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  1. I'm wondering the same thing about an upgrade email I got. $500 for an upgrade to a JS. We currently are in a spacious balcony on the hump. Is the suite that much bigger than the spacious balcony?
  2. I've seen lots of videos from balconies and I'm wondering what are some of the best ways to mount the camera? I fear it going overboard if clamped to the railing!
  3. 14174 bed by bathroom 14580 bed by balcony (according to this thread, post #4)
  4. 9200 or 10598; both OV with large balcony. Planning on 2 under-12's sleeping on the sofa bed as long as neither of them cross the imaginary divider line! ;)
  5. I cannot seem to find an accurate description or picture of the sofa bed (in sleeping position) in a 4-person cabin (OV balcony) on Harmony! I have seen pictures depicting a typical fold-out hide-a-bed with a "mattress", a simple fold-out bed which uses the fabric and foam of the seating area as the mattress, a trundle bed, and a made-up sofa with a bed coming out of the ceiling. All have stated they were on Harmony...which one is accurate?
  6. We will be getting to the Hilton Marina in Fort Lauderdale around 11:00PM. We'd like to get to a local drugstore/supermarket/liquor store to pickup a few things and the allowed 2 bottles of wine. Is the area around the Hilton safe to walk (or Uber) to any of these places at night? Or should we make a trip in the morning?
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