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  1. We booked with air perk. Air perk no longer available on our cruise..yesterday I saw rooms considerably less expensive then we paid. Called my TA and we were upgraded a category and kept all perks
  2. We just called yesterday and received complimentary upgrade because higher cabin category was less then we paid originally. All perks remained.
  3. We are using them for our italy/Greek cruise. United going and Birith Airways returning
  4. We upgraded from Haven courtyard to Haven 2 bedroom minimum bid was $500pp and was done about Feb 10th. Received email this morning. We were happy with original cabin so that’s why we did minimum. Still cheaper than flying to an island for a week. At least for us. good luck everyone
  5. We just received an upgrade today for March 3 sailing on Escape to Haven 2 Bedroom. Minimum bid.
  6. Supposedly they were building a Havens area on GSC by lagoon. Anyone know if this is true?
  7. Anyone know the status of the Havens area on GSC?
  8. 15 is same level as spa. You will need to go up a flight to haven restaurant, bar and pool. Other than that I believe they are the same. We like being able to go out our door and have everything there.
  9. Thinking about Haven forward facing penthouse on deck 9 versus Haven Courtyard Penthouse, does anyone know how to get from the deck 9 forward facing to the Havens courtyard?
  10. You can make reservations as normal. There should be coupons in stateroom on arrival. Just bring to dinner and show ahead of time.
  11. Can anyone please tell me if there is enough time to go to Jost Van Dyke if the Gem is leaving Tortola at 1:00PM, I don't see this an an NCL excursion option.
  12. Does anyone know if Bambang is still bartending at the Waterfront?
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