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  1. We have three cruises booked; February 2021 to the Caribbean, May 2021 to Norway, Sweden and Denmark and March 2022 to South America. If any of the ships sail we are going but I am guessing the February cruise could be cancelled.
  2. Our 14 day cruise last June to the Baltics on Sapphire. We have been on a number of cruises but this was simply the best. All of our tours (except one...in St. Petersburgh) were fantastic, the hospitality on the Sapphire was outstanding and we met the nicest people from all over the world. When the current situation is over we do plan on doing this cruise again.
  3. I received the email but when I just went on the website the sailings were not listed yet.
  4. We also found Smiths to be very reliable and easy to deal with.
  5. We did an all day (9 hours) tour in Copenhagen last year that was outstanding. We stopped at various spots around the city and then made our way to a picturesque fishing village where we did a walking tour. The tour guide was the most amazing individual. She was a retired first grade teacher and she had a story for every place we visited. The whole day was engaging, interesting and fun. We also went off roading in the Yukon on an Alaskan cruise. WOW...what a trip! The scenery was gorgeous and off roading was a lot of fun.
  6. Just received my email switching from Grand to Regal and we are not happy. Really enjoy the promenade deck and not having one is a deal breaker.
  7. We did this cruise on Sapphire last June (14 days) and it was spectacular. I had heard wonderful reviews and I was not disappointed.
  8. Another great drink no longer on the menu is a NorthSider. It is made with curacao and some type of rum. Once in awhile a bartender will know how to make them.
  9. Just about all packed. Working a few hours tomorrow and flying out of Logan very early on Friday. Looking forward to the cruise.
  10. Last year we had booked a one week cruise and they offered us a two week cruise to move over. Wish we could have taken it but could not change my husband's schedule.
  11. We usually do the dining room or a specialty restaurant for dinner. This past summer though we did a two week cruise to the Baltics and primarily ate in the buffet because we were so exhausted from our tours. For breakfast we ordered room service on port days to save time. The buffet meals were very good and we enjoyed them.
  12. Has anyone asked what the reason was for removing the barrel chairs?
  13. We take longer trips and fly business or first class when possible. We get a car service to the airport. Parking at the airport just became too stressful. We always go one or two days in advance so we are ready to enjoy our trip. We used to do lots of do it yourself tours but now we book excursions either through the ship or private tours. We sometimes stay on the ship during one of the port days. We are trying to alternate cruises and land trips.
  14. Some great ideas in this thread. I am definitely in favor of the traditional promenade deck like on the Grand class. We love walking laps, people watching and sitting with a great view of the sea. I also love the idea of free coins for the laundromat in place of the free laundry. How about more cruises to the southern Caribbean including Aruba, Bonaire and Curaco.
  15. The same thing happened to us a few years ago. I called the airline and explained the situation. Because they had made the change they agreed to get us two seats on an earlier flight. It is worth making the call.
  16. We did a 14 day Baltic cruise on Sapphire Princess this past June and it was outstanding. It was our 20th cruise and the very best cruise we have been on. The ports and excursions were so interesting and all so different. Sapphire Princess was exceptional and the crew and passengers were a delight.
  17. We have sailed with 12 in our group and have done the seating at a large table and at two tables. The two tables next to each other was more comfortable.
  18. We love being able to walk laps on the promenade deck and then sit with a book and a drink and enjoy the scenery. We only book the older Princess ships with promenade decks.
  19. The earliest I have been able to get room service is around 4PM on embarkation day.
  20. I love this thread and it has me really thinking about our last cruise in June. We went on the 14 day Baltic cruise out of Southampton on Sapphire Princess. We spent time in London before and after the cruise. I am 66 and retired but with a part time job. My dh is 68 and still works full time. We are quite active but I have been rethinking excursions since our Baltic cruise. With such a port intensive cruise I think we were both worn out. I booked full day excursions in every port with lots and lots of walking. By the end of the third port we were starting to fade. We are booking anot
  21. Just returned yesterday from Baltic cruise on Sapphire and there were 4 wine glasses in our room. When I used one there was always a clean replacement.
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