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  1. 49 minutes ago, nevertolate said:

    might take the train.


    There is a possibility of train strikes they have just called another one for a week  starting 6 May

    If they dont get what they want they can call other strikes they have to give a fortnight notice.

  2. Also if you are desperate  and very patient you could start here



    and work forward in time ie   then go to page 225  then 224 and so on.

    Something else that might work and be quicker is when on that page 

    press (if you are working on a computer) the ctrl key plus f key   then in the box at the top that appears type in Eastern  or passage   then press enter and it will search that page for those words.  then as before go to the previous pages and repeat  - the find box may remain live but i always click "find"  again.

  3. Hi @Caramel bunny    No idea LOL   but here is a clue



    If you use the  "@"    query      you could try and contact the posters on that link.


    To use it you slowly type @          then a  timer will open and you start to type in

    their CC name    when it appears in the dropdown box  you click on the name

    and it should appear as your does above.    There may be other threads but found that one  by google ing   Eastern Passage 2014  




  4. We used to use it from Birmingham to Soton  then they changed the times so our train from Preston didnt get to Birmingham in time.   It was fine  and they even have decent luggage space.   Having said that we still went the day before sailing so had to factor in the hotel and evening meals  so worked out the similar price to the coach.

           Main drawback would have to be Rail Strikes  if you book to get early fair they only need 2 weeks to call a strike and if that happens to hit your travel day its probably too late to get a coach.  Though from manchester you could get national express?

  5. Can I assume you have viewed the website ?  if not I think this is maybe the one you are

    thinking of  - I believe there are others, but I am not local to London.



    It is useful as it gives ideas to use a 1,2, or 3 day pass ( if you have the stamina !!)

    It also shows the  entry fees for the attractions so  you can decide if it is better value to do

    where you want separately or buy the pass.   London can be tiring!

    From a quick look at Westminster Abbey and your specific question:





    Getting in

    Enter via the North Green, which runs between the Abbey and Broad Sanctuary. Before entering the Abbey, you will pass through security/bag check. On busy days, it might be necessary to continue queuing after security. Your passes will be scanned and validated at a ticket booth inside the Abbey and you will be issued with a paper ticket as proof of admission.

    Please note

    • Pass customers do not need to pre-book but admission to the Abbey is always subject to availability. At busy times, you might be asked to wait for the next available time slot.

    For more information, please visit the Westminster Abbey website.

  6. Are you flying in and sailing the same day?   




    suggests you can check in on line on the website up until 48 hours before and that you will have had a notification when check in opens.    Failing that you can check in using the app  up until

    1 hour before scheduled   the sailing time.   I am sure if you got to the dock 2 or 3 hours before sailing time someone would help with check in however you would need all the documentation

    with the info they require.  

  7. Hi Welcome to cruise critic.

    We have gone with  Eavesway travel once and it was excellent and

    have booked with them again.  We book direct not through the ship.


    Here is a link to the Princess/P&O  which might give an idea of prices

    and pickup points.  They only do transfer for specific cruise lines and

    you need to get the right one. I could give a more accurate reply if

    you said which cruise.



    We have started to use them  due mainly to the Rail strikes.

    There is another firm Intercruises but have not used them.


    Train wise its not too difficult there is a Cross Country train that

    goes from Manchester direct to Southampton  Via Birmingham

    ( I think it stops at New St  and the Airport one)

    https://www.google.com/search?q=trains from Birmingham to Southampton April 4

    WE used that a couple of times but   the times changed and the trains from Preston to Birmingham   didnt match well with the cross country train.

    They seemed to have more luggage space than Avanti.

  8. On 2/10/2024 at 7:49 AM, Island2Dweller said:

    and all the central London stations are fully accessible (lifts and escalators). 


    If you include Euston as   a central  London station that is not quite true.

    I find the steps in the  Underground quite a nightmare and would rather

    take a bus to  Waterloo when  heading for Southampton than negotiate

    them with a suitcase -  even worse on the return.!  All the money they have spent over the years on  Euston and still they dont have access to the Underground platforms.  Its disgraceful.



  9. Thanks  for the replies, I was hoping someone who had been there done that might respond.  It doesnt  affect me a lot but  some on the cruise are hoping to get a real early  start  to try and catch the morning plane from  Anchorage. Its a 7 day crossing from Japan  so its a long flight to get officers on the ship.    I have experienced officers

    being on board for shorter routes and did wonder.

          We do get there at 00.30      so yes they could get officials there  from Anchorage

    but what time does the tunnel open? or maybe they   are allowed through at any time.

          I will post back when I have been 🙂

  10. I am sure this must have been asked before but cant find it.  

    We are on a cruise from Japan to Whittier Alaska which will be our first

    entry on this trip into the US.

         Having spent several hours on a first entry to the US in Boston last year

    I am wondering what they will do in Whittier  where I would assume the

    authorities will not have the manpower available.

    Second and third ports are Sitka  and Juneau  then we are back into Canada.

    Anyone know?


  11. Another thing is you should take a copies of your passport and another

    gov issued  picture id   driving licence  ?  .

    Reason- whilst you may not need any visas  there will almost certainly be

    others on the ship who do and the ship may collect all the passports and

    get the visas  for a fee?    If they do that you need to make sure you are not charged

    for one.   We were on Holland America  so no idea what R C  might do.

  12. Singapore =you need to do an on line entry card  details here


     If you have a UK passport it must have  at least 6 months left on it on the day you leave.     You do not need a visa.

    I found the online card a bit messy  so would check  it out before you need to apply.

    Whilst it sounds like a MUST have  if you have problems getting it done there are

    facilities in the airport and people to help with them before you reach immigration,

    But its  probably not something you want to do after long flight.

  13. On 3/29/2021 at 10:05 PM, Donald said:

    You make an excellent point.

    Although it took some time, I researched the air clearance of the biggest cruise ships out there.

    Of the 524 ocean-going cruise ships I researched, 19 of them are too tall to fit under the bridge.

    At this point, however, none of them is scheduled to visit Japan.


    Some discussion at the moment as to the Royal Princess.


    The harbour board have supposedly said it wont be at Osanbashi

    Princess have advised it will.

    Was/is it on your list?




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