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  1. March 10th - 21st on Nieuw Statendam! We're visiting some Caribbean islands we have not been to, and cannot wait!
  2. Would love to, but I don't know what this year will bring. We haven't made any decisions yet about a cruise this year because we have a couple of big family events (significant birthday, wedding etc) and they are taking up a lot of my vacation time. I will keep my eye on the pricing - which Eurodam cruise are you doing?
  3. I'm having the same issue with lack of response. My PCC was less than responsive and I have called several times (and emailed once) to ask to be assigned to a new PCC. No response yet, but maybe the reorganization is at the root of that.
  4. Rjraines1, I’m so sorry you’re having such difficulty. We’ve received all of our refunds - I wasn’t exactly sure what they were all for so I emailed guest services and received an itemization
  5. Really enjoyed meeting you and Yvonne. This was a terrific and objective review; we felt much the same about the ship and the cruise. We changed plans since the second week was canceled, but we sure had fun while we were on! I hope we see you on another dam ship! Todd and Susan
  6. That’s what we are going to do. I cannot reschedule my vacation at this point so we’re going to rent a car and head out
  7. My understanding is that if you used flight ease they are rebooking for you. I think they are also covering flight cancellation and change fees
  8. New info on disembarkation etc. HAL is doing a pretty good job of communicating- guests can self-disembark now with all shipboard charges reversed plus a full refund of cruise fare, prepaid excursions etc. plus a 100% future cruise credit equal to fees paid for this trip. Terrible end to a great vacation, but HAL is doing the best it can. Guests can also use the ship as a hotel tonight, and leave tomorrow
  9. Announcement by the captain a few minutes ago that the repairs cannot be completed at this time. They are reviewing options to either significantly alter the itinerary or cancel the cruise. We should know by noon. To change the itinerary will require multiple approvals, so we shall see.
  10. Problem with the Azipod caused our late arrival this morning and departure is also delayed. No word yet on repairs so we will just have to wait and see. We have a cocktail in hand and dinner in the Tamarind so we’re all good.
  11. We received the email giving us a boarding time of 1PM (decks 7 & 8), but we will give it a try earlier. If we need to wait awhile, we're fine with that, but we do enjoy having lunch in the MDR on embarkation day, and I know it closes fairly early.
  12. Really interesting review - thank you! And your pictures are terrific. It sounds like you will be cruising again
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