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  1. Yay! We cannot WAIT! That is surprising about the spa treatments. It seems like they are banking on more people staying on the ship even while in port.
  2. Hello all, Going on the July 31st Eastern Caribbean cruise. DH and I are staying in Aqua Class, but regardless, I was wondering if there have been any on board spa treatment deals for port days or sea days? We don't typically book anything in advance but are reeled in by the daily deals and I am wondering if those have been a thing in this new cruise phase? Thank you in advance!
  3. @Tatka So you were able to board just 15 minutes after "boarding" begins at noon? I am willing to wait a little bit if it means we might be able to board early. I enjoyed it so much more when there wasn't timeslots. Not a fan.
  4. Hello all, My husband and I are going to be on the July 31st edge sailing. We are doing Aqua Class for the first time, but when I recently did the check in, the earliest time slot was 2pm. We are flying in that morning around 10am. In the past, we would just head right there and be able to check in. My question is for those who have recently gone on the Edge since it resumed cruises starting June 26th. Did anyone have any luck going early for embarkation? Were you turned away? What is the earliest you got there? I was under the impression that AQ had priority embarkation- does this apply to getting on earlier? We really don't feel like lugging our luggage around to a restaurant or something...hoping to board sooner! Thanks in advance!
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