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  1. Seabourn do themselves no favours by not enforcing the dress code what ever that code maybe. Just go to their web site and you won't see the t/shirt brigade any where. I'm not for the Tux and Penguin Suits standard but I still fronted to the MDR and TK in suitable attire and so did the Mrs's. We are not talking about a backpackers cruise, Seabourn peddle their wares as a luxury experience and then turn a blind eye to bogan attire thats no place in any top end restaurant in any setting (sea or land). We all have choice and Seabourn provide that choice in the varied eating establishments onboard. We chose the patio on a number of occasions, because we didn't feel like glaming for the evening. But the standard was we could have eaten in the MDR in our jeans, sneakers and t/shirt and no one would have given a preverbable. I put it on Seabourn not the passengers testing the system.
  2. Well done Pete, I reckon you nailed it. We were fellow purple people from 600 up on the bow. Ah the memories !! Where looking at doing the Antarctic again but this time include South Georgia, just unfinished business and we need to cap it off. Great Job !!
  3. Just came off the Quest following the first Antarctic cruise of the season. The dress code was not enforced. Jeans n sneakers in the restaurant, jeans in Thomas Keller. Why bother having a no jeans after 6.30pm policy if it’s not enforced. Also, a smack in the face for those who have spent money on clothing to abide by the code.
  4. Can I ask, what is main nationality Food and Beverage staff on Seabourn? Sent from my iPad using Forums
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