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  1. Limits are set for a reason...i agree there needs to be a cut off point but why make the cutoff point a dollar less then a very popular menu item. That seems like a bad decision on NCL part. Isnt it funny that years from now you will forget about the great times when NCL went above and beyond on things they didnt need to...then you have a bad experience like the added $1 and you will forever remember it....for all eternity. You and your wife will surely have a good laugh at this 5 years from now when you are reliving the experience telling friends at the next cocktail party. (i just wish you would have gotten a response) Best, Mark
  2. We usually pack 2 small screwdrivers with us in out packed luggage (one flat head and one Phillips) and open them ourselves. Its actually quite easy. Enjoy your cruise!!!
  4. I booked a little before November (I Think) and was given KSF (kids sail free) and all TAXES FREE...it worked out to be the best priced cruise for a suite we have sailed on...now that they added back in the kids price and the taxes the exact same (mock booking) is $1200 more then what we paid....and i check every day....57 days to go and we will be on the Dawn out of NYC....soooo excited......
  5. Im Dying here!!!! been laughing for about an hour... NCL actually put a countdown clock on their take 5 promo!!! Right...like that promo will ever go away... Do you realize the revenue NCL gets from the take 5 promo?????? that PROMO is here to stay... they have EXTENDED the exact promo for the last 14 months... Where do they go from here?????? Best, Mark
  6. this is true...passengers are more "relaxed" in their attire....ive seen shorts and polo shirts for lunch... dinner was still a little bit dressed. Yes i have worn dark colored jeans and a button down with Loafers for dinner...i donr remember seeing sneakers in the haven restaurant.
  7. im ok with change...as long as they still come around and "scrape" the table of all the crumbs that have a tendency to stick to your forearms during the meal...i LOVE when they scrape the table...it makes me feel like i've made it.
  8. im dying laughing at this thread... I imagine that a post that has everyone up in arms about some shrimp is like the equivalent of 15 people picketing with poorly written signs in pencil while standing at said location in the pitch dark....Translate: we can complain about change all we want but if no one hears us then its just "chatter"
  9. A buddy of mine tried to skirt the new rule and up-charge by bringing his OWN shrimp on board in his carry-on. He said when he pulled them out at cagneys raw and asked them to steam them and place in a nice dish with some cocktail sauce the server said no problem. He ate them with the biggest grin on his face the entire 1st course along with a salad. So fast forward to the end of the meal. The server presents the check to the table..my buddy notices one of the line items on the bill states "$4.99 prep fee" he asked what that was and the waiter said...oh sir that is the new NCL charge for cooking your shrimp you brought on board!!! His smile turned into a frown.
  10. Thats because they probably give the crew "raises" in their pay every year. So NCL is NOT making MORE money off this. They are just charging the passenger a lil more so more money is paid to the hard working staff on board. wait...wait...you dont think NCL is just increasing their profitability while keeping the wages the same for the crew do you? i think im on to something now that you bring it up... lol
  11. This is not advice for pre cruise but once on the ship...take the cordless phone with you when you get off the ship and enjoy the day away...when returning to the ship call up to the butler (from the cordless phone) and ask him/her to run the bath for you. The large tub takes about 20 minutes to fill...then get on ship as normal...head to your favorite bar and order your favorite drink...bring said drink to your stateroom and slide into the waiting warm bubble bath. You worked hard your entire life...you deserve this. Best, Mark
  12. lol...It looks like your shepards pie is "frowning"
  13. Im thinking more about this....and thinking my neighbor may be telling a tall tale...think about it...when was the last time you had any spare change on you while strolling around the ship? aside from heading to the casino? most people leave their valuables in the tiny safe in their stateroom. I would say many dont walk around with a bunch of small bills in their pockets unless they are the same people who choose to "tip" with cash only. Am i right...? If my wife and i ran into a guy selling straws we would have to ask the seller to: hang here a minute while i go back to my stateroom and retrieve my wallet. Hope i have small bills in said wallet. Walk back down to food area and locate the seller to buy the straws from him. hope he has 4 dollars change on him cause i only carry $5 bills as my lowest denomination. hope the straws are individually wrapped as to not spread the neuro virus you see how this gets complicated.
  14. You can go to the purser desk on deck 7 and write on a scratch paper 50% Tips for room # XXXX . hand it to them...and they will adjust accordingly.
  15. Critics, Our neighbor just got off an NCL ship out of NYC and said during the cruise she saw (2) different passengers with a Large cup hanging from their neck full of straws with a sticker that read "Straws $1 Each" She said the (2) passengers selling the straws would loiter around the bar/ lounge areas and walk through the buffet... Could this really be happening ? or is my neighbor completely joking? ill be sailing out of NYC in May so i guess we will see... * sidenote...$1 seems pretty good for a straw when you need on to get to the bottom of that daqueri. Best, Mark
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