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  1. Perfect! Thank you so much for the update! I read another post where someone wrote their name on the back of the band with sharpie to help distinguish but also helpful when roving bartenders have to take them for drink orders.
  2. Thank you for all your replies! We’ll let you know what we discover on our October trip. Maybe they’re trying to phase out jr suites so we’ll just have to wait and see!
  3. I’m obviously not worried about $4.99 but I don’t need two so if it’s provided then I don’t need to buy one.......
  4. Hi! We are sailing in a junior suite on the Symphony of the Seas in October and are trying to figure out if wow bands are included in our room. It seems that some people with jr suites have had them in their rooms but RC says grand suite and above. Does anyone have recent experience? Thank you!
  5. We actually ended up doing it and having a blast! We just booked directly through Graycliffs and that is ABSOLUTELY the way to do it. Graycliffs is a very easy, quick walk from the dock so we really couldn't justify going through Royal Caribbean. They basically bring you out a bunch of types of wines to first sample each of them then you can start mixing away. Once you have your perfect mix you then bottle and cork it so you shouldn't have a problem on a flight. After we bottled we even had enough left over of our mix we had enough left over to have another glass of wine. Not gonna lie we after all of the tasting we may have wandered the streets of Nassau pretty buzzed. They are very generous with their wine lol. We ended up having to check our bottles at the dock with Royal Caribbean but got them back on the last day of the cruise. Graycliffs also saves your mix if you ever go back or want to order more to ship home. We would definitely do this again. P.S. I will also say we are not wine snobs but everything tasted good to us. The previous user is correct that they don't grow the grapes on the island, they are shipped in (our batch from Italy).
  6. Hi all, My husband has been trying to look into the scuba certification course on our upcoming cruise. Every where we see everyone keeps saying it takes up a ton of time but is vague about what that means. Does anyone know actual hours? Does that mean 5 hours in the ship pool 10 hours at port etc.? Or has anyone done this and have an exact schedule? Thank you!
  7. Has anyone tried this yet? Worth it?
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