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  1. We have been on 4 Viking Cruises - we were on the first one Star. On the first trip, i decided to upgrade to the Pv and was very glad we did and then since always booked the PV. We like a little room and couch provided that. On a couple of trips my husband started coming down with a cold and I slept on the couch. You do get an early choice of times for excursions and little amenities but the space really suited us best because you got a dresser and it helped me stay neat with everything put away. If we had to be confined to those quarters for a time (pandemic) I would have been very grateful for the extra room. We sat on our veranda every night and we did everything on the ship. We also ordered breakfast in the room on excursion days and it saved a lot of time and hassle. We love Viking and the treatment and the whole ambience and made very nice friends from our trips. Everything was well organized. There are always glitches with things but they fixed them quickly. The World Cafe has great food and often a lot of what is being served in the dining room. Yes the dining dinner can be a long one. We love Manfredi's. Enjoy your travels
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