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  1. I used to use the wine skins, but they are only good for one time; now I have a padded wine bag and it works great! It's also big enough for a hard liquor bottle if you so choose. Wouldn't travel without them!!
  2. Thank you eurocruiser - given that info I think we will stick to Lucca just for that one day, rather than combine it with anything else; with an 8 hour time frame for car and driver that gives us 4 hours travel plus 4 hours in Lucca. Cheers, yaya
  3. Greetings Everyone, Thank you so much for this excellent information. I agree "less is more" so to speak - I would rather see fewer towns and really see a town than just to say I've been there - excellent advice! I think we will stick with just Orvieto on our drive from Rome to Siena. Eurocruiser - do you (or anyone else for that matter) know the travel time from Siena to Lucca by car? We will have a driver. Also, if we went to Montepulciano and Pienza or Cortona on the way to Florence what kind of driving time would we be looking at? If you had to choose between Pienza and Cortona which would you choose - or would you choose something else entirely, and if so why? I hope you don't mind all the questions, but I really do appreciate the help. Thanks, yaya
  4. We will be staying in Siena for three days in June; on one of those days we have hired a car and driver to do some sightseeing. We really want to see Lucca, so will go there first, does anyone have any suggestions for where else to visit? Is it possible to do San Gimignano in the same day? Our other alternative is to let the driver take us where he thinks we should go, but I was just wondering if Lucca and San G. were doable in one day. Secondly, when we leave Siena we have hired a car and driver to take us to Florence with sightseeing on the way. We were thinking of Montepulciano and Arezzo, but wondered if anyone else had any suggestions or insights - would Assisi be a better choice than Arezzo? Is that enough/too much for one day? Any help much appreciated! YaYa
  5. We have them booked in June and she just sent me new contact information for them as they are moving their offices - could be they're just caught up in the move. YaYa
  6. This is really encouraging - we doing a land tour before boarding the Star in June for the Med and we don't want to take too much luggage. We were debating renting a tux for DH or just not doing the formal nights and after reading the posts I'm thinking the latter. Although, I have to say, when we did the south pacific on Holland - my DH did try one night to go to the dining room (not a formal night) with knee length dressing bermuda style shorts and a nice hawaiian shirt and he was turned away and asked to go put long pants on - so I guess you never know........
  7. We will also be on the Star stopping in Mykonos in June, 2011. For those of you who do beach days there, what would you recommend for a nice swim, not too far from town that could be accessed by taxi or bus easily and inexpensively - just for a couple of hours during the day. Thanks, YaYa
  8. I have a slightly different take on this question. We too are sailing on the Star and need to go from our Hotel (near St Mark's) to the ship with luggage - any recommendations for folks who don't like schlepping their own:)?
  9. For those heading out on Saturday - last year this time we were heading out of REd Hook on the CB in the company of hurricane bill. They delayed our departure out of Brooklyn until early Sunday morning - passengers were allowed off Saturday night to go into new york as long as they were back by 3 am. We missed Newport as a result, but the rest was fine. That may be an option if things don't work out correctly on Saturday for those departing. YaYa
  10. Thank you so much cruisemom42 and texancruzer - appreciate the information. The Kilim bags are very cool - pricey on the web, but what a wonderful souvenir - would definitely be a reminder of Turkey. I am so looking forward to this cruise!! yaya
  11. Hi, I just found this thread and while I haven't read all the posts I thought I would say that we have completed our book from a South Pacific cruise - our book is 182 pages long - I put all sorts of stories and comments in it and it's wonderful! Well worth it - it's like publishing your own coffee table book. Well worth the money and so much better than just a regular photo album. I plan to do this for all subsequent cruises. Just MHO Cheers, yaya
  12. After reading all these posts I'm really looking forward to shopping in Turkey. Our only stop is Kusadasi and we were planning to go to Ephesus with a guide and then go shopping. Is it better to shop in the Bazaar in Kusadasi or the little villager others have mentioned Siringe (or something like that:confused:) or is there time to do both. We're in port from 8 am - 5 pm. Also - what is a Kilim Bag - sorry - that's a new term to me. Thank you everyone for such a great thread! Cheers, YaYa
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