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  1. Attached is a form a customer service rep on the phone sent me. It was explained to me that you want there to be specific info about the ship and date of sailing as well as permission to make medical decisions. We've used it twice. Once they examined it and another time they never even asked for it. If you are uncomfortable with attachments I've cut and pasted it below as well. Affidavit - Authorization for Minor to Travel We, (First, Middle, Last Name) ________________________________ and __________________________________ hereby accept the conditions for my minor child (First, Middle, Last Name) _______________________________ to travel out of the United States from (date) _____________ to (date) ____________ traveling to the country of _____________________ , on the cruise ship _______________________, under the custody of (First, Middle, Last Name) ______________________________________ who will be responsible for my child during the trip. Furthermore, should my child require routine or emergency medical treatment during the trip, I specifically authorize the above named person to make all necessary parental decisions concerning any and all medical treatment that my child may require. Signed: _____________________________________ Phone ___________________________ Signed: _____________________________________ Phone ___________________________ County of: _____________________________ State of: _______________________________ on this _________________ day of _____________, year ___________. Print names of above signatories: ___________________________________________ and ____________________________________________ appeared before me and, having duly sworn by me, stated that the contents of the foregoing application are true and complete, and signed the application in my presence. Notary Public Signature ______________________________ NOTARY SEAL My commission expires: ______________ Notarized Letter For Minors.docx
  2. Pretty much the same size as Oasis.
  3. Yup. You can, you just pay the difference on the pricing that THEY have. Give them a call.
  4. With cash accounts. Keep in mind on a 7+ night sailing the put a $500 limit and on a shorter sailing a $300 spending limit. Which means each time you spend that much (be it automatic gratuities, purchases, excursions, casino etc) you have to go on down to guest services and give them more cash. So you will want to get a big enough OBC for all your spending if that is the way you go. Keep in mind, they are going to give that back to you as cash at the end of the cruise if there is surplus.
  5. The fee on even just $1500 would be $75. If you are planning to spend less than that in the casino on average, it is unlikely that you will find yourself ever getting rated as Prime unless you cruise a lot. I'd just bring the cash at that point. If they ever bring back the ability to pre-purchase chips/play that could be a solution as well.
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