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  1. I'm on the Epic on Saturday, and it is also sold out, and both my bids for Haven's still say pending too.
  2. Well, 2 days out and no upgrade, but page still says pending.... Abandon all hope?
  3. So Last night on our FB Roll Call page, someone claimed that they got an upgrade to a balcony on the Epic 4/13.... I thought the ship was sold out, so I had lost all hope of getting our haven upgrade.... Now my hopes are up again! Really loved the Haven the last time we upgraded. Anyone else on the 4/13 Epic cruise hear anything?
  4. The Epic on 4/13 isn't showing up anymore on NCL.com. I'm guessing that means NO upgrade for us. 😞
  5. Has anyone heard anything about the April 13th Epic Cruise yet? My bids still say pending.
  6. Anyone on the Epic on April 13th hear anything back about their upgrade offer?
  7. Now you have me wondering if they say pending the minute you submit them? We won't know for months, and it's already driving me crazy.
  8. Then i'll be sure to take a pic of me eating in them in shorts, cuz I don't bring long pants on cruises.
  9. I'm curious... One thing they did on our last Norwegian cruise, was block the way back onto the ship when leaving ports. They would have crew members dancing in the way of the line of people trying to get on the ship. This drove me nuts, as I am always anxious about missing the ship. Do they still do this? Just want to know, so I can walk around them.
  10. Hahahahaha, you would hate me then. I'm on vacation, i dictate what I wear, not you. You wanna pay for my cruise, then we will talk. 🙂
  11. This is the one thing i'm not looking forward to on our upcoming trip on the epic. What executive in his/her right mind thought a show about drag queens was going to be a good thing?
  12. We are going on the EPIC on April 13th. We received the upgrade bid offer the other day, so we put in bids for a Deluxe owners suite in the Haven, and a 2bdrm Haven. We really want the two bedroom, as we have had this one back before this bidding crap came into existence. Now, fastforward to today, and I look online and the Havens are listed as sold out? But my bids are still showing. Does this mean they sell them out according to our bids, but don't tell us till 2 days before sailing? Or does this mean they have since sold out, and they are just going to wait to deny the bids until just before sailing? I like the old way better, call, make offer, they accept offer, and you are in!
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