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    7 ships is at least 3 too many

    We were just there last week, and there were seven ships in that day too, including the Oasis. It was a zoo at the port. We had booked with Bernard, so that helped a great deal. As the day progressed, we encountered rain, so our time at Maho was packed and soggy. Fortunately, our visit to Orient Beach was sunny and we too paid a visit to Andy and Cheryl's. If you geocache, be sure and stop there. Their food was great and they are like the second place on the beach. Other than Maho, the crowds did not seem too bad once you got out of Phillipsburg.
  2. popcorngal

    Bernard's Tours, St Maartan

    [quote name='David7621']We did a tour with Bernard wednesday last week. He took a group in 1 bus and a group of 7 of us that were together went in a full size van by ourselves. Our ship didnt get into port until after 10 so we were only able to do some of the things that were on the itinerary. Weather was rough so we went to Maho first and then to Orient for lunch. It was nice and recomended for anyone looking to book with them.[/QUOTE] We were there and toured that day too! We were on a small bus and Junior was our driver and guide. We went the opposite direction, heading to Orient Beach first. I think they had lots of tours out that day with seven ships in port :eek: The weather at Orient was perfect but went downhill the rest of the day so that it was raining and packed at Maho. I highly recommend this tour, and Junior was a real gem. DH and I have a little trouble getting around and Junior gave us the best of care. He stays right with the bus, even at Orient, so your belongings are safe. The cooler's were full and he was a great host. If we get back to St, Maarten, I will definitely look them up again! And no, even though our tour lasted almost two hours longer than expected, we made it back to the ship with plenty of time to spare. Normally the tour meets a half hour after your ship arrives, so you are out and about early. Have fun!
  3. popcorngal

    FUN TIMES for Miracle Aruba Cruise

    We did the sunset cruise the first time we were in Aruba. It's very nice, you'll enjoy it!
  4. popcorngal

    Necklace thing???

    Hubby and I visited a Titanic exhibit several years ago. We bought lanyards they had for sale in the gift shop that are bright yellow and blue that read "White Star Line Crew-Titanic". You wouldn't believe the stares and comments we get about them, especially from the crew! This last cruise, the bar waiter called us Jack and Rose the entire week! We just smile and say, "now THAT was a really bad cruise!" Unfortunately, I think some people actually believed us...:eek:;)
  5. popcorngal

    FUN TIMES for Miracle Aruba Cruise

    We went to Nick and Nora's the night that we were in Aruba late. It was really nice sitting there with the city lights...a different experience on a cruise!;)
  6. popcorngal

    What cutbacks have you noticed?

    Just back from the Miracle on 1/30, and the biggest change we noticed involved the lack of variety on the buffet. In years past, for lunch, the Taste of Nations would offer an international variety, different each day. At the same time, the buffet around the corner would offer a totally different selection. This year, both buffets offered virtually identical items every day. Even had Caribbean day two days in a row, but with somewhat different items. For the dinner buffet, in years past, they would offer mostly different options than what the dining room was serving AND the warm chocolate melting cake. This year, no warm chocolate melting cake :( and virtually the same food as the dining room. I'm sure some people would enjoy this option, but to me, it just seemed like one less dining option that was being offered. We've always enjoyed the wide variety of food offerings, and this year, it just wasn't there. Mind you, we certainly never went hungry!;) Everything else seemed status quo, and the Steakhouse was wonderful as always.
  7. We just rented one for our visit there in less than two weeks and it came out to $87. Thanks Teala for the great review and pics. It really helps with planning and trying to get everything straight in my mind before we actually arrive. Jack's Shack is a must do on our list!
  8. popcorngal

    Grand Turk golf cart rental?

    We're on the Miracle with you folks as well. Just this morning DH rented us a golf cart with Nathan. Sounds like golf cart races are in our future!:D
  9. popcorngal

    Back from the Miracle

    [quote name='IndyGirl'][FONT=Arial Black][SIZE=4][COLOR=blue]Not an attempt to hijack but, what is the rotisserie? Mac and cheese? Strip Loin? my husband will want to eat there all the time!:([/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Arial Black][SIZE=4][COLOR=blue][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Arial Black][SIZE=4][COLOR=blue]Glad you had a great time, we will be on her in less than four days, can't wait. Actually, I think it would be interesting to get diverted to different ports, we tend to overplan these trips, and there are little or no surprizes. :)[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Arial Black][SIZE=4][COLOR=blue] [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/QUOTE] The rotisserie is the part of the buffet that is directly across from the pizza. For dinner, they have a different soup each night, a carving station and various side dishes. There's also a salad bar right next to it along with desserts. Some of the meats they offer on different nights are the strip loin, ham, turkey, and lamb. There's food here for breakfast, lunch, dinner and beyond!
  10. popcorngal

    bringing food back to the room?

    For me, there's nothing like enjoying breakfast from the Lido on our balcony that first morning. Sitting out there in my robe and just watching the water go by tells me I'm FINALLY on vacation! BTW, hubby is the nice one and makes the trek up and back juggling the tray...;)
  11. popcorngal

    flip flops dangerous?

    I got a pair with the boat shoe soles and they worked great. I still am very careful on a wet deck though, cause at my age, it's hard to get new parts!;)
  12. popcorngal

    Aft wrap 7347

    We've stayed in both 7298 and 7347. Trust me, you will get ample sunlight there. The only aft wraps that are covered are on deck 4, and even they get some sun. You may even like deck 7 better as it's much quieter down there...enjoy!
  13. Last I heard, completion of the Fun Pass ahead of time is not only requested, but required. With all the travel restrictions and such, the Dept. Of Homeland Security requires this information well in advance. That's why they require everyone to be on board at least 90 minutes prior to sailing. As everyone else has said, fill it out and have it in your hand when you arrive at the port. It will save you and those around you a lot of grief and time. Be sure and pack some extra patience too as it can be hectic to say the least. But the end result is definitely worth it...you're on a cruise!
  14. popcorngal

    ? about Mahogany Bay

    It's very tricky and narrow to dock there, not to mention they usually back in I believe. The several ship wrecks are a real good reminder to pay attention!
  15. popcorngal

    1-6-2011 no categories available

    Wow...that is crazy. I know that date was there a few days ago as I was checking it against the prices for our cruise later that month. Like others have said, I would check back later on it. There was plenty of availability earlier.