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  1. I did call my PVP about the cruise and then he called me the day the PC Breeze cruises opened up. He said it would be over $400 more for our cabin vs the one on the Breeze out of PE and my sister couldn't get her free inside cabin because that casino promotion wasn't running any more. So if my mom and I went, my sister and SIL couldn't. The only thing I didn't call about was my Fun Shops purchases. So that put a real sour taste in my mouth. To be honest, it made me a little angry that they would treat their customers like that. Especially seeing the difference in how Celebrity handled it. Thanks for missing me 🙂 . Haven't been on much because, well, no real cruises to talk about. But i have been lurking a little. You stay safe as well. Fingers crossed for your cruise to happen. The not knowing part is pure torture.
  2. Our October Radiance cruise got canceled so we rescheduled for the Breeze out of Ft Lauderdale in December. As I'm sure most everybody knows, they canceled and moved the Breeze to Port Canaveral to take over the Radiance's cruises. Upon hearing this, I contacted my PVP and as soon as they opened the ship back up, we looked into switching to that port. They wanted over $400 more for the same type of cabin. After mulling it over, we decided it wasn't worth the headache to switch airfare and all that especially for more money and still have to worry if the cruise would actually happen. Plus we had Cheers and Cruise Cash from when they had the 20% off sale. Since it had automatically canceled when they took the cruise away, I figured there would be no way to get them to give us that deal again so I didn't even bother to call. If Carnival would have honored the same pricing/casino specials my mom and sister had originally on the Breeze, we probably would have done it. At least when Celebrity chartered the Silhouette to Coachella, they moved us to the Reflection which was newer and gave us the same cabin types (they were even up a deck which was a bonus), and kept all of our OBC and pricing the same. I think Carnival should step up and do the same for their customers especially when our cruise was canceled to take over another ship's sailings. On a side note, the "New" Breeze cruise was the same 6 day itinerary and dates as our "Old" one so it's not like we were getting extra days or different ports. So after all that, I flat out canceled and got a refund. I'm just not getting the warm and fuzzy feeling from Carnival anymore and I highly doubt I will ever sail them again unless I get one heck of a super deal once everything gets rolling. I think this may have been the final straw for both me and my mom. Just got our refunds yesterday so I'm glad we didn't have to wait too long. Now, as far as what I've been up to, mom and I flew to Cozumel in the middle of July. The resorts just opened up July 1 and they were at 30% capacity which made it nice and quiet. We went downtown a couple times shopping and drove past the piers. A lot of stores were closed and it was strange not seeing any ships there. The streets were pretty empty and only 1 ferry company per day operated to/from Playa Del Carmen with reduced schedules. It was pretty darn hot but we had a great time with beautiful weather. We may decide to go back at some point since cruising isn't an option anymore. It was nice to be able to relax on the beach or just lounge around. We did go to Mr Sancho's one day just like we always do when we stop there on a cruise. We kept joking that we better go or we'll miss the ship 🙂.
  3. Heading to Cozumel next month. I'm not confident in our December cruise so mom and I are going to go somewhere while we can. Really looking forward to it. We love it there!
  4. If our December cruise is still a go and they want us to wear face coverings, we're out. I don't wear them at work and I won't wear them on vacation. It's too dang hot in the Caribbean and due to health conditions, it isn't an option for my mom or I. She actually has a Drs note saying it's contraindicated and I suppose I could get one too, but if it's going to be more of a hassle having to explain it every time a crew member or passenger says something, then it's honestly not worth that kind of stress.
  5. Our October Radiance cruise got cancelled so we rebooked on Breeze in December, had to pay $198 deposit in addition to the $500 we had previously put down. Got Cheers and a few hundred bucks a piece in Cruise Cash when they were both 20% off, and rebooked a Villa in HMC. Not sure if the credit posted yet for the one we had cancelled in October, but no biggie. Oh, and we also got the Spa pass. Mom thinks she'll like the thalassotherapy pool and I think I will too. Neither one of us are concerned that Carnival will go bankrupt.
  6. That's my birthday so I hope it's true! Now who do I have to talk to about getting a free cruise? And don't say firemanbob 'cuz I don't think he's feeling that generous lol!
  7. The 6th floor on Conquest Class ships can be a gamble if you need it quiet to sleep. Make sure you look what is directly under your cabin. The Disco, Piano Bar, casino stage where the band plays, etc are all on 5 and sound and vibration is heard/felt one deck up. I've passed up free "upgrades" because to me they weren't worth it.
  8. On the Conquest Class ships, if there is a quad cabin (not including suites), the 3rd bed is the actual top of the sofa and the 4th bed drops down from the ceiling above the sofa. My mom had a cabin on Glory where the bed folded up against the wall behind the sofa. It was still up and out of the way. That was the only cabin in all my cruises on the Conquest Class ships that I had seen that and I never would have believed it unless I saw it with my own eyes. But wither way, if it's not in use you won't even notice it's there.
  9. Lol! Yes we do. How about the Breeze December 13?! Pretty sure things will be up and running by then. And if not, I'll take some more OBC!
  10. Have to admit I "fell" for the $600 OBC for my canceled Radiance cruise and since I just booked yesterday, I expect the numbers will tick higher once people decide what cruise they want to replace their canceled ones with. Decided to get Cheers although after my Vista cruise I didn't think I would do it again. But what the heck - at 20% off I couldn't resist. Saves me from having to lug on some sodas and I plan to use the OBC in the casino. Mom and I are going on the Breeze in December now. Excited to try a Cove Balcony. You know me, I'm fine with an inside, but they have always peeked my interest so we'll give 'er a whirl!
  11. Actually in all my flying I have never encountered a rowdy adult. This was also not my first time experiencing screaming kids in First/Business Class. While we may be fortunate to have well behaving children, unfortunately not everyone does. It’s true they may have paid the same fare as us, but when it negatively affects the experience WE paid for, I have a problem. So the best way to keep it from happening is to eliminate that variable. Babies and toddlers are oftentimes fussy and it very well could be no fault of their own such as problems equalizing their ears, tiredness, etc. I just don’t feel it should be “Russian Roulette” hoping that I can enjoy peace and quiet while paying a premium.
  12. Well since both early and late are showing and neither one of them are selected, the only other option is YTD so I'm going to go with you have YTD.
  13. Roatan. So much so I've been there 5 times to stay. It's way better when all the cruise ship people leave!
  14. Correction: I didn't mean to say OP in post #289. It should have said PP as in a previous poster. Got distracted by the dog needing to go out.
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