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  1. We've been on the Dawn the last three years and have found that the O'Sheeans food has been consistent. We love the Thai Chili wings. Everything else is as bad as food you'd get at Chili's or Fridays. The service has been slow and forgetful. The bartenders are great.
  2. We live in Maine, so I would never even consider booking a New England/Canada cruise. In September, our cruise to Bermuda was rerouted to....New England/Canada. I have to say, it was amazing!!! The highlight of the trip was Go Fundy Tours with Alec in Saint John.
  3. In addition to the points already made, I will add that the Dawn has Los Lobos. The food there is delicious, but it is also fun to just hang out at the bar.
  4. You can purchase the Thermal Suites pass online
  5. Personally, we like to see sunsets from our balcony so I look at the map and plan accordingly.
  6. Los Lobos isn't Tex-Mex. I think of it more as upscale Mexican inspired food. We enjoy eating there, but enjoy the bar even more. It is small and especially at the beginning of the cruise very quiet. It takes a while for folks to discover it. They have fun cocktails and the bartender is usually great. You can get the guacamole made bar side as well.
  7. Also the Dawn has Los Lobos, the Mexican restaurant. The food and drinks are top notch.
  8. But Irish coffees are. So we got those instead of cappuccinos a few times. The first time I forgot and got a surprise when I took a big sip of my really strong boozy coffee.
  9. Totally agree! Our cruise was changed from Bermuda to Canada/New England because of Hurricane Florence and I was able to book this tour a week before. I have no idea how he was available, but we were so lucky he was. Amazing attention to detail and sweet little surprises made for an all around unforgettable day.
  10. Yes. They are located in a lot right between the two docks. Very easy to spot and about a two minute walk.
  11. Once onboard we ask the bartenders and they go through exactly which of the liquors that we like are included. There are some odd things- like one time Jim Beam wasn't included, but Bulleit was so we spent the week having the more expensive Bulleit and gingerales for free.
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