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  1. Thank you for posting your TA information regarding cancellation of cruises until 31/7,. This enabled me to delay balance payment so now I only have to retrieve deposits from Celebrity Many thanks Niddwalker02
  2. Have been checking the tracking sites all show the Constellation to have been just floating about of Greece for quite a while but one site shows the ship is due somewhere on 5Sept.? Good place to drop anchor for 3months!
  3. Adonia selling Adonia was one of PO big mistakes.!t was a beautiful small ship ,got rid of for bigger profits. The cruise line Azamara are quite happy to sail these smaller ships,no doubt at higher prices but it works well for them.They can get into smaller ports and not cause pandemonium when dropping off 6000 in a port
  4. At the present time Constellation has started sailing again after being moored offGreece for several days.It appears to hearing out to the middle East direction,could be to take crew members back home. Where it was moored off Greece there was a R CL ship and another Silver sea ship? Cannot see Constellation doing any European cruises now this year.
  5. Agree with your comments cruise lines have had blinkers on for several years ,expanding fleets as though it would never spoil the world. They have ruined so many cities with so many people being put intlo places lie Venice on one day ,it is Many other cities have suffered the same problem. impossible to walk around comfortably.I can never see cruise lines surviving the way they have in the past.
  6. Just wish Celebrity would cancel cruises a little bit earlier.We are due to sail out ofVenice on 20/07/20 and due to make final payment 16/5. What I see is Celebrity waiting until after this date so maybe they might get cash in rather than give cash refunds and so reporting there bank account.As I see it there is no way they will sail out of Venice in July .Any advice from c.c members welcome.
  7. Just reported on Yahoo fiance that R C L and Celebrity have cancelled all sailing everywhere up to Sept 1.
  8. The trouble is cruise companies have been getting moregreedy every year to meet there shareholders requirements.Every line has kept ordering bigger ships and increasing the number of ships in fleets . This has resulted in ships having queues everywhere on board and absolutely destroying places like Venice Barcelona Santorini and many more.At the same time shipping lines have kept cutting frills in order to fill these bigger ships. When these big ships are being replaced by even bigger ships they are sold off or passed down to another line under the same ownership. We are now waiting for Celebrity to cancel our cruise from Venice in July ,and even though we used to love cruising we will not be booking any more trips With regard to Venice they have seen such a change in the quality of water in the canal we cannot see the city letting cruise ships sail up the canal for much longer. Dolphins have recently been seen well up the canal near the city . What will happen to all these cruise ships and all the new builds on there way ?
  9. We are booked to sail on Celebrity Constellation from VENICE on 20July. In view of the coronavirus problems in Northern Italy does any one know when the cruise company will think of cancelling or changing the cruise.
  10. We used to be regulars on P O but changed to Celebrity as PO were beginning to cut so many corners. We have just done our 7thcruise on Celebrity and I can't believe how you say PO are offering there drinks packages.Our drinks package was with Celebrity and was booked when they were including it as a offer when you booked a outside cabin or higher. We had some exceptional wines all included in the package and we were served very well at all times,in fact the sommelier seemed pleased to be serving us very often and got round to leaving his recommended wine bottle on the table. Celebrity do not seem to have a limit on drinks packages which also include luxury coffees and unlimited water.It is well worth anyone who likes wine tocarefuuly check the offers as I can make a big difference to people holiday spend.
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