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  1. Fantastic to know. Yes the ABC’s looks amazing and being beach lovers I know we will get those stunning blue beaches. I’ve seen some of the princess itineraries. As much as we loved carnival I think I need to pick based on itinerary rather than cruise liner. To be honest our favourite part of carnival was the sing along piano bar and the nightly music trivia party in the main lobby. Such a tough choice. I keep reading St Lucia is a beautiful island too but itineraries seem to do one or the other.
  2. Ah thanks so much. Maybe my definition of southern is skewed oops. Our previous cruise took us to half moon cay, grand Turk, San Juan and st Thomas. I loved the waters at HMC (Bahamas) and TUrks my kids loved st Thomas for snorkelling. Kids were bored of walking in SJ but that’s just kids. I do realise looking at a map that some of those islands aren’t really south and very close to where we were on our original cruise. I just want to pick my neck “batch” of islands to visit and not be disappointed I guess. We loved port days and beach days. I’m seeking some of those beautiful carribean beaches again that I see on postcards. I’m starting on lists but it’s quite difficult. It’s funny in my original trip research once I read some blogs on half moon cay I knew I wanted to go there for the picture perfect beach so I centred my whole trip on it.cominf from australia (yes it’s an incredibly long way) I want to maximise our cruise
  3. Thanks for that the ABC are definitely on the hit list. I think if we didn’t have the kids and I was going with hubby I would certainly look at celebrity but with kids I think I need to keep them entertained. Ideally would love to go out of mainland USA it’s far more convenient but I am seriously considering is it worth a departure from PR or Barbados will I get better ports? It’s goinf to be a lot of reading I think
  4. Ok so I turn a milestone 40 in 2021 and on the back of an epic first cruise earlier this year to the carribean I have decided I want to make the long trek back to the carribean. The southern carribean though. We had such an amazing time in carnival in April on an eastern route with our two kids.that was one fun ship our kids still talk about the fun they had. My absolute favourite was half moon cay. It was what I always dreamed of when I thought of the carribean. Beautiful soft white sand, turquoise blue water. We are very much beach lovers. Kids loved snorkelling on grand Turk too. So now the time has come to plan or at least begin investigating my ne t cruise. I can’t wait. What a way to spend a 40th. This time I want to hit the southern carribean as I hear it is stunning. I’m looking for advise on ports of call for a family who love the beach and me who loves those turquoise blues. I am a little scared to venture away from carnival after having such a fun time. Then again I am also open to doing a back to back cruise and having one with Royal carribean. To me ports are my main concern, ship is second but then again I don’t want something that will disappoint. We were not on any of the big flashy new ships just the Glory but wow what fun we had. The kids especially. Hubby and I with the drinks package he he. any recommendations on “wow” ports for a southern cruise with those carribean beaches? I have Aruba, Curacao, st Lucia possibly Dominican Republic, Barbados and Martinique down as recommendations from a friend who worked on Royal carribean many years ago in those waters. My kids didn’t like walking around the heat of San Juan ( I should have left them at kids club) I am open to flying to PR if I need to although some ships do seem to do some of those ports from mainland. For my back to back I was considering one RCI and one Carnival cruise. South carribean for one and maybe the west? I am very much into ports and less sailing we loved getting off and out and about. appreciate any thoughts or recommendations. There is just so many ports I don’t know what to pick. I’m so tempted to “re-pick” another half moon cay trip. But I also see cococay for RCI looks good. kids will be a bit older by then 12 and 10. They absolutely loved snorkeling and beach. Not into hiking I don’t think thanks a bunch , it’s always so much fun planning a cruise
  5. GT continued... So we spent The whole day at Jacks playing swimming feeding fish and patting dogs. At about 4:30 we decided to call it quits and head back towards ship. The kids swam the whole way back as we walked. I wanted to browse the shops so I left hubby and two kids at margarita ville pool. Basically just a giant pool with music and drinks etc. I am more of a beach person and in such a wonderful location I don’t know why you would want to sit poolside but I guess some people like it. our walk back looked like this playing at margaritaville pool Once back on board it was time to shower and get ready for another fun evening. Back to Our usual routine of dinner and trivia later. Now this is where I mucked up.i totally didn’t look at the dress code and for some reason didn’t realise it was formal night until we sat down at dinner. For some reason I assumed it was on sea night. My son was most upset and thought we would get in serious trouble but the waiters said it was completely fine. There were a few others that either forgot or didn’t bother.So we ate dinner quickly, played some clue and then back to the lobby for 80s trivia fun . Another great day and two very exhausted kids again. We were all sleeping so well on this cruise. As I said Grand Turk was fantastic. The beach is wonderful and the people at Jacks were great. Def our second favourite port on this trip. I would be happy to head back there on a future cruise... Sadly our trip was almost about to end... coming up our final sea day on this magical cruise !!!
  6. chloe and calypso one of the best family photos we have taken in a long time. How we managed to all be looking smiling and not blinking is a miracle hooray for grand Turk
  7. Finally topher arrived and his new pal calypso who was a pup These dogs are like little celebrities. Topher is the white one. They love company pats and kids. Oh and food. If you are eating prepared to have them as an audience Here’s some pics of us at the beach that day. The kids watched topher dig, swam with him, swam with fish, swam a lot in general haha.
  8. Here’s some pics Can I just say again how much I LoVE a balcony room and am so glad I upgraded. This must be what business class feels like on flights( I’ve never been) Originally I can considered hiring a “ golf cart” and getting around the island but to be honest we are such beach people I just wanted to stay put. A few months back via this forum I started following jacks shack and their famous dog topher on Fb so I ditched the golf cart idea and thought it’s best to just stay put near Jacks have some drinks and a swim. Like I said earlier I didn’t have great expectations of Gt I think I was just still so blown away by HMC but boy did we love it here. We went to lobby all geared up around 9:15am surely we would be let out soon. Time for a cocktail( why not when you have cheers) I have never had a drink at 9am before haha Just another fruity cocktail and before I knew it at 9:30 they made an announcement and off we went. Even just walking down the pier and seeing the water I started to get excited and knew we were in for a good day. Blue skies beautiful greens. Casey saw us and had a chat on our way out saying it was one of her fav ports and the water was so green. So true. Jacks gets thumbs up from many of the crew too they all seem to head down there . Ok now I’m super excited as we walk down the beach to Jacks. It took maybe 10 minutes at most. Lots of vendors along the way with chairs and food etc but we kindly declined and headed to the end. I think we were one of the first few there and paid $10 for two chairs and umbrellas and the kids bolted for the water yet again Casey was right this water was beautiful and so green. It wasn’t as gradual a decline in as HMC but still great and safe and shallow for the kids. Topher and his pal calypso hadn’t arrived yet so I went and got another cocktail “ a sandy vagina” and gave the bar staff some little Aussie gifts and a license plate that they add to the collection. Jack and the dogs hadn’t arrived but I assured the kids they will come. Kids played and swam we drank and swam and really just chilled out.
  9. GRAND TURK Sorry I have been a bit delayed with the review. I am now sitting in an airport waiting for a work conference flight and have a spare hour up my sleeve. So what better way to kill time that to relive Grand Turk. I don’t have my laptop there for I can’t make this blue and stand out but I’ll upload lots of pics. We awoke to something cute in our “ letterbox” from Casey from the funsquad. A little trophy to the kids for their dancing at trivia party. My kids loved Casey mainly because she was Aussie( and plus my daughter was pinning the clue murder on her as she was ms Scarlett) Up to lido we go for breakfast. Can I just say I loved our room position. Deck 8 towards the front. Very close to central elevators and stairs one floor up to lido a few floors down to restaurant. So handy. It was a sea of towel animals on deck and my son Loved it. He went around looking at them all and even took one back to the room ( not sure if that was allowed haha) Today I had a breakfast burrito from blue iguana and loved it. Kids went back for the fruit loops and Cheerios and stocked up for snacks on the beach. They discovered they loved eating fruit loops plain out of the box Here’s some pics from breakfast hubby got some sort of quesadilla egg thingy We were due to dock around 10 am but at around 9 am we were getting ready in the room and I remember looking out and seeing Grand Turk fast approaching. The water looked so amazing and blue
  10. Sorry I have been a bit behind finishing my review....stay tuned Grand Turk coming up hopefully later this evening when I have some time once the kids go to bed. I must say GT it wasn’t a “must” port for me but oh boy did we fall in love with it!!! Easily our 2nd Fav behind Half Moon.....review and pics to come in the next day or so!!
  11. the PR door in monochrome I still love it sorry I just love ET and he was in SJ trivia fun
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