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  1. You realize that this was last posted in nearly 10 years ago, right?
  2. I know a guy so cheap, he'd pack a roll of duct tape and use another to "close" his luggage up because the zipper broke and he didn't want to pay to fix it or to buy a new bag. Did this for years but then TSA kept opening his bag. The last straw was his bag coming off the belt but contents were gone and never were to be recovered. They forced his hand...but he had a good run. :D
  3. MCO airport has put restrictions on Uber to protect the long-time bus and cab company in the area, Mears. Taking an Uber from MCO will only be via black car (aka limo) service and will be pricey. Made that mistake after moving here... ride from my house to the airport, about $23. Airport to home (at 111:30P), $118. Now I live close to Disney and not near the port but Uber service from the airport can be pricey.
  4. Just as a FYI: sales tax rates for FL ports Miami - 7% Ft Lauderdale - 6% Tampa - 7% Port Canaveral - 6.5% Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  5. phlydude

    Mexican Vanilla

    I've bought vanilla in the pharmacia in town on the strip - big, cheap, plastic bottles, no coumarin
  6. I've stayed in a cabin at the very front of the ship on deck 9 (9504 I think) - it was a little choppy - you could definitely feel the boat bouncing through the wake...wasn't too bad though
  7. Yeah, I hate raw celery too!! You nailed it, I will pick out/off what I don't want (but I won't send it back, I just won't eat as much of it)
  8. but see I do hate waiting...I am very impatient and the VIP perks and the check in priority and tendering/disembarkation would be something that I wouldn't mind so much... I do appreciate the extra space (I found the NCL room I had in the past to be the smallest of all the staterooms I have had (it was an upgraded inside but the balcony rooms didn't seem much (if any) bigger) and I would appreciate the larger balcony, the dining area and the couch as a seperate area (gotta sit somewhere while waiting for DW to finish getting ready). And it is not that I am picky, I am particular. I appreciate a fine meal, but am particular about ordering food that contains ingredients that I don't like.
  9. I was wondering the same thing...;) Does anyone have any links to copies of the menus for the Cagney's b-fast and lunch? I did hear that the service and food is better, but I am a simple meal eater - I don't mind/care that there is a lot of extras that I probably won't enjoy (I don't eat seafood :eek: ) and could care less I got scrambled eggs as opposed to eggs Benedict. I don't go looking for the lobster but I am a sucker for a GREAT steak...I have my quirks (as we all do) but I didn't find the buffet on the NCL Sun to be bad back in '03 when we cruised her, but then again, it was always crowded! Also, in regards to the butler, what services does the butler perform that you might need on the ship? I understand the concept of a butler but I don't know if I'd want the butler in my room all that much...and I certainly don't want to have to have anyone straighten up after me! Thanks in advance!!
  10. If you buy it duty free in the airport and are taking a flight in the same airport, they seal the purchase in a special way that meets regualtions. If you buy it outside the airport, you will HAVE to check it...no way around it.
  11. Actually, no I was in to visit a client in Salinas and since there are really no decent hotels there, we fly into and stay in Monterey. We arrived too late on Sunday to catch any of the tournament though (although 1 guy from my company was there for the entire deal and met up with us later that night). We took our clients out to Roy's and had drinks before hand...it was an expensive night...let's just say I could have easily paid for 2 cruises (balcony) with airfare with that tab! (see, I tied it into cruising!) :rolleyes:
  12. Here's the deal on the drink prices: Cruise lines don't make their profit on your base fare, they make their money on the extras you buy. Dinner in the dining room, buffets, sleeping accomodations, shows, crew cost, etc. is bascially covered by your base fare (generally, you will pay about $100+/- pp per night). Drinks, merchandise, excursions, casino, etc. make up the profit. They aren't cheap on the prices but they aren't as expensive as other places I've been to either (the Inn at Spanish Bay @ Pebble beach comes to mind...$6.50 for a regular 12 oz. domestic last week). If you don't want to pay it, don't. I personally could care less whether I drink or not on vacation, but I do have a beer here and there and don't mind the prices as long as I keep it in moderation.
  13. there may be a few exceptions but generally, are good for any drink, even if it is worth more than the price paid for the coupon
  14. You might...I don't know though. I know buying duty free before leaving requires you to show them your ticket but I don't know how it works arriving
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