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  1. Thank you! Maybe we will just rent a car for the day and see some sights. Is there a car rental place near the pier?
  2. I am interested in this too. Is it unreasonable if our flight leaves out of LAX at 6pm Saturday, for us to go to Universal? And if so what do we do with our luggage there?
  3. Cruise was already booked. Baby was a surprise for them and us. Thanks to all for the congrats! We are super excited for our new little addition! We will get the premium package. By the way my son and his wife live in Washington State, we live in Iowa. I would not be going to visit them for a week or two after the baby comes, so that they can settle in without Grandma and Grandpa hovering. After last comment I felt like I should clarify...….
  4. Ha! I think we did have that conversation! Just worked out that way! 😀. That’s alright I guess we get to take another vacation when we get back! Thanks!
  5. Awesome! Thanks for the info! How was the Havana pool and area? In your opinion was it worth the extra money? Excited to be able to find a spot by the pool!
  6. Did you have to walk through the Havana bar to get to the Havana pool?
  7. Anyone have experience with the value internet package vs the premium package? Would like to be able to FaceTime or something similar! Thanks for any suggestions!
  8. L Lincdax, we are in room 5211 in June! Were you happy with location? Any chance you had WiFi? We are expecting a grand baby the week of our cruise and would like to be able to FaceTime and wondering how good the WiFi is? Thanks!
  9. Thanks for all the tips! We are a group of 4 and I think we are all on the same page. We are thinking of just going into the towns, grabbing food and drinks maybe some shopping and wandering back to ship. So I will research each of these ports for the best options! Thank you!!
  10. We are cruising to Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, and Mazatlán. We are thinking of not booking any excursions and just walking or getting a taxi and exploring the ports. Anyone else do this and if you have do you regret not getting tours?
  11. Excited for our upcoming cruise in the Havana Rooms. Payed the premium so that we wouldn't have to fight the crowds (at least at the pool) Glad they made the change to only paid people using the area 24 hours. Looking forward to it!
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