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  1. I was notified the morning of our sailing on the Anthem
  2. 1005 per person on one the two most expensive 8 day cruises + 2200 original payment for the obstructed balcony
  3. I did not think it would work on an android device and your results might vary on a cruise ship as far as Whatsapp it is using end to end encryption so privacy should not be an issue. Also on Whatsapp you can do voice and video calling which works very well if your ship has good internet like ob3 that Royal Caribbean uses
  4. That is why I said whatsapp or imessage. When I am on vacation I only want to communicate with some people so that eliminates the unwanted phone calls and text messages and also makes sure I do not get unwanted charges on my cellular bill a win win situation
  5. I do not know how but it happened, I used to sell cellular devices and have had it happen to customers that swear that they had their data turned off and did not believe that they did but now I do. What I do now after that cruise is put airplane mode on and use wifi only with whatsapp or imessage if people need to contact me they do it like that
  6. Talking from experience turn on airplane mode and the enable wifi. I was on a cruise last year with voom and cellular data turned off and was checking on my store camera system before I went to sleep and got a text in the morning from my carrier that I have gone over my roaming data limit of 8GB at $15.00 a MB that could have been a bill for $120,000.00. When I was able to contact my carrier 2 days later I found out that they had put a limit of $100.00 of roaming data on all their customers since they have had the same issue many times before. Needless to say I was very relieved after two day of worrying.
  7. I bid and was upgraded from an obstructed balcony on the Anthem of the Seas holiday 8 day to a Sky Loft for much less than a junior suite. Free wifi, access to the concierge lounge (free drinks from 4:30 to 8pm) bottle of champagne for new years. Plus all the other perks for me that was a great deal
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