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  1. Apparently the deal they struck with the Bahamas is that EVERYONE onboard will be vaccinated. They are giving refunds to anyone who isn't or doesn't want to be
  2. I did my online check-in on Tuesday and got the email that I'm successfully checked in, here's your permission to board document (or whatever they call it). Print it out and ready to go. One thing I noticed is that the website says that my photos are still under review. How long does the review take and is it really anything to be concerned about since they already sent me my boarding pass?
  3. Well that's a little extra elbow room. I'm looking forward to enjoying that. Thanks for the insight
  4. I'm sailing on Dream in a few weeks and am wondering about how many passengers have been onboard for the first couple of cruises. Have they noticeably reduced the body count or is the ship pretty close to its normal capacity? I'm hoping for a nice spacious experience with about 50% occupancy like Royal Caribbean
  5. jrbeccles Thanks for the great info on the newly complicated check-in process. I'm sailing on Dream the day you get back so have a blast but leave some ship for me 🤣
  6. I just got my email from Carnival about 3 minutes ago that says people 70 and up need to present a medical form that says they are fit to cruise
  7. Has there been any further news about whether Carnival is going to adopt the CLIA suggestion that anyone 70 or over is not allowed on the ship without a "Fitness to Cruise" letter filled out and signed by a doctor. At the meeting on Tuesday Pence said his group would take it under advisement and make a decision "within 24 hours". So far I can't find any more news about it other than the fact that NCL instituted the policy today. My cruise is scheduled to depart on Monday and I'm running out of time to get a form filled out by my doctor because of the upcoming weekend. I'm going to get a letter but if Carnival follows the example of NCL and produces a special form that has to be used that will be trouble
  8. It looks like an easy walk to the old city with lots to see when I get there. Thank you for the info.
  9. Instead of an excursion I may walk around the area. Where does the ship tie up and what has anyone found to be within walking distance. We are in port from 1:30PM to 10:30 PM so I'm looking for daytime and nighttime things to do and see without going to a beach. Thanks Eric
  10. I like your idea of renting a car to go exploring. I have done this in several other places and have always had a great time. I have also hit the Trip Advisor forum with the same question. Thank you for reminding me of that
  11. I don't know exactly what the issue is but the email RCL sent said that the New Port facilities would not be ready in time to accept a ship the size of Oasis so they had to cancel our stop in Portland and give us an extra day in St John. I've never seen facilities in Portland so I have nothing else to go by.. it's really too bad because I was looking forward to being in Maine. Have not been there in at least 30 years
  12. Oasis had to cancel Portland ME because the new pier won't be ready so we will be staying 2 days with an overnight in St. John. I'm looking for suggestions on what to enjoy with all of that time to spend there. Also, since we are missing a chance for a Maine lobster experience can I assume that in St. John and Halifax there will be wonderful lobsters? Last time I checked I didn't see any fences in the water between Maine and Canada. Where are the good spots?
  13. I didn't realize that my simple question about the content of fry oil would start the lard wars 🤣
  14. The OP here. Just to set the record straight I said absolutely nothing about Guy's needing to cater to vegetarians. All I did was ask if there's any animal fat in the fry oil. Catering to vegetarians is something that just seemed to evolve in the course of the thread.
  15. This is the answer to my question and I certainly appreciate it. I will now now out and let the war rage on 😜
  16. You should be fine as long as you stay away from the Donkey Sauce 😁
  17. Believe me, attempts have been made but she has a will of iron 🤣
  18. Oh we will be hitting all the other options too but nice to have an additional venue to experience. Remember, variety is the spice of life!😎
  19. Exactly. I've had Guy's fries and they are great so I know she would love them along with her veggie burger as long as there's no lard mixed in the oil. Just gives her an additional choice in food to make her cruise enjoyable. It also allows her to participate when the group makes a Guy's visit rather than having to go off to the buffet or elsewhere by herself.
  20. Our group includes a vegetarian who likes to strictly follow proper practices. She loves french fries but stays away from any that are cooked in oil containing animal fat. Does anyone here know the fry oil content at Guy's?
  21. What a wealth of information. Beautiful!! Thank you very much. Now I've got lots more fun research to do (one of the many enjoyments of cruising) Eric
  22. We have FTTF for 2 cabins on Horizon in December and as part of the check-in process I was asked to select a check-in time. The earliest choice was 12:30. I thought that with FTTF we could board as soon as the ship is open. Am I misunderstanding something? Having to wait until 12:30 to begin the check-in process at the pier would negate any FTTF advantage.
  23. My cruise starts in Seattle and ends in Vancouver. I'm going to spend a couple of days in Vancouver before flying home. I'm flying into Seattle the day before my cruise and trying to decide if I am better off flying back to Tampa out of Vancouver or booking a round trip to and from Seattle. The return flight from Vancouver to Tampa flies to Seattle where I would have to change planes. I don't mind getting myself back to Seattle if that is going to be better for the flights. If I do that then what is the best method of getting from Vancouver to the Seattle airport?
  24. I always buy a GeoBlue policy for medical coverage but I have never bought complete trip insurance because to get medical coverage equivalent to GeoBlue costs a large amount. That being said, there are a great number of posts on the "Carnival Problems" threads that say it is imperative to buy trip insurance in case the judge goes through with her threat to ban Carnival from US ports. I'm curious as to why, if Carnival can't provide the cruise I have booked and paid for, I should have to get my money back through an insurance claim. I would think that Carnival would owe everyone a full refund in this situation because it was caused by their actions. What do you all think?
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