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  1. 11 hours ago, Bimmer09 said:


    Judy, I am so sorry to lose you before you see the next batch of London photos.

    Carol was telling me of slow downloads on her iPad a couple of days ago and I had very slow download of pictures on my old iPhone 5 (was ok at home with wi-fi instead of cell service).

    So I lowered the resolution to half of what it was set at and for the past 2 days am back to the pixel count of all of my reviews to date (1024 x 683).


    I see the pics on a 13 inch MacBook with never a problem and I wish you could too.


    You will likely not read this but thanks for sticking with me thus far!




    I did read and will give it another try because your reviews and pictures are so wonderful.

  2. Norris,

    I am continuing to absolutely love your review and stunningly beautiful pictures but my devices are struggling to load your pictures, laptop, tablet and phone....so much as I hate to do it I'm unsubscribing.

    I don't have unlimited data access so can't chance off charges.

    Carry on your good work.

    Your reviews are some of the absolute the best on Cruise Critic.

    Happy sailing.


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  3. I am looking at this cruise with Avalon in 2020.  Has anyone done this itinerary?  Doesn't matter the cruise line.  If so, what did you think?


    We have done 2 cruises back to back so far..........Rhine followed by Saone/Rhone. 


    All comments/thoughts welcome.





  4. 2 hours ago, POA1 said:


    Did you try deleting the Cruise Critic forum from your Tapatalk subscribed forums list and then adding it back?  The old forum link would be hitting the wrong server config file. This worked for me on Android. I'm not sure if that will do it for you, but it's worth a shot.


    The login screen on the new CC Tapatalk looks just like the web version (and in fact is.)  Once you get it to login, you have to click "Done" in order to proceed. This isn't ovious because the screen just says, "Loading..." on the top left. It says "Done" on the top right.

    |Thanks, once I clicked "Done" it worked.  I think (???) I'm a happy camper/cruiser.

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