issue getting any reservation you want if you book with the concierge on the first day. Even after the first day, the concierge can/will get Haven guests reservations even when the venues appear to be sold out. As far as the Haven restaurant, they don't take reservations. It is first come first served and my advice is to avoid Haven dining the first evening of the cruise. Most Haven guests get the idea to dine there first, this makes for a very crowded experience and you won't get the personal attention the Haven is known for. Go to another dining venue that first night, then the second night when all the other haven guests go dine around, then you'll have the Haven dining with far fewer crowds. The first nd the last night in the Haven dining are the busiest. I work around those night and always have a great experience.
  11. That second bedroom in the 2 bdr suite is going to be too small for 3 older teens. I don't even know that the lower bed is even a real double bed! I think its more like a super single! I agree that the suite with the family room would be so nice but the sleeping arrangement with 3 young adults would not be good. The bathroom situation would be fine, it would just be the sleeping. Google this cabin and then click video, you'll get a better idea of the set up.
  12. I don't use the Butler at all. Beside him dropping off the Haven standard treats daily, which we have never requested, its just a normal part of the Haven cabin experience, we have never asked for anything from the Butler. I give $20 but even then I think that's really generous for what they do for us.
  13. I've only cruised in the 2 bedroom Haven suites. I guess I assumed all of the Haven suites had a sitting room. I find this suite very underwhelming!! It would have to be an amazing deal cheaper than the 2 bedroom for me to consider this suite. The room is underwhelming, no sitting area, you walk right in the door to the bed, you walk right in to the television hanging on the wall, the enclosed patio is too enclosed. This compares more to a mini suite, more like an upgrade on a mini suite if you ask me where the 2 bedroom Haven is more like an apartment. The only way I would pay for this is if it were a great deal, much cheaper. But thanks for posting, I know now what I definitely don't like and will stick to the 2 bedroom even if it's just me and husband traveling and the second bedroom goes un used.
  14. The Haven restaurant is the best steaks on the ship. But, skip the Haven restaurant the very first night. Everyone in the Haven wants to dine there the first night, its too busy. Go there second night instead, that crowd moves on to other specialty dining and you'll have the Haven restaurant and the attention of the servers.
  15. NCL offers childcare while the ship is in port. Childcare is at a cost per hour by a babysitter but its in the kids club, the babysitters are the Kids Club staff and they have activities just like the regular kids club only with a smaller number of kids. I can assure you both parents leave the ship and its not uncommon, that's why the babysitting service on port days exists. I think what is uncommon, very uncommon is parents not returning in time and even almost unheard of would be parents missing the ship. Ive been on the ships many times where departure was delayed for various reasons. I would think this reason would be a #1 reason for delaying the ships departure.
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