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  1. ronbe65

    It's a Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy Fun!

    Everything you've said may happen 🙂 But It's worth trying. I will!
  2. ronbe65

    It's a Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy Fun!

    I know what other ones are. 🙂 I did not compare with the best water slides (a "kind of" sports, not pure entertainment). Of course the BOLT requires a certain minimum of physical ability, but it's not a sports venue.
  3. What is a single most exciting thing about the Mardi Gras? BOLT Roller Coaster! I can compare the BOLT with RCI North Star. Both venues are about open spaces and sea views, that makes them both "seaworthy". But honestly the BOLT means much more adrenaline. I would say that Mardi Gras roller caster will be the most thrilling outdoor entertainment venue at sea. They promise capacity 190 pph (?) However lines can expected. Happy cruising!
  4. More fun is coming - Mardi Gras cabin tour. 🙂
  5. The Havana area (3.7% of guests) is taking some 40% of the promenade deck on the ship. This is a significant space. But I do agree that the open deck amenities here are not on par with the Vista ships. However.... as it was mentioned in the review video, there is a small chance for the Havana area to take some space on the top deck (Scenario #3): I will not be surprised if some space here becomes a part of the Havana area:
  6. No doubt the right place for the spa is where it used to be (Best spa at sea). On the positive side, I see a place for a hydrotherapy pool:
  7. 🙂 Do I "complain"? Not more than my doctor "complains" about my bloodwork values. Ship facts is a better word. This video is not "my vacation snapshots". This is an insight into what the ship is going to be and why, a research, a study. And also an example of how much a cruise critic can know about the ship before stepping foot on it. I follow the way the shipbuilders go (none of them have been on Mardi Gras so far ). As to "Carnival advocate" - I did post a link. Here it is. The post was an answer "to all the ignorant comments about CCL and it's "low class, partier" atmosphere". And this "task" and this. "The next a tough task for you my friends. All eight pictures below are showing the same Carnival ship. Please name another ship of any cruise line that offers all these amenities and services" "Real" Carnival "advocates", where are your answers? OK, I will answer for you: just a few best ships at sea are able to offer all that. None of RCI, none of Princess, none of Celebrity, Oceania, Regent, Viking.... Advocates do not pray to their "clients", they work with facts. Cruise ship advocates work with ships facts. Happy cruising!
  8. Hi Mikew0805, No negativity at all. 🙂 This is a reality we are going to pay for. Happy cruising!
  9. Booked on Mardi Gras! Mardi Gras Deck plans worked well for us!
  10. ronbe65

    I am booked on the Mardi Gras!!!

    Havana on Deck 8
  11. ronbe65

    I am booked on the Mardi Gras!!!

    Congratulations Jamman54!
  12. ronbe65


    Mardi Gras Deck Plans. Downloadable.
  13. ronbe65

    Mardi Gras

    Mardi Gras Deck plans in high quality. Wet your appetite before tomorrow booking 🙂 Happy cruising!
  14. Muster drill will be indoors. There is no space outside. IMO I like it outside - a feel of being on a real ship. 🙂
  15. You are right. There will be window cabins on deck 4 (below the "cove balcony" as now usual for Dream/Vista ships). Mardi Gras preview video: Scroll to 27:36