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  1. Over and over it's pretty clear you want to wait to book after the final payment period. The ship doesn't sellout, ( maybe on Christmas week) and you'll do much better with price, cabin and perks!
  2. Food Republic was my favorite place by far. I think it is the same menu lunch and dinner.
  3. I think the rule of thumb is 1 1/2 days wasted out of Boston and NYC trying to get to warm weather. Both ways.
  4. I've been at MIA at 9am before after disembarking on NCL. But that's first out from the Haven self disembarking, grabbing a taxi and being one of the first out. The airport is empty that early. But that' all things going well. I'd probably worry the entire cruise about not making it. If you said 11am, I'd say go for it but 10:38, probably not.
  5. I'm just guessing here but I think the issue was the kid sitting at the bar. I've been on the Breakaway in the Haven, which is the same as the Escape Haven bar if I remember correctly. It's amazing to me that for the size of the Haven, I can't even tell you how many passengers the Haven accommodates but there are like 6 seats at the bar. That's it. For all these Haven passengers, all with drink packages. There are other places to sit inside the Haven lobby but they are sofa's in the lobby, not sitting at the bar. I'm not justifying violence by any means but my guess is this is because the bar seating is so ridiculously inadequate for the amount of Haven passengers on that ship. You go to the Epic Haven and there are 3 bars for the Haven passengers, plenty of seats if you want to sit at the bar or have a kid sit at the bar. The other ships, it's an issue.
  6. Also, two twin beds pushed together makes a KING, not a queen.
  7. I think it will be no issue at all. I also am positive you will be using some Haven amenities. You could have dinner in the nice Haven dining room and I think you could pay to have your parents join. It used to be $25 to have a guest in the Haven dining room with you, but check. Also, the Haven pool for younger kids is a nice place for them to play in the pool and you to watch and supervise them. Doing this at the main pool is really hard because the pool is deep and because the surround of the main pool is really crowded and uncomfortable to just sit on the side of the pool. Kids will overtake the Haven pool and one of the Haven hot tubs, you can sit in the shade with the baby and watch them from a few feet away. Your parents will be allowed in your suite.
  8. I plan to bring a big box of straws and hand them out now.
  9. The Sun is a nice smaller ship. Even before the rehab (haven't been on after rehab) but even before, its a classy decorated and nicely maintained ship. It doesn't feel old, or look out of date at all. The Sun was built before the mega ships. It was built back when being out on the ships decks were the highlight, before the rock walls, before the race tracks. If you like a nicer outdoor deck experience, being less crowded you will like it. The biggest problem with the Sun is that it wasn't built for Specialty Dining and for Freestyle. It was built back in the days of traditional dining. So I don't think the Sun manages the current dining experience very well. You will wait for a table with a beeper, you might experience a very, very painfully long meal in the dining room, I remember some dinners lasting 2 plus hours and we had to leave before dessert to make the show. The courses came painfully slow and meanwhile people are waiting with their pagers waiting for a table to eat. They just could not manage the dining experience at all. Hopefully this is under control.
  10. I like that rule. It keeps people from sitting in the hot tubs a long time and monopolizing them. If you want a drink you get out and someone else has room to get in. Thousands of people are on the ship yet some people will sit in the hot tubs leaving no room for other people. This will keep a rotation going at least.
  11. I would try to find a powder substitute you can live with for a week.
  12. Embarkation Day is the one and only day I like to eat lunch in the dining room. When someone asks what are my cruise suggestions, tips or tricks, this is always top of my list. Around you the whole ship is in crazy frenzy for a few hours but lunch in the dining room is peaceful. After lunch, go enjoy the sun on the decks but leave the crazy buffet to everyone else that doesn't know they can have a peaceful lunch. The other cruise lines have done away with dining room lunch on embarkation day. I wonder if the crew has pressure to divert people from the dining room so they can justify discontinuing this practice. The fewer people they can get to eat in the dining room means easier to justify nixing it. So they have the crew push everyone to the cattle feeding.
  13. Don't mess with a shuttle, scheduling, rescheduling crap. . Take a taxi or an Uber - no scheduling, no rescheduling, no waiting even a few minutes for a bunch of other random passengers to get their luggage. Taxi/Uber gets your own ride, minutes after collecting your suitcases without waiting for anybody. I think you will be fine.
  14. I think Cagney's is the one restaurant that took the biggest hit after NCL included Specialty Dining packages included with the cruise fare. As soon as Specialty Dining was built into the price, the whole Cagney's experience took a nose dive. I would never pay individually $25 pp or whatever the price is now for Cagney's. Before Cagney's was a highlight, now I'd rather pay to eat at the sushi bar or the noodle restaurant.
  15. We really liked the Cirque dinner show. Booking this show the first night of the cruise, they offered a discount and we took it. It was fun and better food than most any other night of the cruise. We liked the sushi bar, the green tea martini, the green tea cheesecake. Also liked the noodle bar. The hypnotist was a great show, you'd book this once you got on the ship. Sometimes they even do two different shows - like one general show and one that focuses on hypnotism and weight loss! That and Howl and the Moon were my favorite shows. I thought the other main theater shows all sucked actually. I don't like in your face homosexuality and you better like it for this theater group. My favorite first drink is the half pina colada half strawberry daiquiri or the mudslide. All included with the drink packages and better than NCL's desserts so drink up! I didn't like the private island, not at all. We took it as a day to enjoy the ship. The private island is very crowded, the sand is minimal and the hard, sharp coral is plentiful. This time of year the ocean water will be frigid. The other islands make better beach days.
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