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  1. Loved Long Bay which is next to the Pineapple Beach Resort in Antigua. Little bit of a ride to get there though. Also, if you want seclusion, and at one time one of the best beaches in Antigua, you should check out Half Moon Bay.. We did both last week. No ammenities at Half Moon Bay but it is beautiful and has a lagoon portion to the far left where the water is the warmest and you'll have fish swimming at your ankles in the shallow water. ~Paul :D
  2. One last comment on the cold seafood buffet. Yes, it was on sailaway night on the CB last week and I missed it. I only found out about it the next day after talking with people at our formal CC meet and greet. It was not listed in the patter. It was only listed on one of those placards outside the buffet and only stocked with the good stuff after the 8pm muster drill.... It really ruined our whole cruise.... kidding! ~Paul :D
  3. We skipped our 2nd formal night (lobster night) and went to the buffet on the CB last week (Cafe Caribe). They had king crab AND lobster claws, along with Beef Wellington and other things. We felt we missed nothing by not dressing up that night. ~Paul :D
  4. The Barbados Pics are up. Click the Pics link in my sig. ~Paul :D
  5. The only movie we watched was The Changeling. ~Paul :D
  6. Every time I stay in Isla Verde I go to Lupi's! Have never tried the fajitas. I usually get combo #2 which includes a taco, burrito, rice and beans. The fillings are beef, chicken or pork. The pork is the most tasty. I also get one or two of the Cancun-sized Margaritas - Perfect style on the rocks with Grand Marnier! 2 of those and you start feeling Lupi, lol!! They do have live music most nights if not every night, but then again, we never stuck around for it. It's a very casual atmosphere where one can either eat inside or outside, so jeans are fine. They also have an OJ Simpson helmet inside from his playing days with Buffalo [just in case you wanted to know ;)]. ~Paul :D
  7. Happy Sailing, Donna! ~Paul :D
  8. We didn't have any food at the pool and the only time we did have a cocktail was after going to Lupi's (a mexican restaurant down the street). I really don't recall what the price of the drinks were since we were on vacation and I knew I was going to pay whatever it was....... On the other hand, I think I would have remembered if they were in the $15 range :eek:. As for live music, no, we didn't hear any but that's not to say there wasn't any. After a long day, we were beat and hit the hay early so there may have been some later. You got me on this one. Once we were dropped off at the cruise terminal, our only thought was to get on the ship.. You might want to check out the Puerto Rico board for information on what's near the terminal. ~Paul :D
  9. Yes, very much so... Anything specific you'd like to know? ~Paul :D
  10. If I recall correctly, you can get to it on Deck 7 by just walking through the casino, but you can also get to it from Deck 6 [on the starboard side at least. When you get to the end, there are some steps you need to walk up]. Hope this helps. ~Paul :D
  11. If you want an inside place, I agree with this. However, if it's nice outside, one of the aft bar areas is always nice (outrigger, perhaps). This is where we met prior to our sail away around 4:30 or 5:00... Have a great cruise! ~Paul :D
  12. Yes.. new flat screens. Go to my pics link below to see them. Matresses? Who knows.. Had the egg crates put on the 1st night. Had no problems sleeping. Basketball Court? Yes.. Again, see pics. Surf Pool? Only when the ship is rocking! Hope this helps. ~Paul :D
  13. Hi Donna. It may be too late to setup something formal through Princess for your meet and greet considering you're sailing in just a couple of days. However, you need to call Princess in order to set it up. Another one of our CC'rs did this for us and I believe we needed a minimum number for people for them to do it (~20, iirc). We ended up with over 70 of us from here going on our cruise. Your best bet may be, if you haven't already done so, is to set something up informally with the people on your roll call..... hope this helps. ~Paul :D
  14. Jessica says Hi back! I still haven't gotten to the pics of our horseback ride, but I have a few of you too that will be uploaded, so keep checking back! ~Paul :D
  15. Thanks very much for the congrats and congrats to you too on your 25th anniversary! You will love Princess cruises........ ~Paul :D
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