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  1. Haha, well shut my mouth, I just checked my credit card balance and the money was there! Refunded 12 June - not one word from Cunard yet though, but that's okay. We used a different card to pay the deposit to the balance so the two amounts were refunded separately to the two different cards but it's the full amount together. I guess everyone will just need to continue exercising their well-used patience... the money is coming!
  2. Encouraging to see some more Australians receive their refunds; will give it a couple more weeks for ours, seems as though things are progressing.
  3. Whilst we have not received the official notification/email concerning the further cancellations (for which we are again affected with QE in Alaska), we feel extremely fortunate and grateful that for us at least, the process to get our money back appears to be, through self-guidance, rather straightforward and we will not be out of pocket. We are supposed to be aboard QM2 right now on the eastbound transatlantic and have decided to take a refund on that voyage but cop the FCC for the Alaska voyage, for which we have until November to change our mind to refund if it becomes obvious that it will
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