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  1. Wow, so many self professed agricultural specialists! Pretty silly the number of people trying to lay guilt trips off on other people who are just trying to economize. I like experiancing the local cuisine, but hey thats me. But beyond that, taking food off of a ship is not a sin nor in general, against the rules of every country or cruiseline. Every port of call IS NOT like flying into or out of Hawaii. The adult thing to do is WHEN one of us sees that there is a quarantine for whatever reason, THEN and only then should we dispose of FRUIT before leaving the ship. Its no different than here in California where there can be a fruit quarantine from one county to the next on occassion. You don't see fruit being banned enmasse from the state. That is too stupid of a proposition to even think of. So until that point, go ahead and load up your collapsable coolers and fanny packs with all of the food you have ordered from room service and the buffet line and go enjoy your port of call.
  2. I think a BIG mistake is to book the air portion of a cruise vacation through the cruise line. Once upon a time it may have been cheaper and more convienant to book air through the cruiseline but no more. It has been a LONG LONG time since I've seen a cruise line offer a cheaper fare than I can find on my own, PLUS, I know what airline I am flying on, when I am leaving and when I am returning and even what seats I am in. To put it mildly, the air arrangements made by the cruiselines are designed first and foremost to make THEM money, not get you to the port in a reasonable amount of time, on the best flights and at minimal cost. In fact, if I weren't feeling so kind this evening I might even be tempted to say that this is a big ripoff. I know there are some folks that are nervous about everything syncing up, and concerned about missing a leg, but today you can go to any of the big online airline ticket sellers like travelocity, orbitz or expedia and for 6-12 bucks get their insurance which will protect you in case of missed flights, weather, bankrupt airlines (US AIR) etc. and the total costs will often still be hundreds of dollars lower than cruiseline arranged flights! People do not go to a veterinarian to have their knee operated on (most people anyway), so buy your cruises from a cruise line, and not your airline tickets! If you do, there will always be a HIGH probability that you are needlessly giving away LOTS of money. George
  3. The Conquest doesn't have "sliders" on their balconys, the (heavy glass) door opens out. If you bring a standard bungy cord about 2 feet long, you can hook one end to the door handle and another to the balcony divider and keep the door open. Great sleeping with the sea air and sound of the waves. Kids- Camp Carnival will have lots they can do and more Don't forget the power strip and extension cord, only one outlet in each cabin. There is a mini-refrig in every room as well. Have the cabin steward clean it out so you can put your beer in it. If you eat at the late dining there's a good chance you won't be able to see all of the shows. The Conquest also has/had people hawking the Carnival Vacation Club pretty hard. Sit through a 10-15 minute presentation, look a bit attentive and get a free 2-1 airline coupon (buy 1 for $350-Companion flies free) as a reward! Get on the list early as it fills up once folks catch on. George
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