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    Overlord Tour

    We were a group of 8 and 3 years ago we used Trevor Standefer of American D-Day tours. We were docked in Cherbourg, making the journey to St. Mere Eglese, Pont du Hoc and the Omaha beaches and the American Cemetery. He was so passionate in his narration, you felt as though you were there with the troops when they landed. We ordered a picnic lunch in advance in order to see as much as possible. I believe the group leader sent him a check as a deposit which he returned to her when we all paid in cash at the end of the tour. Check him out on trip adviser.
  2. You will be given a questionnaire when you board asking for a two hour disembarkation window, from the moment the ship arrives until the next day. There is really nothing you have to do in advance. Only issue, however, is if the ship does not overnight and you want to leave the cruise at another port.
  3. Hope everybody stays on the ship. Better beach chairs and more pina coladas for me!
  4. Will be in St. Martaan March 8th and 9th. Thank you
  5. A few years ago we took the "public bus" from Phillipsburg, transferred at Marigot to a bus for Grande Case. Had a great beach day, as well the best ever RIBS. Is this still doable? The ship will overnight, so worrying about the schedule is not a problem.
  6. susietb

    India - e-visas

    We just returned from a 3 week cruise with stops in India and I can only tell you that we were very glad we listened to the cruise line and and obtained a regular multi-entry visa. The waits for those with an e-visa were horrendous. We breezed right through every where we went. We got our visas through the cox and kings website and sent them all our documents. We received the our passports back within the week. They are very helpful on the phone if you have questions.
  7. susietb

    Granada - Alhambra tour?

    We also did a private tour of the Alhambra with Spain Day Tours in 2014. They were wonderful.
  8. There is an article in the Travel Section of the NYTIMES(Sunday June4) on Costa Rica, which now requires air travelers entering the country to have proof of Yellow Fever vaccination. This seems to be a new new development in this region. Perhaps, checking with the CDC might be a good idea
  9. susietb

    Private guide for the Amalfi Coast

    We used Johnny Maresco at http://www.johnnystourservice.com Wonderful guide. We had a marvelous meal overlooking the sea just north of Amalfi. More reasonable than most.
  10. According to the website for Montenegro Ministry of Foreign Affairs "the citizens of Barbados may enter, pass through and stay in Montenegro for up to 90 days with a valid passport without a visa."
  11. We were on the very last bus in the convoy and a military support vehicle was behind us until we pulled into the pier. Robert, hope your surgical recovery goes smoothly.
  12. susietb

    Boutiques on Regent

    Thank you Rachel!
  13. susietb

    Dubai Flights

    We did this in Istanbul in order to make a 2:00 AM flight. It was not a problem at all, as some people started to disembark as soon as the ship docked. You will however, have to clear this with your cruiseline.
  14. For the Regent Veterans out there: what kind of boutiques are on the ship? Specifically, make-up, perfume and leather goods. Thank you.
  15. susietb

    How Strenous are the tours to Cinque Terre

    You will not have a problem if you are on the ship's tour, as it does not entail hiking, just walking and boat trips between the villages.