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  1. On the Escape, I preferred the 18th deck. It was quieter in general. The 17th deck, right by the courtyard is really wild with kids coming and going all day. That 17th deck is the hub of all haven activity. The 18th deck is right there in the Haven and really close to the courtyard but you don't get the little kids, in wet bathing suits running up and down the hallways to get to the courtyard. You don't have parents yelling thru the hallways at their kids coming and going to the courtyard. I didn't notice any early morning deck chairs scraping across the upper decks. Not like I did one cruise on the Jewel in a mini suite. That was torture every morning at about 5am. Scraping and banging deck chairs right over head. It definitely wasn't like that on the 18th floor Escape.
  2. Its so nice to see a regular post, discussing ships and all things I love about cruising! Carry on.
  3. The Dawn is an older ship which alone wouldn't be so bad but with them taking out the Spinniker Lounge, to add in more cabins, really makes it sort of a dog of a ship. The Spinniker Lounge is the redeeming factor for the older ships that the bigger mass crowded ships don't have anything to compare to. Its such a nice place to be on days at sea when it's cold weather. Not having that and it being an older smaller ship could be the deal breaker. I agree though, you don't want to be over in Europe near Xmas and have a Covid break out on the ship. I think it would be a horrible time to be stuck and it would be really hard to fly home.
  4. Lets just pretend that there was no virus and we're just talking ships and cruises again, formerly my favorite conversation!. The Gem is my favorite ship. I've taken my girls on most of the ships, usually we stay in the Haven 2 bedroom where possible. Honestly the bells and whistles on the bigger ships don't make up for the extreme crowds. The water slides are only fun once or twice. The ropes course, all the stuff that attracts teens and families, it wears off quickly. The Gem is just a nice cruise ship. They do it right.
  5. Social distancing policies can't be long term. We'd never have stadiums, Broadway, subways, movie theaters, cubicle work. Boyfriend's life would look a lot different, never mind cruising if social distancing guidelines were permanent.
  6. I don't think there will ever be a reason to book a cruise way in advance again. 2-3 weeks in advance will be the new normal.
  7. I think for the next several years, it will be very easy to book a last minute cruise. I wouldn't book any cruise more than about a month ahead. It would eliminate the anxiety about it and you'll get a better deal. Cruise ships won't be running full for a long time and definitely not in December out of NYC!
  8. Worrying about the concoctions is literally the last thing I worry about. I like the spray washy washy. Worrying about what it's made of is nearly the last thing anyone worry about.
  9. Totally false and NCL knows those numbers are a lie. I got the virus on the Pearl the week of Feb. 22. Am I positive I got it on the ship and not the airport or here at home?........YES. Because the crew was coughing and hacking and WORKING. All over the ship. I noticed it when I too started coughing. The ships are full of it passed on week after week from the crew that remains infected on the ship. The crew who were cleaning the rooms, stacking the plates, rolling the silverware, making the drinks. The Asian crew brought the virus over with them when they returned from their breaks back to their home country after Xmas. Im doubtful the Pearl was the only NCL ship so terribly infected. The whole NCL fleet is full of Asian crew members infected in their home country and then returning to the ships back to work. These numbers are just a lie. Its despicable. NCL knows the virus was wide spread on their ships. The cough drops were all sold out, the Cruise Directors Staff, introducing the performers were interupted by a coughing fit on stage in front of a couple hundred.
  10. Definitely the 2 bedroom. Daughter will be more comfortable with her own space, her own bed AND a separate place to keep her stuff. Her having to have a make shift bedroom in your living room area, monopolizes the living room. You won't be able to enjoy the living room as much. Ive found when Im in the Haven the size of my own personal balcony isn't as important as long as I have one. But a bedroom for all adults.....that is important.
  11. Remember for about 2 minutes when NCL gave away a glass of free champagne at Sail Away?
  12. For me, I won't feel comfortable getting on a cruise again for years. Because I got COVID in mid February on the Pearl and I am traumatized. But for other people still, I don't think anyone is going to be comfortable around big crowds of people. I think the football season NFL, College football is doomed. I think concerts, Broadway, big lecture halls on college campuses, conventions, cruises anything like that is just doomed for the fall. Even weddings, church services, movie theaters. Its going to be terrible until a vaccine AND a medical treatment is widely available.
  13. It is possible, you were kicked off at 9:30 and not allowed to stay the whole day on the ship because NCL was afraid the Chile government might refuse to allow passengers to disembark at some point in the day! Just like what's going on here, no one wants the cruise passengers to disembark in their port. So as soon as NCL got the word that they could get their passengers off, they weren't going to waste a minute and allow Chile to decide differently. Imagine the situation if you were still on the Star, still floating out there begging nations to let you disembark! The Chile airports weren't closed, you were able to get flights, imagine if you were to have been 2 days later and the airports closed! Im going to give NCL the pass here and hopeful they wanted you off the ship before the authorities denied you and they wanted you to get to an airport asap, get your ticket and get out of the country asap before it closed. Yet, you're mad they didn't let you hang around the ship the rest of the day......... I was on the Pearl in late February and I'm positive I got the virus on that cruise. There was so much coughing it was undeniable. So many crew were coughing. I started coughing the day before we were disembarking. I was at the airport and now it was more than a cough. Im flying home and have a fever!! I get home and look up the symptoms of corona virus and freak out!! Then 2 days later I get the shortness of breath, to the point I can't catch my breath. I'm wondering if I need to get to the ER! It was Coronaa virus. The medical professionals not he ship surely knew. The captain surely knew his own crew had it. I get your anger. Im Platinum Plus and angry too. But in your case, I think you should be grateful NCL was able to off board passengers before the authorities denied you. Be thankful the airports were still open. Maybe NCL knew the airports were getting ready to close at any minute. You didn't need to sit the day on the ship that was going to be kicked out of that port probably!
  14. Could you go in October? I've been to Bermuda in October and its lovely. Still really warm but minimal crowds.
  15. No, I was on the Pearl the last week of February. It was all over the ship. I'm pretty sure I got it on day 2 or 3. At that point I didn't even know the symptoms of Corona Virus but I had all the symptoms right down to shortness of breath and tight chest congestion. I'm super healthy and have never had any sort of symptoms like the chest congestion where I couldn't catch my breath. Passengers on that cruise on February 23 all filled out a health questionnaire before boarding. By day 2 or 3 when I was getting sick I notices a lot of people coughing. Lots of the crew were coughing and working. Still I didn't even know at that point that was a sign. On about day 3 I go to the gift shop to get cough drops I buy a pack. There was a big selection and lots of cough drops to buy. I came back the next morning because my friend also now had the cough, the cough drops were all gone! Sold out. There were a lot! So the rest of the cruise Im coughing, my friend coughing and I notice lots of the crew had the same cough. Lots of red feverish looking faces. It was all over that ship and I find it hard to believe the doctor on the ship, the Captain, I find it very hard to believe since I could see it was all over the crew, that they didn't know and didn't do anything about it! The Pearl ran 3 more cruises after mine! They knew. I'm Platinum Plus. I feel very betrayed.
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