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  1. familycruzer

    Taxi tour?

    Am I reading correctly that you can just go to the visitor center and be able to find a 3 to 4 hour taxi tour for around $25 a person? I just want to see a few sites and spend a little time at a nice beach with a drink in my hand
  2. Can you please tell me if the cabins doors are metal? I am curious what I need to pack to hang my valentines door sign next week. Oh and bring the Bliss back safe and on time
  3. Four adults need a ride to the port of miami from the Nuvo Suites in Miami Ant idea on Uber, Lyft, or taxi rates? I’ve never used Uber or Lyft so it’s all new to me
  4. I honestly don’t care about excursion money, WiFi, or airfare. I would rather have a lower price. I have a year to see what happens. Thank you
  5. If you booked with this promotion and your cabin price drops (a girl can dream) do you lose all the perks to get the lower price if the offer changes?
  6. I figured it would be quicker to ask here. Does NCL offer a horseback ride excursion? Cost and length? My options have not loaded yet and I’m trying to get ideas to use up my credit
  7. Just wondering if they are doing the buffet on the Caribbean runs as well
  8. I was also only looking at 7 night cruises so I might extend my search options. I am hoping to get 12 days with travel time but was hoping for at least one day in Venice and one in Paris.
  9. Is it doable to get to JVD with port times of 7 to 3? Maybe about 3 hours while there? If so, can anyone direct me to step by step directions?
  10. . Great advice. I have a credit card with no foreign fees so thats the one i will use I dont need bells and whistles just a clean safe ride
  11. Thank you all for the comments. It looks like I picked a good itinerary. I will be spending lots of time on the port boards but was looking for a general overall opinion on this itinerary vs. others. I’m new to MSC as well but the prices could not be beat. I have so much to learn. Flights hotels transfers tours ...
  12. I am planning a 30th wedding anniversary celebration with a cruise to the Greek Islands. Can anyone tell me if this is a good itinerary for someone that’s never been overseas? Any advise would be helpful. I am a bit daunted by planning a vacation out of my comfort zone. Bari Katakolon Santorini Piraeus Corfu Kotor
  13. Does anyone have a picture of the menu at the Grand Lucayan resort or an idea of food / drink prices?
  14. Did you hear a lot of noise from deck seven? I figure with the ocean it would drown out other sounds
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