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    Ruby Princess 1/27/13-three questions

    [quote name='Pia1913']There is no such thing as Princess "allowing" wine or the need to secrete wine. You can carry on as much as you like and in a shopping bad; like we do.[/QUOTE] DH and I had a 4-pack of wine from [I]Crown Wine & Spirits[/I] on one of our cruises. We were asked to turn in two of the bottles that would be held for the duration of the cruise. Other embarking passengers on that cruise were also having wine confiscated, so it can and does happen occasionally.
  2. cruzinchris

    Ruby Princess 1/27/13-three questions

    DH and I will be on this cruise, too. This will be our second time on the [I]Ruby Princess[/I] - beautiful ship. Capris are fine in the dining room (and specialty dining venues) on non-formal evenings. [I]Gelato[/I] is the only International Cafe item for which there is a nominal charge. We hope that wine packages are available as they were last winter on the [I]Crown Princess.[/I] If not, wine is available from Room Service, and there are markets in port where you can purchase wine. Don't think we've bought wine in St. Maarten, but we have definitely purchased wine in St. Thomas (Crown Bay and Havensight docks). We usually embark the ship with the "allowed" wine in our carry-ons but have another bottle or two in bags to be delivered to our stateroom ;) Bon Voyage! [I]Chris[/I]
  3. cruzinchris

    Princess automatic tips

    [quote name='t60']Has this ever happened? Sandy in Spain[/QUOTE] There have been reports here on CC that passengers who went to the Passenger Services Desk to remove all or part of the service charge have been asked to explain their reasons. I had no reason to not believe the comments but apologize for stating this as fact if it is not true. Sorry. [I]Chris[/I]
  4. cruzinchris

    Princess automatic tips

    Whatever personal choice you make to tip over and above the auto-tip for exceptional service, please do not remove the service charge and tip crew/staff individually. They will not be able to keep the tip and are required to report it and turn it in for the shared tipping pool. Additionally, you might be asked to meet with supervisors to explain why you have removed the service charge.
  5. cruzinchris

    MAITRES D'HOTEL on all Princess ships

    Several have mentioned interactions with Maitre d'Hotel, Generoso; some have had positive interactions with Generoso, while others were less than impressed. DH and I first met Generoso on our January, 2008 cruise on the [I]Emerald Princess.[/I] We had heard/read many glowing reports about the Maitre d' and were not disappointed with the attention and service he afforded us. Generoso sent canapes, chocolates, and/or chocolate-dipped strawberries almost every evening prior to our 7:30 dining reservation and visited our table nightly to make sure that we had an exemplary dining experience. Here's an excerpt from my review of the cruise: [B][I]Neither DH nor I gained an ounce during our 10-night voyage, but dining started out on a sour note when we experienced difficulty being seated in either "anytime" dining room on the first two nights of the cruise. Upon approaching Michelangelo Dining Room at 6:30 on sail-away evening, we were told that we could not have dinner there until after 8:00 unless we were with one of the two large groups onboard. We proceeded to DaVinci Dining Room and were told that there would be an hour to 75-minute wait. We were discouraged and didn't want to wait, so we went to Crown Grill and were seated immediately at a romantic booth. This was truly a fine dining experience - excellent food and outstanding service in luxurious surroundings. Not to be missed! We didn't fare much better the following evening when we went to DaVinci where we were given a pager and told that the wait would be 30-40 minutes. We went to Crooner's for a pre-dinner cocktail and returned to the restaurant 30 minutes later; the hostess said that we had been paged 15 minutes ago. Not! The pager didn't work but another table for two was suddenly available. Following this rather lackluster dining experience, DH sent a note to Maitre D' Hotel, Generoso who called us the next day and told us that we would have a reserved table for two at 7:30 in DaVinci with the same waitstaff for the remainder of the cruise. Generoso stopped by our table that evening to meet us and make certain that we were being taken care of by Cecilio and Samphong. This waiter and his assistant were personable, highly professional, and provided exemplary dining room service. [/I][/B] Bon Appetit and Bon Voyage! [I]Chris[/I]
  6. cruzinchris

    "If" leaving Princess and going a step up

    Last winter when I was having my hair cut prior to our January cruise, I chatted with a woman in the salon who was leaving soon for a cruise on RCI. When I mentioned that DH and I like to sail on Princess and would be embarking the Crown that weekend, she said that she had heard that Princess was very "hoity-toity". I'd never categorize Princess as such, but that's how we felt about Celebrity when we sailed with them once in the late '90s.
  7. cruzinchris

    Passport or Birth Certificate

    Your folks might want to consider a government-issued "passport card" that is less expensive and processed more expediently than an official passport. The passport card allows U.S. citizens to visit Canada, Mexico, and certain areas of the Caribbean. If your parents don't plan to travel abroad, this would be a good alternative. [url]http://travel.state.gov/passport/ppt_card/ppt_card_3926.html[/url]
  8. cruzinchris

    Princess Champage Flutes

    DH and I received a pair of flutes as part of our vow renewal package. I display them in the china cabinet :)
  9. DH and I plan to do the Ultimate Balcony Dinner during our January cruise on the [I]Ruby Princess.[/I] While it wouldn't be a deal-breaker, and we could certainly enjoy the dinner on another evening, I'm wondering if it's possible to celebrate my sailaway-day birthday with the special dinner? Has anyone ever done the UBD on the first night of sailing or are you aware that others have done this? Thanks for your help. Just call me curious... [I]Chris[/I]
  10. cruzinchris

    Wine Package

    [quote name='LI new cruiser']Thank you for the link. Another question. Do you purchase the wine package once you are on board? This sure saves carrying wine in the luggage![/QUOTE] DH and I purchased the wine package in the dining room on the first night of our cruise. There was no mention of the availability of the wine bottle package, but we had read about on CC and asked our Junior Waiter about it. The program was new to the [I]Crown[/I], so waiters didn't know all the details without consulting a head waiter. We thought it was a great idea and hope it will be offered on our January voyage on the Ruby. We always carry a few bottles onboard to enjoy in our stateroom, but you can purchase a bottle in the dining room as part of your wine package and have it sent to your cabin. Cheers! [I]Chris[/I]
  11. cruzinchris

    Wine Package

    Thread about wine packages: [url]http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=1565716[/url]
  12. cruzinchris

    Is Princess trying to alienate customer and TA?

    Maybe the OP is hoping that her friend/TA will read this thread and do the right thing so that she doesn't have to be the "bad guy".
  13. cruzinchris

    Royal Princess PDF a mis-print re specialty coffees

    Much ado about nothing.
  14. cruzinchris

    Princess' Wine Bottle Package

    [quote name='orangetabby']We were able to purchase the wine package on both of our last two cruises, the Crown in February and the Caribbean in July which were both [B]7 day cruises.[/B] We have another cruise booked on the Ruby in December. It will be a disappointment if the wine package is not available for that 7 day cruise.[/QUOTE] DH and I had been on the [I]Crown[/I] when I started this thread, and we will be on the [I]Ruby[/I] in January. I wonder if we could purchase a wine package for a 10-night voyage and have the extra bottles delivered to our stateroom? :) We typically order a bottle with dinner each night and enjoy our own wine in our stateroom. It wouldn't be a problem if we have to take a bottle or two home ;)
  15. cruzinchris

    Princess Pop Choir new songs suggestions

    For those who haven't participated in Pop Choir, you might like to know what the song selections have been. This is the selection that DH and I performed on the Island Princess in January, 2010: "Sweet Caroline" "Waterloo" "Oh, What A Night!" "Isn't She Lovely" "We Are the Champions" Bon Voyage! Chris