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  1. Anyone notice that SD2 has moved out of Alesand - is currently stopped - and showing a track with ETA in Lisbon on 25 Ap? At least according to Marine Traffic..... drydock? vandrefalk
  2. We are booked in Jan 2022 for a b2b Palm Beach to San Juan. Thinking it might be ok by then. We’re scheduled for vaccines, but not til March/April time frame - shortages here, sadly.
  3. My understanding is that Larry left to free up $$ for the line - no idea if that is the case. Johannes seemed to be pretty optimistic over the sale to a private equity firm. He’s been moved to the Quest. Guess we’ll have to wait and see what’s next!
  4. There are a couple of folks on this board who have done Black Sea on SD so hopefully they will weigh in. I know one cruise had some badly behaved kids on board and another had some issues with the Russians delaying clearances. But they enjoyed the Black Sea, except for these issues. I think they were in the summer of 2013? Before the Sochi Olympics and rising tensions with the Ruskies? I’m pretty sure SD hasn’t done these in awhile, so maybe a good sign? vandrefalk
  5. Just watched Ben and David - does anyone know who the server is who tested positive? My heart goes out to ALL the crew! Vandrefalk
  6. Jess, SD said you can stay in Barbados post-cruise - just not pre. No pre-stay will be difficult for many. We’ve always taken the flight from MIA that gets in at 2:30/3 pm, but always the day before. I keep wondering what Ho Hum thinks of this new (and welcome) transparency..... vandrefalk
  7. Andreas, this is wonderful news! Kudos for planning it. Sadly, I have another commitment and won’t be able to attend. Will it be recorded and available afterwards? Hope so! I also second a return to Norway in the future! I was on the inaugural cruise in 2011 (with your family!) and loved every minute of it. Vandrefalk
  8. Thank you Andreas for the reality check and contradicting the misinformation from other posters. While we all wish SD were more forthcoming about things- that is perhaps a lesson learned. Know we wish you all the best and we hope to return when we can! vandrefalk
  9. Yes they do - or at least did - but it’s not fold out. Years ago on a President cruise, Bob Lepisto’s daughter stayed on it, I think
  10. Well, the picture in the article certainly isn't SD! There was a FB post from SD that said all the crew were negative. SD was very complimentary about the speed with which the tests were processed. Guests on board were expected to be tested promptly as well. Apparently Norway knows how to do this! But so sad that the rest of the Norway cruises appear to be cancelled. It was a great idea for them to do this and I know they do it well, having been on the first cruise back in 2011. We will just have to wait and see what the future holds. Vandrefalk
  11. HH, welcome back. You have been sorely missed! what WONDERFUL news about Capt Michael McLeod!! Very happy to hear this! Haved sailed with him several times. Word of warning - he is exceptionally good at Liar’s Club! and, yes - the website is totally hosed..... vandrefalk
  12. Marine Traffic indicates that SD1 is enroute to Rotterdam? I do know of at least one sales director in the US who has been brought back to work this week. Don’t have any other intel! Also know Capt Swein is no longer listed on the website.... vandrefalk
  13. Great idea, Ragnar! Talking about Monserrat -- our very first SD cruise (2004) with Capt Berg sailed past Monserrat. It was surreal to see Plymouth completely covered in ash. I swore I would someday visit. In 2008, Monserrat was on the itinerary -- main reason we booked that particular cruise (yes, I know you're not supposed to do that -- we're still trying to get to Anegada!). However, that was also the year I broke my leg the day before embarkation! I was still able to board but not sure I was going to be able to take the tour. SD was trying to help the locals restart their tour
  14. And, latest update — a (former) sales director says all sales directors have been terminated.... US, Europe, all? Don’t know but this was a good gal. What are they thinking? vandrefalk
  15. Welcome home, HH! You have been terribly missed! vandrefalk
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