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  1. Any one dancing on the ship? Thanks,
  2. Any one dancing on the dance floor in the Ocean Bar, or Queen's lounge? Thanks!
  3. Looks like lots of sea weed on the shore and sand. Also lots of rocks on the sand too.
  4. We sailed in May 2017. The weather was good although a bit colder. But we felt comfortable. Besides, the waterfall scene was better.
  5. Our TA has 39 passengers on board for the same cruise (2 weeks ago, she brought 110 PAX onboard). I think they will stay in the Queen’s room dancing every night. One lady reported that there was a couple getting married in the Queen’s room around the high tea time. Any one saw that?
  6. The front desk staff needs more training to deal with customers. Last time we were on Koningsdam, I saw how the front desk manager dealt with customers with very rude manner.
  7. Dancers don’t drink. They drink water to keep hydrated. When they dance, they sweat. This means cruise ships are losing revenue on drink. But they neglect the fact that dancers bring in other passengers to the area since some passengers enjoy watching them dancing at the same time listening to the live band music.
  8. We have excluded HAL from our cruise shopping after we came back from our Koningsdam cruise. We love the dance floor in the Queen’s Lounge. But then we disliked having BB King band there every night. That was our most boring cruise and my husband said “no more HAl cruise”. we have switched to Cunard ships. We can dance every night in the Queen’s room (pre-recorded music and live band music every night). We recently heard from this forum that HAL has made some changes to the Queen’s Lounge. They have different bands to play in the same venue (trio band, Lincoln Stage, BB king blue). So, I will keep on monitoring and will decide if we should try the new ship. If the ship brings back some ballroom dancing programs back to the ship, I will inform my dance group. I notice that many ballroom dancers have excluded HAL from their cruise list already.
  9. No music for ballroom dancing! Then, my dance group won’t book Edge. Cunard ships remain to be our first choice for ballroom dancing. Our group of 110 people (40% are ballroom dancers) just came back from Queen Mary 2. We danced every night to the pre-recorded and live orchestra band music.
  10. Can you please take some photos when you see people dancing? Mostly on the piazza floor. Thanks. I want to know if the band is good for dancing.
  11. $100 tips is quite generous! You raised the expectation from the crew members. 😀😀😀😀 We don’t tip that much. $20 to $40 to the main server and room steward is my norm depending on the duration of the cruise.
  12. Which taxi company you used to the terminal from your hotel? Do you need to pre-book?
  13. Next time we may try using Uber to FLL from port. How much us the fare? Do you mind sharing this info? Thanks!
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