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  1. Your dining option is typically set at time of booking. Check your Cruise Receipt, there's a line indicating your current dining assignment. My Time Dining (MTD) allows maximum flexibility. As it gets closer to your cruise you can make MTD reservations either online or via the app, depending on ship. Traditional dining in the Main Dining Room (MDR) is either early or late. Times vary depending on ship and sailing but early is usually around 5-5:30 and late 7:30-8. As a first time cruiser I'd recommend MTD for the flexibility, allowing you to explore some of the many other dining options and to see what time best fits your cruising style. Depending on the ship there are many places to dine, some free (Windjammer, Solarium Bistro, Park Cafe) and others cost extra (Chops, Jamie's, Izumi).
  2. We always bring enough cash for small transactions but in the past have gotten cash from the Casino (charged against your onboard account). For larger transactions and emergencies we carry one credit card off the ship (we leave a second onboard just in case). You should notify your bank that you're traveling overseas so they don't flag the account. I would never recommend using a debit card except at the onboard ATM's (likely a large fee so be prepared). Debit cards don't have the same protections as credit cards if lost or stolen.
  3. You can view them in the app, but the app isn't supported for the Majesty yet. So you'll probably have to depend on a recent Majesty passenger posting copies.
  4. Least favorite Diamond Lounge we've encountered so far. If the appetizers aren't important to you then skip the lounge and get your free drinks in a nicer venue.
  5. You can expect a chief to know the best places to eat or drink.....
  6. Not really a secret but take advantage of the Solarium Bistro for Breakfast. Much less crowded than the Windjammer, especially early in the cruise. Starts to fill up more later in the cruise as more people become aware of it. Also a good option for dinner. You should make a reservation, but it's free. Nicer than having dinner in the Windjammer IMHO.
  7. If an Oasis class I recommend going to the Park Cafe and avoid the Windjammer crowds. If the Solarium Cafe is open that's also a great option.
  8. It's a totally different cultural perspective. I lived in Scotland for 6 years so understand your perspective; pay structure is such that tips are actually something extra, not the primary source of income. But I, and my son, have worked in jobs where the primary source of income was from tips and NEVER felt patronized when receiving a good tip. So yes, I tip generously when I feel it's deserved. If service was mediocre then I leave the minimum tip. Right or wrong, tipping is a fact of life in America and will continue to be so until the service industry pay structure is fundamentally changed.
  9. Sparkling ICE is a brand of flavored carbonated water.
  10. BTW, the 12 x 500ML doesn't just apply to water, but to any non-alcoholic beverage.
  11. We typically give the attendant $10 or $20 dollars when we first meet - we usually have a few initial requests like ice for our cooler, extra pillow, extra towels, bathrobes, etc. On the last night of the cruise we hand him/her another $10 or $20 (depending on length of cruise) if the service was satisfactory. If we don't get a chance to see him before we depart we leave it in an envelope in the stateroom.
  12. The Oasis of the Seas sailing from Miami on 2/27/2022. Not sure of the itinerary - at this point for us the ship is the destination. Other sailings of Oasis during that Feb/Mar 2022 time frame are also showing a good deal on the Junior Suites (or may be a bad deal on the OV), anyway, they're within a few dollars of the Ocean View Large Balcony.
  13. Just booked a 2022 cruise on the Oasis. Junior Suite on Oasis 2/27/2022 sailing coming up $194 cheaper than an Ocean View Large Balcony. Prices within a few dollars on other Feb/Mar Oasis sailings. We choose the Junior Suite of course.
  14. Don't thing this the case. 1 - they were out of a wide variety to items across all bars. I've been on many ships where they've run out of a selection or two because of underestimating usage but have never seen anything to this extent. 2 - this was a southern Caribbean cruise. They were running out of at least 4 U.S. domestic beers from different brewers. To restock these items in Antigua would likely be cost prohibitive and logistically difficult. Yet on day 10 (after I spoke with the Loyalty Ambassador the previous night) the bars received stock for all the missing items. 3 - when I discussed the situation with the Bar Manager he did not mention needing to restock the ship. In fact, he specifically said that he was not aware of any shortages and that the lead bartender should take inventory each day and submit a requisition for more stock if needed. (I asked one of the bartenders about this and he said this was being done but the requisitions weren't being filled).
  15. Glad to hear it isn't widespread (at least yet). It was frustrating. We met two couples, both on their second RC cruise. One couple primarily cruised Princess and the other NCL. They weren't impressed with the situation and will unlikely return to RC, at least in the near future.
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