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  1. Thanks everyone for the feedback! And noted about selling the ship, for the right price of course 😉 Have you heard of any rumours whether Costa Toscana will actually sail for December? The booking I'm looking at would be on that ship, but I see it is still in Finland finishing construction. Although the fact it appears on AIS Finder is generally a good sign that it is nearly ready to sail... Thanks again! Jordan
  2. Good Afternoon, I'm currently looking at booking a Med cruise with Costa for Christmas but have a couple questions that I can't seem to find answers for: - After booking, can you add things to your booking on the website? I'm mostly interested in an unlimited photo package. We did this previously with MSC and it was great. - Does anyone have current experience using the kids club? We have a 6 and 3 year old and are wondering what the quality is like. Our 6 year old used the club on the MSC Grandiosa previously and really liked it. - The age for requiring drink packages is 4, but when booking all-inclusive it seems to charge for our child under 4. Maybe worth booking the package seperately after? Thanks everyone. We have an MSC cruise booked (but haven't made final payment) and we're getting jerked around on some portions of it. That, and I can book with Costa in a balcony vice an oceanview for less money. Cheers, Jordan
  3. Grazie Mille Petra, That's exactly the info I was looking for. Thanks again for doing all this. I feel there are many people who appreciate it. Jordan
  4. We did the loop on Grandiosa in January last year and it was great! The weather can be spotty, as others have said, but it was sunny everywhere except Genoa and 15-25 degrees. Genoa was about 5 degrees and misty, so we just stayed on the boat as we have 2 small children. The best part is it was very quiet everywhere. The ports were all very easy to navigate and lines weren't anything terrible.
  5. Ciao Petra, Is there any chance you can see how the photo sessions are happening? We did the unlimited photo pack on Grandiosa in January and have another sailing booked for March. Just curious if people need masks for photos, as I imagine they do. Thanks for all the excellent info! Jordan
  6. Thanks so much for the info. Our Canadian prairie may come out and get us out there, if only to see the looks of surprise we usually get
  7. Good Day Fellow Cruisers, We're currently booked on the Grandiosa out of Palermo in a couple weeks and I'm wondering if any of the upper deck activities (waterpark, ropes course) are open during the "winter" months. We're doing a bit of a test cruise with two young children (4 and 1) and are looking to try out as much as possible. My wife and I have done a couple Celebrity cruises (Equinox and Reflection) and are curious as to the differences. Cheers, Jordan
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