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  1. You won't be able to see it all on a cruise so the key is to prioritize. A European cruise is so busy with port days that the ship for me would be secondary (even if travelling with teenagers). Are there particular countries or cities that appeal more to you? If Rome is important to you I strongly recommend sailing from Civitavecchia so that you can spend 3-4 days pre-cruise in Rome vs. choosing an itinerary that visits it as a port stop and then you're trying to cram all of Rome into a 9 or 10 hour day. Another option could be trying to find an itinerary that sta
  2. We've done two Med cruises in mid-October and on both there were several days where we could have layed by the pool.
  3. I've cruised out of both and Barcelona is far more convenient in terms of transportation. As others have mentioned, it's a short distance between the airport/city/port. Hotel costs are the same. Both are large cities that offer a variety of accomodations to meet a variety of budgets. Personally, I would choose based on the itinerary and what port appeals to you more for a pre/post cruise stay. Both are wonderful and you really can't go wrong with either.
  4. As the poster above me stated, contracts for the crew are constantly rotating so there will always be a mix onboard. The ship never replaces all the crew at once. I've done a few end of season Med cruises and there was nothing different with the staff onboard. The advantage of end of season is it's usually shoulder season at the ports so less crowds to deal with and better prices at many of the shops.
  5. The ban on cruiseships has nothing to do with Canada's healthcare system. Even if we we had the same system as the US, the vaccine rollout wouldn't be happening any quicker. We have plenty of doctors, nurses and healthcare providers to administer vaccinations. The issue is vaccine supply. That being said, it's early February so I'm not going to hit the panic button just yet over whether all Canadians will be vaccinated by end of September as a lot can change in the next 8 months. I live in Nova Scotia and am not at all surprised by this announcement given how stri
  6. I think it depends on the type of trip you're planning. We used to only do cruises for vacations. Then we did some AIs and land trips and discoviered that we really enjoyed those too. I find AI resorts very easy to plan. You pay one price and most packages include airfare, resort & transfers. The only planning is deciding what resort to go to and the dates, which is no more difficult than choosing a ship and itinerary. A land trip that involves visiting a particular city or multiple destinations can be more difficult as you have to research hotels, t
  7. This has been my experience as well. I've been to some shows where those underage were asked to leave and for the tamer shows they were allowed to stay as long as the adult consented.
  8. As another poster mentioned, the burden isn't dressing up on formal night. It's the impracticality of taking along formal wear when the cruise is longer or is being combined with a land trip. The majority of our cruises are longer than 7 days and always include a land vacation. We use public transportation (esp in Europe) so keeping the luggage to an amount we can reasonably handle on our own is important. That often means suits, dress shoes, formal gown and heels stay home. It will be interesting to see what happens though. Right now I'd gladly drag all that stuff
  9. I totally agree that it's easy and oftne cheaper to just book things on your own; however, that is not what the OP was asking. They are asking how to book the cruise & stay packages that Royal Caribbean is offering. To book those the OP has to either contact Royal directly or go through their TA.
  10. In another thread it was mentioned that Royal Caribbean has partnered with airlines and hotels to offer cruise and stay packages. I'm doubtful that you'd be booking that by contacting hotels and airlines seperately. Normally to book a package that is in partnership with the cruiseline you'd contact who you booked with (i.e. Royal Caribbean or a travel agent). See posts #54 and #69:
  11. I was on a Celebrity cruise a few years ago and bought liquor at a port. They allowed us to take it to our cabin since we had the drink package. On the next Celebrity cruise we still had to give it to them until the last night.
  12. I used to book through a TA but after a few bad experiences I've just handled everything on my own. A great TA can be invaluable; however, it's hard to find one.
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