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  1. Thank you any chance Bambang is still the waterfront bartender?
  2. I was on the Breakaway in 2014, 2015 and 2016, can anyone tell me if the ship has been refurbished since then and what your favorite part of the ship is
  3. Thank you. I might just have to buy that piece of jewelry 😉!
  4. Ok thank you. I wasn’t sure if the friends CC would be refunded or balance given to us
  5. We received a substantial OBC gift from friends. What happens to the balance if not all used?
  6. Your welcome. We are also booked on British Airways home with layover in Heathrow
  7. We booked the air thru NCL for our Mediterranean cruise in April. We fly out of Newark night before to Rome on United. We were only able to upgrade to Premium Economy due to NCL buying bulk airfare.
  8. He was on the Escape beginning of March. I believe he said he was going home for 6 weeks
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