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  1. My cruise was canceled mid March for mid April sail date. I got back everything owed to me on my Carnival cc this past week. 🙂 Now I’m waiting for Barclays to return the credit to me. It went well as did my American Airlines canceled flight/refund. 🙂
  2. I love cruising. I have cruised 18 times with Carnival and had this year’s April cruise canceled. I’m sorry to say but I don’t believe they’ll be cruising for many months, if not a year. If states aren’t open and cruise ships carry thousands (or even hundreds with reduced capacity) it just doesn’t make sense. If one cruise turns out to be a mess with Covid19 it will set back everyone and every state that has begun to phase. It’s just not the way to go and believe me I am sad that this virus has hurt so many around the work health wise, financially, and emotionally. That’s just my opinion and one I wish I didn’t have to share.
  3. I had canceled my April cruise and at the time I was given the only deal going which was an FCC for 50% cruise fare and refund 50% cruise fare plus taxes and port charges. I had a 2021 cruise booked so they agreed to apply the FCC to that. The next day Carnival canceled the cruise and shortly after I got a letter that superseded their first offer. It said I could choose either a 100% refund or 100% FCC and $600 OBC even if I had already canceled. It said I had until December 2020 to decide. I decided to wait til then because this virus is more impactful than I originally understood. Today I received a credit on my charge card for the original 50% cruise fare and they applied 50% cruise fare to my next cruise. On top of that I don’t have a refund for the taxes and port charges. Obviously I need to contact Carnival but was wondering if anyone else has had a similar issue.
  4. I LOVE cruising and go annually but I very much doubt this. We live in MA and I’m a teacher. We aren’t even sure about school starting up in the fall on time and with full attendance due to the number of staff and children. I don’t see how it’s safe to sail large numbers when schools, colleges, and businesses are all in limbo. It’s a great thing to hope for but I highly doubt it! My cruise was canceled for April 2020 and I’m not even sure I feel comfortable sailing next April. We have a very long way to go health and safety wise.
  5. My cruise amounts were virtually identical. Same ship, same month, same cabin. All I meant was I don’t know if it’s safer to just skip the future $600 onboard and take my full cash refund. Then if things seem ok next year rebook. FCC won’t be any good to me if the ships aren’t sailing. So many people are ill and this is really more important so I’m just trying to figure out if the FCC deal is worth it or not in reality.
  6. That is exactly what I am hoping for! I know this is temporary but it really has changed my view of life in a sad way. Thank you!
  7. Hi. This post isn’t to be inflammatory at all. I’ve cruised 18 times on Carnival and have never had less than a perfect experience. My cruise was canceled for April of course. Now I find myself honestly torn about ever cruising again. I’m booked for spring 2021 and that was also booked prior to the outbreak. I never ever believed anything could keep me away but this has taken its toll on me. I feel afraid to choose transferring the FCC even with the huge $600 onboard credit to the 2021 cruise. I have til December to decide if I should just take the refund which is great. This outbreak has changed my outlook in such a way I don’t know if I’ll ever be comfortable on my favorite way to travel again. How are people feeling? Do you think the cruise industry will even make it? If it doesn’t I assume the full FCC will be gone as it’s not cash any longer on the new cruise. It’s a credit/non penalty gift. I’m not faulting Carnival but rather wondering if this virus will change cruising vacations for many people in the coming year.
  8. My husband and I dined alone. Table for two. Anytime dining. We do enjoy a leisurely meal and had no complaints about the food. We just aren’t ready to choose dessert when we sit down. I do see how some people in different situations might want to but the staff should all be fine if we say that we would like to wait and see after the main course. That’s the point I was making. It’s a trial and the hostess told us it’s supposed to be fine either way we choose. Some waiters weren’t very nice about it and that’s the issue.
  9. They tried to give us both menus at once. We said we wanted to wait on dessert. Two waiters were fine with it and two were annoyed and tried to talk us into ordering then. We didn’t and we did ask the front desk about this policy. They said it was two weeks old. I don’t like it and mentioned it in my email review. It’s tacky. Otherwise an awesome cruise!
  10. They tried to give us both menus at once. We said we wanted to wait on dessert. Two waiters were fine with it and two were annoyed and tried to talk us into ordering then. We didn’t and we did ask the front desk about this policy. They said it was two weeks old. I don’t like it and mentioned it in my email review. It’s tacky. Otherwise an awesome cruise!
  11. I just got back from my 18th Carnival cruise and it was wonderful. We sailed on the Conquest. I would like to hear what others think about this one new dining room twist that I’m not a fan of. Apparently two months ago Carnival started asking their waiters to have diners choose their appetizers and main course and dessert choice all at once. I don’t like deciding if I’m going to have dessert before I begin my meal. It also felt more rushed. Some waiters were fine when we asked to think about dessert after we had eaten the main course. Others were put off and argued slightly that we could order it and just not eat it later if we were too full. I like to take my time and enjoy my meal then see a dessert menu afterwards. I definitely plan to write that in my comments when my email comes. It didn’t ruin my cruise of course. I just don’t like the new policy or how some waiters don’t want to be more flexible even though the hostesses told us we can absolutely wait and decide after our main selection.
  12. On my very first cruise in 2002 I played my very first ship Bingo on the Sensation. I stood in line for a long time and talked to the man ahead of me and the woman behind. When the man ahead of me was finally buying his set of three cards he jokingly told the woman selling them he didn’t want those and to give him the next set. We both laughed and I got the set that he passed up on. Well I ended up winning Bingo and when I stood up all you could hear was “Oh my God No!” We wanted to at least buy him a drink but we never saw him. I was honestly in shock and I remember shaking as they counted out the bills. I’ve won a few times over the years but never that much and never that way! I bet he’s never forgotten either!
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