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  1. I do agree. Definitely Carnival's best class of ships (with an addition of the Splendor).
  2. CozGurl, no worries! The quality of the cruising experience depends on the ship (90%), not on the cabin (10%). We never buy drink packages - no need. Carnival Valor has plenty of open deck space. By design this is a real cruise ship. Happy cruising!
  3. 14237 is 50% larger than standard cabins.
  4. Carnival vs NCL makes little sense to me because there is less difference between NCL Sky and Carnival Sensation than between NCL Jade and NCL Bliss. Overall, most notable ships of both cruise lines represent different ships design, different dining concept and food quality, different cabin design, different approach to class division. The difference is huge.
  5. I usually say that tastes are subjective, not the food. Happy cruising!
  6. You have found the key word: "novelty". From the list you provided, the Symphony/Harmony is the obvious choice if you have not been on these ships yet. These ships are the least crowded (out of five listed). The best food will be on the Caribbean Princess, followed by the Escape and Breakaway. Oasis-class ships are #1 in size, sports facilities, and entertainment. The food is not their strongest part. Happy cruising!
  7. Although the Joy isn't a ship I would recommend, it's a good move to try it instead of Panorama (another ship I wouldn't recommend). Nothing is worse in cruising than to stay with the same cruise line all the time - does not matter which one. The "golder" your card is, the more cruise life you miss. These are a few tips for NCL newbies. It's related to the Breakaway (currently NCL best ship), but it works for all NCL mega ships in general. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2684704-ncl-newbie-here-must-try-foods-recommendations/?tab=comments#comment-58037645 Happy cruising!
  8. Wow! I would say: "Do this if you want to miss the best of the Breakaway!" A few things to know about the Breakaway: 1. This is currently the best NCL ship - congratulations on your choice! 2. Mega ships are not for "ritual" dining. You need to be prepared to combine different venues for your breakfast/lunch/dinner. The food will not be coming to you (this is not a gourmet cruise line). You will have to be flexible and walk to get it. 3. A regular way of dining on NCL is specialty dining. 4. The two dining venues that make NCL experience special: Moderno and Le Bistro. 5. Don't waste your time on the Manhattan/Taste/Savor. Try the Manhattan once for "atmosphere" and "to complete the experience". 6. #1 dining venue on cruise ships is the buffet. 7. Watch for "special events" in the buffet and O'Sheehan's. 8. Smoked salmon for breakfast - MDR only. Your "must do" list on the Breakaway (aka "Cruise loke Norwegian"): Moderno Le Bistro Any specialty restaurant of your choice. MDR (Manhattan) - one time. Other three nights - touring the buffet, the pub, enjoying the ship, and the "free style". Don't hesitate to stop at MDR just for one item - search the menus daily. Sit down enjoy your appetizer (main, or dessert..) and go! NCL dining now is not what it used to be. But there are a lot of things to enjoy ... if you want to. Don't forget to book a thermal suite pass. Happy cruising!
  9. This is true. Thanks for the report. Great experience!
  10. I love the Miracle, but all answers to your questions are "Yes".
  11. A good news about the pier. Hope they won't ruin this marvel.
  12. I have to say that MSC is making an amazing progress with the Seaside. Their 7-day itineraries are going to be second best in the Caribbean after HAL. Good job.
  13. You got it right. 🙂 Happy cruising!
  14. Of course! But I did not say "Now". I said "Until the first..." Once I had a privilege to talk with a Chief engineer of a great ocean ship. I asked him about the most efficient propulsion system for a mega cruise ship. The answer was: steam engines & nuclear power unit. “I cannot imagine any condition which would cause a ship to founder. Modern shipbuilding has gone beyond that.” Captain Smith Happy cruising!
  15. Meraviglia = Closed space & Crowds. This is something the OP wants to avoid.
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