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  1. Hello, I don't see a roll call started for this cruise from Australia to New Zealand. Hope to hear from others who are joining our cruise. Tim and Lyn
  2. Megotoo

    Star Princess September 14, 2013

    Been to busy to reply but did contact Vacations to Go and Princess. After two calls to each it was clarified. Their excuse was it doesn't come up that much and that's a little hard to beleive. We may take the train between Seattle and Vancouver then come down the coast. Another option is visitng our vamily in the Seattle area and then taking the train to Vancouver and doing the coastal cruise only. Again just one way air. Right now must concentrate on the Ruby Princess in April.
  3. Megotoo

    Star Princess September 14, 2013

    I did my homework but thank you, it was a mystery to the first travel agent I talked to also. But Princess has a (1) day cruise from Seattle to Vancouver. So in fact we will be taking (3) different cruises. Cool huh? Thought it would be nice to fly just one way and cruise back home.
  4. Well is anyone going on this cruise? We are going to stay on the ship for the coastal cruise also. It will end up being a 15 day cruise. Looking forward to hearing from any CC friends.
  5. Megotoo

    Alaska - best lodging for cruisetours?

    I wrote a more detailed note but the web went down so I'll just say this: We took a Princess cruise but booked our own 7 day Fairbanks, Denali, Talkeetna to Anchorage trip through an online Alaskan Tour company. Talkeetna Lodge was my favorite. You can leave a wakeup call to be informed when Mt. McKinely breaks through the clouds and I loved the little town.
  6. Megotoo

    Ocean Princess

    We had originally thought of the July 2011 trip but have too much going on. So thought we would like to do the "Midnight Sun" in 2012. I saw the last cruises seem to be in the Orient. Enjoy your trips, we were on her in 2005 when she was called the Tahitian Princess.
  7. Megotoo

    Ocean Princess

    :confused:We enjoy smaller ships and are looking for the Artic cruise on the Ocean Princess in June of 2012. The last mention of this ship is for a cruise in May. Are they taking this ship out of service?
  8. Megotoo

    What Ever Happened to Tom and Mary Milano

    I'm so glad to hear Tom and Mary are still traveling. We've used alot of their tips over the years. I have been wondering for the last few months why I hadn't heard about any of their adventures. Why would some company buy CR then not use it for the purpose that it was known for? I looked up cruise reviews because I wanted to read about the new ships, Emerald and Royal Princess that are just being launch and was very dissappointed that there were no knew reviews. Anxious to see what this website has instore.