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  1. That was supposed to say hurt some feelings. We can handle the "tut"
  2. Wow. Some people really take dress code personally. I appreciate all the responses and advice, even if some sound a bit "snooty". I guess we will just have to hurry done feelings because my husband does not like to dress up but he does like to eat. 😀
  3. I'm just more confused now. I guess my husband will wear a collared button shirt and pants and if that doesn't work for formal night we'll do buffet. Thanks everyone.
  4. } Does this mean no jacket required except on special nights? My husband is not one to dress up but he does have colored shirts and pants. Just no jacket. That's why we like NCL.
  5. We are looking at cabin GT100 inside cabin for the Baltic Cities & St. Petersburg & Round Britian Experience. I can't find where it is in the ship. Help? Also, we would like to see what kind of excursions and how expensive they are before we book and I find we can't see excursions until 8 weeks before cruise. Any way around that? Can I find them elsewhere? TIA. Linda
  6. Thank you. I think we'll skip it. But what a deal!
  7. We've never cruised with this line before. Mostly cruise on NCL. I've been doing some research and was told twice that this line is "bottom of the barrel". On the other hand, was also told its better than Carnival. I like Carnival. Experienced cruisers with Cmv, can I have your take? And what about the Columbus itself? What kind of onboard activities? TIA Linda
  8. We almost always buy cruise next but have never been bothered by a phone call or anything. 🤔
  9. Yes, we have done that a few times. We actually did this last year so we still have 3 cruises to do.
  10. We would like to do British Isles Cruise, England, Ireland, etc. We will be on a Mexican Riviera cruise in January. Would we get a better deal by booking a cruise while on a cruise versus booking online or using travel agent? Any ideas?
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