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  1. Hi Does anyone have photos they could share with me i need to choose a balcony but want as much light as possible.either sea princess or sister ships? Thanks
  2. :confused: Hi, We want to book a balcony cabin but need some advice on the best ones for this ship? We have seen a picture of a balcony but it looks really enclosed they all seem to have an opening that is an oval shape around handrail instead of being completely open.Any advice or photos would be apreciated.!!! We cant afford a mini suite so that isnt an option. Thanks Christine
  3. [quote name='kjdcruiser']Quick question- I was just wondering how security checks your luggage if it is locked? I am trying to get onboard with cokes, water and liquor. Any suggestions for packing this properly would be helpful. Thanks.[/QUOTE] They break the locks then seal them with plastic clips
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    Where did you go in England? Did you go to London? Bristol is 120 miles south west of there. Have you heard of Bath?
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    WOW !!!! That was quick & precise.I know where to go in future for advice. Thanks. :D Codex57 Thanks for your reply
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    Hi Ron NO i dont know what it is i havent got a clue
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    WITHOUT SOUNDING STUPID WHAT IS A LANYARN ?????????????????????? :confused: :o :eek:
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    Sapphire mini-suite balconies

    [quote name='karalun']Were all balcony cabins on the Caribe deck 1/2 covered? We've been on the Diamond and the STAR and don't want an exposed balcony. Thanks...[/QUOTE] Hi Sue, Yes as far as i know all caribe balcony's are half covered.It's great cause you can have the best of both worlds!!!! If you let me koow which cabin no: your thinking of ,i can find out for you Christine
  9. C&R

    Tahitain Princess

    Hi, We stayed in 7021, it was the perfect location !!! Cabin was one of the best we've stayed in, very roomy & very quiet no noise can be heard from the anchors. Practicaly perfect in every way!!! She is a beautiful ship,and the cruise we did to the south pacific was the best holiday we've ever had.We are at present looking to go on her again and stay in the same cabin.:D
  10. C&R

    Diamond Princess ~ Room C632

    Hi Alan Im sorry but we have no photos of the cabin as we only took our camcorder with us.But as i said the room is identical to the photos above except the layout was the opposite.Even the colour scheme was the same.As for vibration we didnt get any in that cabin but others had commented on the cabins further along towards the back they apparently did vibrate and was worse the nearer the back you were.Luckily we escaped that.We also heard lots of comments on the shower size,we were concerned as well because hubby is 6ft 1". I can tell you for sure he had no problems having a shower.It was definately no smaller than any of the ships weve sailed on. Christine
  11. C&R

    Sapphire mini-suite balconies

    Hi k.c Firstly yes it is completely exposed with no privacy at all.Some people love these balconys but personaly we dont!! We stayed on caribe deck where the balconys are half covered and half exposed so you get the best of both worlds!! Plus the caribe balconys are actualy larger than the minis.You do get a bath in the minis which we didnt get but it just depends on what is more important to you the larger room with bath or to have a balcony which you can use in any weather conditions to cover you from rain or from sun!! We spend all our time when were in the cabin on our balcony.So its very important for us. Just picture it,you come back to your cabin after a long day hot and bothered and youd like to sit on the balcony to chill out with a nice cold drink and watch the world go by RELAXING but when you go out to your balcony you find that the sun is beating down on you, well that will happen on the dolphin.So you need to decide balcony or bath? Wed choose BALCONY ANY DAY !!!!!!!!!! :D Whatever you decide have a great cruise.
  12. C&R

    Diamond Princess ~ Room C632

    Hi Alan We stayed in c632.the cabin is exactly the same as the photos above except the layout which is the opposite way round bed on the right as you enter the room.This was the best cabin we have ever had,the balcony was huge.You will love it. Have a great cruise. Christine
  13. Hi johanna7 Thanks for the quick reply We are travelling on qantas but our allowance is only 20kg maybe its so low because we have a 22 hour flight from england. Yes i agree it is absolutely ridiculous but by not taking our suncreams & toiletries it will help us with the weight problem! We cant think of anything else we can do. I'm getting really stressed thinking about what else to do. Were off in just over 2 weeks and theres no way i can cut down anymore.
  14. Please can anyone help? We are flying to sydney and our luggage allowance is only 20kg as we are on a 3 week cruise its very hard to cut down on weight as you can imagine!!!!! What i wanted to know was will i be able to buy all my toiletries at circular quay? There are 2 particular products i will need : Shockwaves Gelspray & Trevor sorbie shampoo & conditioner.As all our health & beauty products weigh approx 6-7 kg (including suncreams) i cant take them as i will need more room for clothes :D I will be very grateful for any advice. Thanks in advance.:) :) :)
  15. C&R

    Caribbean Princess pictures

    Lovely pictures, you must have had a great time !! can you tell me which cabin you were in ? Thanks:)