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  1. There is nothing wrong with being an optimist, but at the same time I think people should have realistic expectations. I had a Med cruise booked for October that was to sail from Italy. I was pretty certain in May that the chances of that cruise happening was slim. Others on this board felt that cruising would be back to normal by July. My opinion was based on the travel restrictions/advisories that were in place in my province/country and also from reputable news sources (both domestic and international). Did having that opinion make me a downer or negative? No. It made me a realist.
  2. We booked our first few cruises through an agent but after a few issues with getting price drops applied and other issues, we now book on our own. As others have said, there are good agents and there are also some bad ones. For a cruise, I strongly recommend finding one that specializes in cruises. When we booked our first cruise, our travel agent was a great resource. We were young, had very little travel experience and were overwhelmed with all the different cruiselines, ships & itineraries. Unfortunately she went part-time and that is when we started having issues as we were often stuck dealing with her coworker who was terrible. One of my friends booked a Med cruise and one of the itineraries the agent suggested was out of Rome with a flight arriving at noon the day of the cruise. I pointed out that the ship sails from Civitavecchia, which is an hour away from the airport and also mentioned the risks of a same day flight. Apparently the agent had no idea the port was that far away and didn't even think of the issues with a same day flight. Turns out it was an agent that booked mostly Disney and AI resorts and very little experience with booking cruises.
  3. -Partial/Full Panama Canal -longer Southern Caribbean sailings out of San Juan -10/11 night Med sailings that visit the Adriatic ports
  4. What is the exact flight? Is it US-Amsterdam-Paris? Or US-Paris-Amsterdam? And if Paris, CDG or Orly? For CDG, will you have to change terminals? For flying to Europe through Amsterdam, I'd want minimum 2 hours, preferably 3. I found the lines to be long and slow moving. For CDG, I'd be fine with 2 if the connecting flight is leaving from the same terminal. Otherwise, I'd want 3 if changing terminals. For Orly, I'd allow 2. For flying to the US I'd allow a minimum of 3 hours due to the extra security involved for US bound flights.
  5. That is nuts. So basically by the time you get back the results you could be recovered. In my area (Atlantic Canada) we get the results back within 24 hours.
  6. I book ahead of time for two reasons: prices are often cheaper when booking in advance & don't need to spend time onboard standing in a line. We've been on a few ships excursions that sold out quickly onboard. Friends once did a Med cruise and waited until onboard to book excursions. The ones that most interested them were no longer available and in one particular port there was nothing left at all.
  7. 1. Canadian citizens can still return to Canada. 2. The Canada/US border is currently closed to August 21, 2020.
  8. I would call as it sounds like the first person you were speaking with provided wrong information. If you think the information you are receiving is incorrect ask them to double check or speak to a supervisor. When I called to do mine, I was initially told that my 9 night Med cruise could not be shifted to a 9 night Greek Isles cruise as the "itinerary wasn't the same". I referred to the Q&As on the website and asked that she double check. A few minutes later she came back and said it could be done. When you do get your invoice, double check that all prices are correct. On mine I noticed the port charges were higher on my invoice compared to what the website was quoting. When I did my L&S, I got to choose what sailing to switch to (in my case there was 3 to choose from). Royal didn't decide for me. You should have no issues getting your parents cruise moved to the same one you will be on.
  9. We have always been a combination of the two. We are frugal on certain things but there are other areas where we'll splurge. We will remain this way going forward. -For a precruise hotel we've used hotwire/priceline to save some $$. In Europe we tend to stay at 3* hotels that are clean and in convenient location. In Europe the star level refers to the amenities, not the rating. Things like room service, pools, onsite restaurants, bellhop, etc. are not important to us so we won't pay more to have these services. -We usually book an inside cabin. We are usually only in the cabin to sleep/shower so can't justify upgrading to something bigger/with a better view (that we likely won't use as we're usually not in the cabin). -We take the savings from that inside cabin and will splurge on some nice experiences during the cruise. This could be things like a dinner at a specialty restaurant, a drink package or particular tour in a port. As for excursions in ports, we will pay more for a better experience. While some ports can easily be done with public transportation or on your own, others do require a tour. For example, when we visited Livorno we joined others on our roll call for a fabulous tour through the Tuscan countryside with a stop at a winery for lunch. There is no way we would have got this same experience had we limited ourselves to what was available using public transportation. So instead of looking to see "what can we do on the cheap" we research the ports to determine what we want to do and then figure out how is the most cost effective way to do it. Usually on a cruise we end up having a combination of DIY tours using public transportation, private tours (shared with others from a roll call) and the occassional ships tour.
  10. We've done land trips to both Jamaica and Barbados and loved both. In Jamaica we stayed at an AI. We have never visited Jamaica on a cruise but love the AI experience there. In Barbados we stayed at a hotel that had a kitchenette and was right on the beach. Barbados can be pricy but having the kitchenette allowed us to save a fair amount on meals/drinks. We ate out once a day (for dinner) and for a beach day we'd just pack a cooler with drinks. Honestly, I'd take a land trip to all of the ports I've been to in the Caribbean.
  11. Not sure about all the exemptions, but I know citizenship is one. So an American who also holds Canadian citizenship can cross the border to their summer home but they are still subject to 14 day isolation. Cross country travel across Canada also requires a 14 day isolation in some cases. I live in Atlantic Canada and anyone travelling here from outside the Atlantic Provinces needs to isolate for 14 days when the visit. If I leave the Atlantic provinces (to go to Quebec or Ontario for example), I would have to iolate for 14 days when I return.
  12. It is the same. I live in an area of Canada where a lot of Americans have summer homes and quite a few have not been able to get across the border. Those that do get across have to isolate for 14 days or risk fines.
  13. We've bought two watches at Little Switzerland and been happy with both purchases.
  14. My reply was in reference to the title of the thread and the OPs initial question. The OP was asking how this will impact ROYAL. They were not asking how it will impact the Bahamas tourism industry or those with seasonal homes. But clearly you just want to argue semantics. BTW, if you have issues with there being multiple threads you can hit the "report post" button.
  15. The subject of thread is "how does the Bahamas being closed effect Royal". Airplane travel and those with secondary homes on the islands is irreleventent to the subject of this thread.
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