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  1. Blue Hole, Scotchies for lunch and spend rest of afternoon on the beach. Pre arrange with private tour company, should be less than $100.
  2. Havana's and Banana up in Margaritaville Bar. Get to get to know the bartender there, as it's often not a very busy bar.
  3. Charry was great to us too! Treated me (as our M&G organizer) and family like we were VIP.
  4. We've hit up Tropicante both times we stopped here, for food and drinks and beach and massage! :-)
  5. Going to be a crowded port tomorrow...plus the EPIC.
  6. fresh new dents shown on camera
  7. She's close but stopped. bottom right circle
  8. Just leaving the bay at 9 knots...according to marinetraffic.com. will probably speed up once out to sea I'd imagine. Up to 15 knots now..
  9. Just pulling through the Bar Channel out to sea now! Yay!
  10. I've also read that the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico are not considered "US Ports" under this Act.
  11. we've had the beverage package and not been charged for virgin drinks.
  12. I wish that they had different ones on each ship that offers them. We did it a 2 years ago, and was disappointed last year on a different boat that it was the same exact puzzles.
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