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  1. You live in Severn park Md. You could have made an appointment at the Passport office, used up a day of your time, and had the passport issued while there.
  2. Also, do the Crab Shack instead of MDR and Formal night if you like seafood
  3. Have dinner at the Black Bear while at the Wilderness Lodge, take the long tour at Denali Park, you will be the closest you can get but still many miles away. You will have a much better chance of seeing wildlife while on the bus.
  4. When I travel outside of the country or somewhere far from home that I don't know the surroundings I will contact my TA and book through him. If it costs more than booking by myself I pay it, if he can get a reduced rate I pay whatever the invoice is. My TA works for a living, as do I, and he makes his money from his fantastic job and the work he puts in. Don't really care who pays him but he has been there for me through some difficult circumstances, send gift cards for my kids graduations, helped me put together a cruise for a raffle I paid for. I sometimes tire of the "I am the greatest" claims from posters. I can't imagine needing help in a foreign country because I booked all of my own details. I share my bookings with my TA so he has recommendations for others making similar trips such as the Hotel we booked in Maranello, Italy or the rent a car company we used throughout Europe
  5. make sure to touch base with any airlines also and get whatever they request
  6. I fell from a horse in Alaska and broke 6 ribs, had a 2 hour ambulance ride to Wasila and another to Anchorage. Our TA was awakened at 2 AM in Florida and arranged for a rental car to be waiting for my wife when we were finally admitted to Anchorage Hosp. He took care of all flight rescheduling since I was laid up for a week, changed my wife's hotel accommodations in Alaska, made sure airline had wheelchair waiting when I arrived at Anchorage Airport and Houston on flight home. I cannot imagine attempting to do those things in a foreign country, in a foreign language when one poster in CC could not find a pharmacy for a UTI. Great for you, you are smarted than some of us. Hope there isn't some stupid protest on the streets of whichever country you visit and you miss the warning from the consulate. Have a great vacation. i did on my river cruise and got back $250 per ticket from my TA plus had people waiting at airport in Budapest to get me to the hotel.
  7. Remember that you will be traveling to and sailing through many foreign countries. A good TA will give you much needed advice for 1) contacting the Consulate if you need them, 2)making any changes or hospital/hotel inquiries. You are spending a load of cash, what's a few extra dollars?
  8. Still sitting on the counter. I am so sorry, I look at it every day and think 'tomorrow". I will get it out by week's end. Been looking for some paper money that I know I brought back but can't place in my hands. I have shrink wrapped Euros and Forints so they don't rattle around in the package
  9. February cruise out of New York city will be cold outside for the first 1 1/2 days and the return 2 days at sea. A winter storm on the east coast could make it bumpy. If it was me I would drive or fly to Port Canaveral and sail for 7 days in the warmth of the Caribbean
  10. Sailed the Danube as our first river cruise with another couple. Evenings consisted of comparing notes about what we had seen and done on an excursion, making friends with people from many different countries, singing to the piano player. Can't think of many evenings where we felt the need to close the bar because the days are filled with the exercise of moving about a new city. Ocean cruises are a different animal all together
  11. Ate at the Crab Shack on formal night. Wasn't crowded, did not feel like I missed anything. Had a fantastic meal
  12. A) there are plenty of river trips on the Mississippi B) the EU, for the most part, consider anything over .05 as drunk C) Statements about insurance companies trying to weasel out of Claims are not true but one has to read and understand one's policy. A blood draw upon admission to a hospital will most certainly show BAC D) Very surprised that country healthcare has not absorbed the bill
  13. That would be my choice. Alaska has some vistas (many actually) which will require the largest zoom you can afford. Denali was 30+ miles away from where the bus stops. the whales can be close by or a hundred yards away. i asked on a Hawaii cruise to have my memory card printed and the "lead" photographer wanted to know why I shot everything in RAW. His assistant said, "because he knows what he is doing". so much for the ship photographer. Take a point and shoot along with your real camera and hand off the point and shoot. You have to try to mess up pictures with one of those
  14. I have only purchased actual prints from ship photographer. Don't need every shot nor would I want a thumb drive. Take a camera with you, don't depend on your cell phone. My picture of Denali, without clouds, blew up to a 24X30. No way a cell phone goe that large
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