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  1. Hi, I am from the UK and sailing with Celebrity from Southampton (UK) I am sure this has been asked before on this thread, but I just saw a sample copy of a supervised test result certificate and it looks exactly the same as one I done with Randox Health where I just took a photo of the negative result and uploaded via Randox Certifly. I cannot see anywhere on the sample certificate where it says supervised test. Although I admit the Randox test advises self-test nasal swap, but surely even if you were video supervised it would be the same anyway.. Any comments would be appreciated.
  2. It would appear that I need to use the Randox Certifly App and not the standard Certifly App 😞
  3. Wow, Many thanks for this @kernowit is so appreciated, that is brilliant, I wish they could all be that clear 🙂 Does anyone know if I book with Randox if I can use the standard Certifly app I already have or do I need to use the Randox branded Certifly app? Many thanks once again and happy travels. Ian
  4. @kernowHi, do you have a copy of this letter that you could send me, I have been on the MSC FB page and I could not locate it? People on Facebook advised they had used Randox service for £11.00 including certificate and that would be ideal but don't want to get to Terminal and be refused boarding . Many thanks Ian
  5. Hi just an update, I tried deleting the app from my iPhone and reloading, I had to enter my cruise ref number again and it all worked, I was able to upload a photo shot from the camera and order my embarkation letter/pack and all worked great. I think the problem was it was still remember the details from my last MSC cruise last year (on the same ship).
  6. Hi, people have mentioned doing it on the App, is this MSC for Me? As every time I try to enter it pre cruise it advises Sorry, you cannot contact the Server now. Please retry again. Obviously I have retried a thousand times on different days but get the same message. I am in the UK btw.
  7. I am due to go on a Canary Island cruise from Southampton on the 1 May on the Virtuosa, and I called MSC and they advised I can do a Antigen test but it must be done in lab, i.e. not one where you do it at home and send a photo to the provider. They were very clear on this, as I challenged how would they know. Obviously within 48 hours of the cruise embarkation. Therefore I plan to go for one in Boots for £30.00, not to happy but what can you do....
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