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  1. I used to live in Binghamton and Vestal and have travelled on the Eurodam twice. Our favorite HAL restaurant is Tamarind on this ship. Not to be missed, IMHO. I've been having a hard time with HALs site. Maybe it would be better to call and book with a Pcc so you can be sure you have the cabin you want..?
  2. While I wouldn’t call Canaletto top notch, we still enjoy it. We loved the meatballs and the short rib gnocchi. We liked the gnocchi dish so much, we’ve recreated it at home. There was a veal dish we liked too. We didn’t care for the lasagna not the carpaccio.
  3. Oh yay!! Happy for you. Get ready. It’s a whole new experience.
  4. The worst thing about it is that it will be hard to go back
  5. I have a story. We were ticked off at our adult children Christmas of 2017. We went on a cruise in Feb 2018 and decided to book a Christmas cruise because “that’ll teach ‘em”. We booked a aft Neptune Suite for more money than we wanted to spend but we were spurred on by our anger. Came home, booked our flight and done. Until I started looking at the HAL site and saw that the PS was available the week before ours for almost the same price as our NS. Due to a schedule change on the airlines part, I changed my flight for free and figured it was meant to be. We booked that baby. LOVED it , probably never will be able to afford it again but glad we did it once. And our kids were much nicer this last Christmas. Alls well
  6. We were in the PS on the Eurodam just this past December. We did get a bridge tour that was really cool. We were kept separate from the rest of the early embarkers and received a personal escort to our room before anyone else got on. All the soft drinks and water in the minifridge were free, in our experience. We paid for liquor and beer we drank from there. Spent more time in our room on that incredible balcony and happy to do so. There were nice little munchies and chocolate on the dining room table when we boarded. We'd do it again in a heartbeat! Enjoy
  7. We are embarking this Sunday and looking forward to the Eurodam. We, too, have noticed more older passengers that are just plain rude. The finger snapping!! Seriously! And the talking down to staff simply because they didn't take the time to LISTEN to what the crew member was telling them. We saw it on excursions, as well. I hope we don't see that on our vacation. I can take some worn carpet..and just Ok food..and many other things that can happen anywhere. But I found myself really upset by the behavior I witnessed..
  8. Just bring whatever you have that confirms your OBC and gift card. If theres a problem, you have your proof with you. With that said, we've done exactly this and never had a problem
  9. Included amenities have never been documented on our travel docs and we’ve only ever been in a NS. We know what they are and have never had an issue where we had to demand an included amenity. First thing upon boarding, after dropping our bags in our room, is go to the NL to meet with the concierge to book our speciality dining and introduce ourselves. If you have any questions about amenities, they will be happy to help you Typically, in the past, when the price of the drink is raised, so is the dollar limit on the SBP. That’s not happening this time??! Hubby loves breakfast in the PG, as he likes the relaxed pace and quiet. Is it everyone’s understanding that it is going away, in favor of Club Orange once all the ships are equipped? We are on the Eurodam next week so presuming he’ll still be able to have his quiet breakfast ( while I Have mine on the veranda sipping a mimosa😁)
  10. I’m sorry but this made me chuckle a little. Human trafficking and kidnapping?? No laughing matter unless you know that I am a 64 yr old short fat lady with gray hair. I will have zero “trappings of wealth” on my person. Inexpensive handbag, no jewelry, no hair dye or fancy nails and wearing a top I bought in PV 2 years ago. If someone were to take me for nefarious purposes, they’d likely be stuck with me..or just do away with me, in which case I will die true to my convictions. No one is going to change anyone’s mind here. If you are afraid to leave the ship , then don’t leave the ship. As the alert stands, it doesn’t make me afraid to visit the areas my government has advised its employees they are allowed to travel within. If the alert changes, I would likely reconsider. I wish everyone a fun cruise however you choose to do it.
  11. Gosh, I hope not the following week when we’re onboard. We aren’t leaving the ship on our Cabo day as it felt like a tourist trap and we found it a little generic.
  12. My hubby is a beer drinker. We go to a happy hour bar and buy 5 at whatever they cost ($5.75?), get the next 5 for 2.00 each. And clear out the mini bar and fill it with beer. I believe the mini bar and the price of beer and soda are the same as at a bar..I think.
  13. With all due respect, I am not choosing to travel to an area of "violent widespread crime." I'm going to The Zona Dorado and the Centro Historicio which the state department allows it's employees to travel within. I'm good with that
  14. That’s how I choose to take it. I refuse to live in fear. I will travel by direct route. I will stay in the areas my government says it allows its employees to be in. I won’t be foolhardy but I also won’t be scared away . My choice
  15. We will be on the Dec16 cruise and are not altering our plans at all. The advisory says Zona Dorado Center Historico are OK. Most of us don’t really go anywhere else, do we? We’re taking a pulmonia to Plaza Machado, having some lunch, walking around, and may walk back to the ship. We may also take a pulmonia to Zona Dorado as I have a specific thing I’m looking for. We aren’t going to any sketchy areas. We Never wear jewelry or flash money all over. And it’s daytime! I am not one bit concerned and certainly not about to be scared away. I’m not buying any drugs or looking for any criminal activity. I think we’ll be fine. Actually, I think we’ll all be fine.
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